Thursday, 13 August 2009

Have You Got What It Takes....?????

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations, members of the West Midlands Ghost Club are currently considering some form of 'expansion' of the group, either via the addition of new affiliates or through the introduction of an active associates section. We woulds mainly be interested in hearing from people who live within the West Midlands area, though locations in the immediate surrounding areas (Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, etc) would also be of interest.

Ideally, we would be interested in hearing from people who are:

*Friendly, intelligent and, preferrably, with a really good sense of humour!! (The latter is certainly needed, we assure you!!!)

*level headed, no-nonsense - non-hysterical / non-dramatic - towards paranormal related topics.

*Truly 'open minded' - in the fullest sense of the words - i.e. willing to swing both sides of the coin .

*Objective and hold an unbiased attitude towards investigation / research.

In short, we would be interested in fostering contact with people who are able to work around the (wholly erroneous) cultural / social stereotype and look and think well beyond the facade of utter rubbish being passed off as 'paranormal research' generally illustrated by satellite TV and, it has to be said, at least 95% of so called investigative associations out there.....

What we are hoping for are people who believe that they might, in some way, complement or simply 'bring something positive' to the current group membership and structure. We urge anyone interested in contacting us to please - first - read the following details, which serve as the opening paragraph of our 'Group History' page. This is so that they get a general insight into club attitudes and motivation to the subject in question:

"What sets the W.M.G.C. apart from most other self-professed ghost societies, is the simple fact that our investigations are purposefully carried out in a purely ‘objective’, no-nonsense manner... casting off all of the unnecessary blatant chicanery, ‘New Age’ bunkum and pseudo-scientific trappings that appear to have become the trade mark of late 20th / early 21st Century investigator. While group membership consists of a necessary mix of both ‘sceptic’ and ‘believer’, the W.M.G.C. constantly strives to promote an 'impartial' standpoint for the sake of true investigation, which – by definition – has to remain undogmatic and neutral. Unlike most other societies, the W.M.G.C. does not run to a ‘biased agenda’: we have no interest in either proving the existence of the paranormal, or disproving it. In the field, our research work is mainly based on observation and impartial study - consisting of audio / visual recordings, manned ‘vigil’ sessions and attention to environmental factors.

The W.M.G.C. do not endorse the use of psychic / mediumistic types in investigative situations. Unlike most other groups, we do not make false claims in professing to be able to ‘alter’ a haunted situation in any way, shape or form. The groups motivation and intentions are refreshingly honest and purely research based. We are not interested in attempting to falsely prove that we have any form of ‘insider knowledge’ or ‘special powers".

Please note: we are most definitely 'NOT' looking for people who simply wish to attend paranormal investigations.

Anyone interested in becoming involved with the W.M.G.C. (in whatever capacity) would be required to 'donate' a small amount of their spare time to the club and take an 'active' part in the general running of the group: i.e. finding / researching local (Midlands) ghost-lore; contacting associated sites / individuals; organising / attending investigations, etc.

Sorry, but we do not require psychic / mediumistic types, or people who profess some form of expertise / insider knowledge / qualifications in the paranormal field itself. People who have no prior experience of (self-professed) 'ghost research associations' preferred, though not necessarily essential.

Please send details of your paranormal related interests to: (Please note: no single line - 'can I join your club'- applications!!) Tell us something about yourself, why you would be interested in becoming associated with the club and what you believe you might add to the mix, etc.

Regards - and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

The W.M.G.C.

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