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Gov. Related - Final Post. (Well, at least for now!?!)

This is the third of our posts related to government related sites and involves an historic building which has, over the space of many years, been utilised for a number of 'official' roles.

The property itself has a long record of alleged 'ghostly happenings', including poltergeist-like effects, the sound of voices and footsteps heard from empty sections of the building and the figure of a Monk-type apparition seen on the main staircase of the site. Needless to say, because of the current role that the house plays, the resident management have stressed that they do not want the preternatural side of the site openly advertising.....

This investigation took place on Fri. the 7th of March 2008 and involved 6 members of the West Midlands Ghost Club. As usual with our events, a general, brief investigation of property was made, mainly focussing on sections of building noted as being of particular relevance / importance regarding the paranormal history of the site.

As also standard with our investigations, procedure for the duration of our stay incorporated both 1st person audio / visual observation and static (area based) audio / visual recording, incorporating standard / night shot cameras and digital (audio) recording equipment.

Investigation Notes:

Visit began with a meeting involving two members of security staff at the house. Group members were subsequently given a tour of the entire property.

Trigger Objects:

*Large wooden cross – drawn around, on paper with audio alarm attached – situated on large dresser at side of main staircase.
*Childrens chiming ball situated on tiled floor to left of bottom of main staircase. (Later moved onto top of large dresser mentioned above).
*Thermometer situated on top of dresser – probe freely hanging from wooden detail of banisters of main staircase.

Session One – video recording session - 10.22 pm to 11.02 pm.

*Cam 1 – Situated in open doorway to C Room, facing towards main staircase.
*Cam 2 – Situated in P Room, in bay window end of room, facing towards open doorway.
*Cam 3 – Situated in upstairs (1st floor) P Room, facing towards table containing 3 name cards and a large paper clip. (Note* Julie drew attention of group to this room earlier on in the night, during the tour. While the rest of the group had gone up onto roof of property, Julie heard a noise seemingly coming from room concerned).
*Cam 4 – Situated in corridor outside Cellar door, facing towards the disabled toilet end of corridor.

Entire group situated in Cellar of property throughout the duration of the session. (Immediately followed by a ‘hoovering session’ in Cellar Corridor by Steve and John!!)

All Cams switched off at end of vigil.

Session Two – 11.15 pm to 11.45 pm.

*Nick and Len situated in Main Hallway and C Room.
*Steve and Julia situated in 1st Floor Corridors.
*John and Julie situated in Corridor in front of Cellar Door / ‘Haunted Toilet’ Corridor.

During this vigil:

Len accidentally kicks the childrens ball at bottom of Main Staircase and Nick moves it to top of dresser.

Nick notes hearing a ‘click’ at one point during the session and can hear Steve and Julia talking (muffled) throughout the vigil. During a walk into the C Room – taking photo’s – he sees the security guard patrolling the perimeter of the property.

John and Julie report a loud ‘click’ coming from the handle mechanism of the door between the Cellar Corridor and the ‘Haunted Toilet’ Corridor. (Propped open with chair throughout session). Investigation revealed that ‘bolt’ of mechanism sometimes locked in position when handle pushed into furthest position down and could ‘pop back out’, noisily, at a later point. (*Note – possibly the ‘click’ heard by Nick during the session).

Julie also reports hearing a noise coming from the area of the rear door of the corridor – something akin to a can crushing. A later check with the security guard reveals that he manipulated a gate at the rear of the premises during this period which does make a noise.

Session Three – 12.10 am to 12.40 am

*Nick and Len situated in 1st Floor Corridors.
*Steve and Julia situated in Corridor in front of Cellar Door / ‘Haunted Toilet’ Corridor.
*John and Julie situated in Main Hallway and C Room.

During this period:

Nick visits toilet – 1st floor – during the session and also checks 1st and 2nd Floor Rooms. Steve later asks if anyone had been walking around on 1st Floor as both, he and Julia hear faint footfalls/noise coming from the floor above.

Julie reports having detected a smell akin to a ‘burning match’ in the doorway to the C Room.

Session Four – 1.05 am to 1.35 am

*Nick and Len situated in Corridor in front of Cellar Door / ‘Haunted Toilet’ Corridor.
*Steve and Julia situated at bottom of Main Staircase.
*John and Julie situated in 1st Floor corridor / 1st Floor P Room.

During this session:

Nick seated on floor, opposite rear door to property, reports having heard a rustling noise seemingly coming from outside. Security guard has previously mentioned that guard dog is sited in this area, so he pays little attention to sound. Upon mentioning noise to Len – standing nearby – and mid-sentence hears a rapid succession of dull ‘thuds’ from somewhere.

Upon this matter being mentioned in front of the entire group later, it was ascertained that everyone in the property had heard the ‘thuds’, including the security guard who had been situated in his room at the time. Suggested by group members that noise could have been door thudding closed?

At end of Session 4, Group pack up and leave property approx. 1.45 am.

Temp. Recordings (Main Hallway):

*11.03 pm – 20.8 degrees.
*11.46 pm – 20.8 degrees.
*12.50 am – 20.8 degrees.
*1.35 am – 20.0 degrees.

Regards to all,

The W.M.G.C.

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