Saturday, 1 August 2009

Haunted Flats?

Quite recently, the W.M.G.C. received the following email from a woman signing herself 'Tracey W. of West Midlands'...... Tracey kindly gave us permission to repeat the fascinating contents of her note here, for the blog:

"Due to many strange things happening in our flat over the last 6 years, I feel as though I have to contact someone, as I cannot make any more excuses for various things that have happened here.

It started about 6 years ago when we first moved into our home. A church-going neighbour from downstairs came up to our flat, knocked on the front door and asked to bless our flat. We told her that we were busy moving in and thought no more about it. Sadly, she has now passed on... but we can’t get our heads around the fact that she was so keen?

We did however notice a cold breeze in our bathroom a few months later when taking a shower or bath. It was a cool sharp breeze that seemed to cut right through you whilst in the bathroom and we noticed our cat started to stare at things in there; we followed his eyes but could see anything. We also checked the bathroom for gaps for breezes but couldn’t find any.

The next strange thing that happened was shadows appearing on our carpet in the hall and living room. We could both see them moving, like blobs around the carpet, but only very faint. We thought it was just our eyes and thought no more about it.

A few months after this we woke up to find our barometer had been taken apart, its innards displayed neatly on the breakfast bar in the kitchen, each piece arranged exactly as it had been taken out of the case. Upon closer examination we discovered that the only implement it could have been taken apart with was via a very small screwdriver, we tried a kitchen knife and various other implements but could not get them to turn the screws in the back of the barometer as they were too big. The only screwdriver in the flat that fitted was kept in a very tight secure drawer underneath our bed. Neither of us woke during the night.

A few months later my partner was dishing up Sunday lunch in our kitchen and he called me to say that the dinner plate was moving on the breakfast bar. I ran in the kitchen and again it moved. It sort of rocked from side to side. This occurredonly briefly, but enough to see it move.

A while after this we were both in bed one night and we were both awoken by a noise. We both lay there and listened and heard footsteps in our living room. Our cat also awoke and looked up. It sounded like someone was wearing heavy boots and we could hear them walking the full length of the room, loud and heavy, but walking quite slowly. My partner ran into the living room and turned the light on but there was no-one there.

The next incident happened just before Christmas. We own a lot of murano glass and we owned a lovely red and clear glass ashtray, almost a solid inch thick. We awoke in the morning to find it broke exactly in two with a clear straight break right down the middle with no jagged edges in it. There was no flaw in the ashtray as we own a lot of glass and are always careful about what we are buying. To have broke the ashtray like this must have took great force to prevent it smashing into little pieces. Again neither of us woke.

Our final incident happened last night. We heard furniture moving downstairs. It was so loud we could hear it above our television. I phoned my neighbour as I was too scared to go across to her flat and she had indeed heard it to. We called our downstairs neighbour and she too heard the noise. Due to the fact that we thought someone had broken in down there, we called the police. The police arrived and broke the door down only to discover that nothing was inside the flat. It was totally empty. But four people had definitely heard the noises even though there was nothing in there. Surely 4 people can’t be wrong?

I am not scared to live in my home as I am used to the strange incidents that occur. I have tried to find out the history of the flat and I have found out that it has been built either on top of, or next to a very old Sunday School, but it did not have a churchyard. It has started to bother me recently as the severity of the ‘happenings’ seem to be getting worse and more severe. I am also concerned as to who I tell about these incidents in case I am made out to be a fool. One thing I do know is that I would not live here alone. Can you please advise me as to what I can do to find out whether I have a spirit/ghost in my flat or whether I am just going ever so slighty mad??!!!

Many thanks.

Tracey W"

Regards to all,

The West Midlands Ghost Club

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