Saturday, 5 September 2009

Haunted Bed - Follow Up.

In light of our recent 'Haunted Bed' post, we have received word from a gentleman who used to work at Rowleys House Museum in Shrewsbury.

He tells us that:

"When I worked at Rowley's I was told that you have to say goodnight to the ghosts when locking up that room. As I am very much a sceptic, the first time that I had to lock up on my own - approximately 2003 - I never said goodnight and thought no more about it. At work the following week I was informed that a colleague had been called out at 2.00 a.m. as the alarm was going off.! On checking the building he could find no reason for the alarm being activated.....".

On another occasion, during the Summer of 2008, a window that had actually been 'screwed shut' was found to have been inexplicably opened.... despite the fact that it was somewhat inaccessible, being situated 'behind' a display cabinet! When the gentleman concerned went up to close it again, he was perplexed to discover that the screw was still in situ. It is also mentioned that, several times, the light in the staff toilet had been found to have seemingly switched itself on.....

"Just the problems of an old building, or something more?" our confidante asks.....

Who knows...??


The West Midlands Ghost Club

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