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More 'Haunting Activity'....

The following account was recently sent in to the W.M.G.C. and involves a Council property in an area situated on the periphery of the West Midlands region. The occupants concerned kindly gave us permission to repeat details of their interesting case here.

The family concerned a husband, wife and 2 children moved into the property in March 2003. They tell us that they have shared their experiences with a few other people, but the tales of strange occurrences have frequently been laughed at.

At first, nothing untoward was noticed in the house, but upon beginning to decorate - removing layers of old wall paper, and tidying the upstairs – the alleged activity began. The family tell us that the previous owner had not decorated in the 10 months she lived there and neither had the lady before that. As a result, the property seemed rather old fashioned…..

One of the main things reported by the family are seemingly inexplicable noises. While sitting in the living room area of the house, loud, heavy footsteps have been heard moving from one end of the upstairs hallway to the other. On one occasion, the footsteps were heard so clearly that the family were sure that an intruder was in the house with them!

The floor boards upstairs and those on the main stairs creak as if someone is moving around coming down them. Sighs, whispers and a voice calling the name of the father of the house have also been heard. There are bumps and sounds of things moving about; clothes and other objects moving from one room to another… but the occupants have never been able to discover – never been able to ‘witness’ - the cause of these happenings.

Interestingly, it would only seem to be upper part of house which is affected by the activity; the landing, bathroom and sons room and occasionally the main bedroom were all mentioned… but never the daughters room, which is situated at the back of the house. As soon as you reach the top of the stairs, it is said that the atmosphere changes.

Non-family members entering the house have mentioned that they do not ‘feel right’ in the property. Other members of the family were asked to walk around the house – without any form of prompting - and reveal which parts of the building they didn't feel right in. They all came up with the same answer – seemingly, the top landing.

While the family were on holiday this year, the grandmother was asked to sporadically ‘check the house over’ in their absence. During one visit, she went up stairs to check everything was okay and, upon walking around, had the distinct feeling that someone was standing behind her. After this she refused to go upstairs while the family aren’t present and is still wary when using the toilet when they are there!

Our confidante admits that, for a while, such happenings had been regarded as ‘a bit of a novelty’, but the longer they had stayed in the house the more pronounced the activity gets. They also stress that they would – specifically - very much like to know who it is that they can hear walking around, as there appears to be two sets of footsteps. One seems heavy and sounds like a man, while the other is small, light and quick…. like that of a child. Interestingly, over one particular Christmas period, they only report having heard the heavy footsteps twice and not the smaller ones at all.

On occasion, the daughter of the family claims to have had her hand stroked during the night when sleeping in the front bedroom… while their little boy refuses to sleep in his room - again the front bedroom - as he frequently says that there is a man in the room watching him.

The boy keeps talking about a man in the house – something which he has done for some time - but the family put it down to a childs imagination, as he has only mentioned it in passing. However, over one Christmas period, he twice woke his mother during the early hours to tell her about the figure. She asked him to tell her what the man looked like. He told her that the man stands outside the bathroom - watching him - and sometimes he is up on the ceiling! He told her that the man has brown hair like his daddy, a ‘horrible blue shirt’ and black trousers……

The boy was given a ‘room guard’ toy by his Auntie and it was placed in his bedroom so that his sister couldn't ‘get at his toys’ without it detecting her presence and ‘giving the game away’! Not long after, the family went to bed as normal one particular night, but the mother found herself waking during the wee-hours and, looking at the clock, discovered it was only 12.27am. She reports having heard the room guard (which was actually facing the sons bed on the floor) ‘activate’, as if someone was in the room. (Needless to say, you have to pass the sensor for it to start up). The device duly began to go mad, as if someone were passing by it, to and fro. The mother ran into the room and removed the guard and it immediately cut itself off. The boy will no longer have any thing to do with the toy, saying it is horrible and insists on it being covered up. Interestingly, it is claimed that the device only starts up when in the sons room, while, if left down stairs, it stays quiet. The family put such activity down to a draft, perhaps, but admit that it did give them the creeps somewhat!

Elsewhere, a rather peculiar aspect of the presumed haunting – something which causes great consternation for the family involved - is the fact that the bathroom window is found to be wide open when the family arise each morning?

Having spoken to a local medium regarding a completely unrelated matter, the mother of the household was advised to contact someone, as the psychic felt that there was definitely more than one presence in the house…. and such activity has something to do with other tenants who had lived there. She also said that ‘they’ were ‘trying to get the attention’ of the family.

The medium claimed to be under the impression that the ‘spirits’ were attracted to the children… and that they liked the way the mother of the family habitually talked to herself - as they seemed to think that she was actually talking to them!

We are told that the family involved are not particularly scared by all this, but merely left feeling ‘just a little nervous’. They admit that – more than anything else - they are more curious to find out who their resident ghost might be?

Of passing interest in such matters is the fact that the mother of the family informs us that her parents house has always had ‘strange things’ going on in it. Apparently, her parents do not go to their top floor when it dark. Their television turns over by itself, footsteps come down the stairs and both parents have seen things. She muses that, having ‘grown up with such things’, you become use to it and that is why they are so ‘curious’ regarding their own house and why they are not that afraid.

The mother says that she has recently been told by a medium that certain spirits attach themselves to people…. and the activity reported might not be associated to the history of the house, but her instead(?) This is a particular motif which the W.M.G.C. are rather familiar with from a first-hand perspective.

The family are currently logged on a waiting list to move within the next twelve months….


The West Mids Ghost Club

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