Friday, 8 May 2009

Manor House Experiences - Part 3.

The video shown on the following link was obtained during our very first overnight investigation at the Manor House in May 2004.

A video camera had been set up at the stairs end of the 1st floor, chapel / solar room, facing down towards the glass partition wall that overlooks the chapel itself. The recording session was started at 12.28 am, with group members retiring to the great hall for the duration of the session.

In reviewing the resulting footage, it was discovered that - at precisely 12.40 a.m. - the sound of someone noisily traversing the solar staircase (situated directly behind the camera position) is heard. The footsteps are clearly 'ascending' the stairs, 'towards' the camera position... and appear to halt abruptly, upon reaching the landing. No further noises are heard following this, until some 20 minutes later, two investigators are heard coming up the stairs and, on entering the room concerned, enter the field of vision of the camera.

Of some passing interest is the fact that the two club members were both in excess of 15 to 16 stones in weight, but, in comparing the two sets of sounds on the footage, made 'far less' noise in their ascent of the rickety stairs than the sequence caught at 12.40 a.m. (?) Both sets were pretty much identical, save for the fact that the former was significantly louder than the latter......

On another investigation, group members are recorded sitting quietly in the Great Hall, talking amongst themselves. A video camera has been set up some distance from the group to survey the scene and records their casual conversation as subdued and quiet. All of a sudden, a peculiar, Monty Python-esque voice invades the footage, screeching loudly above the background noise..... 'Maiiiiiiiiyyy'. No one present at the time heard the voice concerned and the figures in the recording are seen to carry on their hushed converations, oblivious to what the camera has seemingly caught!!

Over the duration of our visits to the site, a considerable variety of different, seemingly anomalous noises were recorded or heard by group members. Incidents involving knocks and taps and noises akin to someone 'barking like a dog' were frequently reported. Investigators heard footsteps proceeding across an empty, panelled room above them and the sound of a door apparently unlatching itself and opening was detected during one stay, in the kitchen area. Something striking a metallic barrel in an empty cellar has been caught on video... The list could go on and on.....

Group members would very much like to hear from visitors to this blog with regards to the footage concerned. All contact - suggestions, observations and so on - would be greatly appreciated.

By the way - a big 'Thank You' to Wayne Pickrell of the 'Black Country Paranormal Society' for recently presenting us with this previously 'lost' Manor House footage!!

Best wishes to all,

The W.M.G.C.

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