Monday, 10 August 2009

Shrewsbury Follow-Up Post

In light of the publication of our recent 'Shrewsbury Chronicle' article, concerning the Library building - W.M.G.C. investigator Steve Chew has discovered some interesting sounds on the recordings made during our recent visit to the site.

As the article (slightly erroneously) mentions, group members did hear a peculiar sound during the early hours of the morning, while conducting a vigil: “We were in the top classroom above the library when a few of our members heard a twang,” said John Conway of the West Midlands Ghost Club. “Nobody was by anything that could have made the noise. It sounded like a swing door and it was only when someone said it was like a noise he used to make at school by twanging his ruler on the edge of the desk when we realised we were in a former school classroom ourselves".

What the article should have said was that group members heard a sound akin to a 'spring, door stop' being 'manually vibrated' nearby. (Not a 'swing door'). The sound heard was totally alien to the surroundings - no doors stops of this nature could be found - and nothing could be discovered to account for such a noise.....

Moving on to Steve's footage, he reported: "The main anomaly is, basically, at the start of the recordings of our first vigil. Only me and John were actually present at the time. I had finished setting the camera up, facing into the upper library - the old School Library Room - and John was just setting his camera up next to the upper stairs where there had previously been reports of a sighting of a little boy. (The distance between both camera's would be approx 5ft). The muffled tones of myself and John conversing can be heard then something that to me, sounds like a 'third voice' pipes up. At first - suprise, suprise - I thought that it actually sounded a bit like a young child speaking! This would be interesting (to say the least), given the camera's near proximity to where the boy had allegedly been seen. However, on playing the footage to Claire, my wife, she thought it sounded more like the voice of an old lady. It was only later it dawned on me; I had, at the time, purposefully placed the camera at the spot where an old woman had been sighted..... Coincidental maybe, but interesting non-the-less".

The second sound of potential interest was a 'loud crash' at 13.36 minutes into another recording. Investigator John Conways camera should have picked the noise up as well, due to the fact that it was situated in the same area. However, John reports that he hadn't heard such a sound on his recordings when checking them through......

Needless to say, group members are most interested in the prospects of a follow up investigation and the chance to conduct further recording sessions.....

Regards to all,

The West Mids Ghost Club

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