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Wolverhampton Investigations....??

The W.M.G.C. has recently been contacted by Wolverhampton 'ghost enthusiast', Phil Ansell and asked if we have ever conducted any investigations in the City centre...... Many thanks for your kind words regarding the blog / website Phil. Please do stick with us mate......

With regards to Wolverhampton cases, we have to admit that - for such an historic area - we have not conducted anywhere near the amount of investigations that we should like (or hope) to carry out in the region!! (Laugh!!) Over the years, we have visited a number of sites in an investigatory capacity, including Rowfers Shop (in April last year); an office suite in Kings House (the following month) and a location which must remain anonymous (at least for the time being). Of course, on October the 31st, 2004, group members carried out a large investigation, incorporating 4 separate sites: The Giffard Arms public house, The Atlantis Nightclub, The Civic Hall and the Mander / Wulfrun Centre. This latter mentioned event was conducted in conjunction with the Mander Centre itself and covered, throughout the night, by the Wolf FM radio station.

One of the more interesting places that we've investigated in Wolverhampton is the wonderful Madam Clarkes Coffee House in King Street... a site which we are currently planning a - long anticipated - return visit to. Below is an edited version of the report produced following our first visit in early November 2007.

Investigators Present: 4 W.M.G.C. members, along with site staff: Alex, Tracey, Anne-Marie, Charlotte, Kelly and Sarah.

For the sake of the visit, attendees split into three groups.

Vigil One – 10.00pm to 10.30pm

Group One – Top Floor.

10.12pm – Julie hears creaking in far left corner of room, near the window. Julie also reports having a sense of being watched in the store room area.
10.22pm – ‘Cold Spot’ detected in office. (Situated to left of picture depicting trees).
10.28pm – Kelly and Sarah situated in room where fridges are housed. Report hearing noise akin to a ‘bead’ dropping on the floor and rolling. Nothing to be seen.

Group Two – 1st Floor.

10.20pm – Charlotte experiences a cold draft on right arm in landing area. Feeling preceded by a smell of perfume – like sweet roses. Smell detected by Anne-Marie and Charlotte.
10.22pm – Charlotte and Anne-Marie both hear a ‘tap’ sound coming from downstairs, near the dishwasher. (Steve, unfortunately, out of the area at this point in time).
10.27 / 28pm – Lots of creaks and taps heard originating from surrounding area. (Natural cooling of the building cannot be ruled out).

Group Three – Cellar Area

10.21pm – All hear the sound of movement coming from upstairs. Alex and Tracey suggest sound was near cellar door, but it might have possibly carried down from an upper floor of the building.
10.23pm – Sound of movement again. (Same as above).
10.28pm – Movement again – most probably other groups returning to ground floor base room.

Vigil Two – 10.40pm to 11.15pm

Group One – Cellar Area.

10.55pm – Noise akin to thunder heard from above. Possibly chairs being moved. Also, barrels being moved in property next door and in street.

Group Two – Top Floor.

10.58pm – Steve reports a female vocal (‘sigh’) sound coming from near the doorway of the office. Both Charlotte and Anne-Marie in office at time, but no one else heard the sound.

Group Three – First Floor.

*Nick notices throughout the vigil that the lighting in this area is conducive to a state of ‘seeing something out of the corner of the eye’ – i.e. fleeting movement – to a great degree. (Dining room at top of stairs area).
10.53pm – Barrels heard being thrown around from bar next door. Excessive street noise.
10.56pm – Loud, sharp ‘click’ seemingly originating from dining room at top of stairs. Alex says that this is not a sound that she recognises as occurring naturally within the building.
11.00pm – Two definite ‘clump’ sounds from office above. (Though Group Two are in that area at this time).

Vigil Three – 11.20pm to 11.50pm

Group One – 1st Floor.

11.26pm – Kelly and Sarah hear 3 light tapping sounds while in toilet area.

Group Two – Cellar Area.

11.23pm – Charlotte hears hissing, vocal sound (male) in the vicinity of the bottom of the stairs. This was closely followed by a creak which was heard by everyone.
11.27pm – On ‘questioning’ the room, Charlotte heard the same hissing sound as mentioned previously.
11.30pm – Loud ‘bang’ coming from upstairs. Random creaks.
11.32pm – Anne-Marie feels sensation of ‘touch’ on left calf.
11.40pm – Temperature drop reported.
11.43pm – Footfall heard by Charlotte at the bottom of the stairs.

Group Three – Top Floor.

11.23pm – Talking heard from group downstairs. Someone sitting on stairs below.
11.29pm – Door heard shutting somewhere in building.

Break – 11.50pm to 12.25am

11.54pm – Nick standing in front of main door to shop on ground floor. He looks up at the stairs and the mirrors on the wall (which run up the stairs) and gets a fleeting impression of movement from the 1st Floor eating area. (Roughly above where he is standing). Akin to a person moving quickly – but only a very fleeting glimpse for a fraction of a second.

Vigil Four – 12.25am to 12.55am

Group One – Top Floor.

Nothing to report.

Group Two – 1st Floor

12.32am – Charlotte and Anne-Marie hear shuffling noises, like feet, coming from near the sink at the bottom of the stairwell.
12.40am – Sound of movement, twice in quick succession, in the same area as mentioned above.

Group Three – Cellar Area.

12.28am – ‘Clunk’ sound from door which Alex is leaning against. Alex sitting on floor with back resting against the door. Noise concerned was probably door moving under weight of her pressing against it, though she did not visibly move.
12.34am – Sound of someone walking in ground floor passage just outside cellar door.
12.36am – ‘Plop’ noise heard, seemingly originating from near the door previously being leaned against by Alex. Noise seemed to come from area of wall in corner of room.
12.41am – Definite (male) cough sound, seemingly originating from upstairs.
12.48am – ‘Baiting’ session conducted. Tracey asking the questions. She subsequently reports having gone cold on her left hand and arm – later, her nose too. Right side unaffected. Possibly as a result of the emphasis suddenly being drawn to the temperature, the entire group suddenly feel as if there has been a considerable drop in temp in the room.

Group pack up and leave premises around 1.00am.

Best wishes,

The West Midlands Ghost Club

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