Friday, 25 September 2009

Shrewsbury Re-Visit.

On September the‭ ‬11th,‭ ‬group members paid a return visit to Shrewsbury Library in Shropshire.‭ ‬The main focus of our visit was to investigate the potential source of sound anomalies heard and recorded during our previous investigation of June the‭ ‬26th.‭ ‬As mentioned elsewhere,‭ ‬the‭ ‘‬noises‭’ ‬concerned were a peculiar‭ ‘‬spring‭’ ‬type sound which was heard by‭ ‬3‭ ‬investigators in the area of the property known as the Top Classroom‭ (‬now the Music Library‭) ‬and some peculiar,‭ ‬female vocal sounds caught in the Old School Library on video by Steve Chew.

With regards to the latter mentioned,‭ ‬the video footage has become something of an overnight sensation in itself‭! ‬The clip‭ – ‬accessed via the link below‭ – ‬has now attained a phenomenal 3998 hits at the time of writing this post!!


Following our most recent visit,‭ ‬the Shropshire Star took interest in the matter on September the‭ ‬17th:

“‬Ghost-hunters spooked at library‭”

Ghost-hunters were spooked by weird noises including a‭ “‬loud metallic clanging‭” ‬and a bang when they camped out at a Shropshire library for a paranormal investigation.

Members of the West Midlands Ghost Club carried out the investigation at Shrewsbury Library.

They recorded the sounds and are now trying to determine exactly what it was they heard.

The visit,‭ ‬earlier this month,‭ ‬was the second to the library in the space of just a few months following a previous visit in June.

The ghost club returned to the library for a four-hour visit this month after discovering that one of its cameras had seemingly picked up some‭ “‬peculiar female vocal sounds‭”‬.

John Conway,‭ ‬from the club,‭ ‬said:‭ “‬At‭ ‬9.55pm members of group one hear a loud metallic‭ ‘‬clanging‭’ ‬noise,‭ ‬followed by a very loud‭ ‘‬bang‭’ ‬from somewhere inside the building.‭” ‬He said investigations took place but there was no indication of anything which could have made the sounds.

‭“‬We really can’t explain what these sounds were,‭” ‬he added.

John Conway of the W.M.G.C.‭ ‬has now sampled the female vocal sounds‭ – ‬and the‭ ‘‬crash‭’ ‬and‭ ‘‬bang‭’ ‬anomalies of the‭ ‬11th‭ – ‬and all can be now accessed via the jukebox function on the following link:


Best wishes to all,

The W.M.G.C.

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