Saturday, 2 May 2009

Birmingham Investigation.

Last night, group members conducted an investigation of an impressive financial related property in Birmingham city centre.

We were told of alleged ghostly happening at the site a few weeks ago by one of it's managers and, following a preliminary visit, were invited to investigate the site with a number of staff members.

Reported activity includes the sighting of a man peeping from behind a concrete pillar in the basement, car park level, along with the noise of trains and classical music. Within the office complex itself, poltergeist-like activity has been reported - such as coffee cups being literally 'smacked' out of the hand of staff members by something unseen - voices heard, locked doors opening and closing seemingly of their own volition and the sound of people moving around when there is no one else in the building.

Please keep an eye on our main website - next update planned for June - for a more detailed account of our visit. Photographs from the investigation can currently be viewed on our photo album at:

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The W.M.G.C.

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