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Judicial Case.....

This blog post has been specifically put together in response to a couple of recent enquiries from people enquiring whether the W.M.G.C. had ever been 'employed in some form of 'official' capacity by 'the powers that be'??? The answer to this query is a definite 'No' - though, it has to be said that the group itself is not a stranger to goverment related properties.....

While the sites concerned in both this and the following, related posts have to remain 'unidentified', it can be mentioned that the buildings concerned are either currently used in a bureaucratic capacity or 'were' in the recent past.

What follows here is some brief investigation notes for a judicial related, goverment property in the Midlands area.

Our investigation of this site took place on Fri. the 4th July 2008 and involved 5 members of the W.M.G.C. and one security staff member from the property concerned.

The visit began with a tour of the building, during which period we were specifically shown areas which were believed to be of potential interest to the group.

In the cells area of the property, it was mentioned that a male figure had been witnessed standing near a pair of heavy, metal gates - situated at a corridor junction – by a staff member and prisoner. The figure was believed to have been caught on CCTV footage at the same time, though the current location of this footage is currently ‘unknown’.

Near one particular room in the property – to be referred to as the R Room in these notes – children in period costume have allegedly been seen by a staff member and the sound of children heard. (*Note: While speaking with authorities associated with the property some weeks ago, a similar story was related to one of the group members).

While touring the area concerned, Kev Wallace pushed open the door to the R Room and – for a couple of seconds – heard the sound of voices coming from inside. Initially thinking that there may have been security staff present, or possibly a TV or radio playing in the room, he entered to find that the area was totally empty.

In the basement section, strange noises and peculiar feelings have been reported and some members of staff are reticent to enter the area.

During the tour, the group entered one large, cellar room – now utilised for document storage purposes - the walls of which are covered in white, period, ceramic tiles. Kev Wallace, upon entering the area, began to experience (what he described as) a strange / horrible taste in the back of his throat. This taste began on entering this room and stopped after leaving.

At this point, group members had mused over the original use of such a room and suggestions ranging from a toilet block, some form of washing area or possibly a period ‘morgue’ or ‘mortuary’ were put forward. A nearby property supposedly stands on the site of a former mortuary, though – given the usage / status of the building which we were in – it seems feasible that this too would have housed some such area.

While holding no supposed, ghostly import, the attic level of the property is said to have been the site of a suicide. Allegedly, a former caretaker of the building hung himself from one of the roof beams in an end room.

At 10.15 pm a recording session was set up in – and in the area surrounding - the R Room.

*In the R Room itself, trigger objects comprising of five coins ringed on paper and a wooden mannequin doll, with attached audio alarm, were place on the table top.

*Cam 1 placed on a chair, at the side of and overlooking the table – facing towards the entrance door.

*Cam 2 set up on the first landing of the stairs outside the R Room. Pointing down to the area at the bottom of the stairs.

*Cam 3 situated in room off bottom of stair well – opposite basement door – facing through open doorway towards R Room door.

*Group move into attic area for the duration of this session. Casual conversation held throughout.

Session ends at 10.58 pm.

On returning to the main foyer area of the building, our guide informs us that they have just – only a short time earlier - heard a door ‘banging’ loudly off in the building. (They were situated in an office on the ground floor, at the front of the premises). Experiments are subsequently conducted, but it is deduced that the sound heard probably originated from a spring loaded door at the top of the stairwell down which the group had just descended and was a result of our passing through it.

At 11.20 pm, the group move into the Cells area of the building. During this period, a couple of sharp clicks are heard and – at 11.57 pm – Julia hears a ‘clunk’ sound from somewhere near the area of the large, double gates.

While passing one of the cells, John looks inside and believes he sees one of the other group members sitting in the darkness. Moving away, he finds that the group member concerned is in a different area – although they had indeed been, up until shortly before, inside the cell concerned. John suggests it is his mind playing a trick due to the fact that he had thought that they were still situated inside the cell in question.

Just after midnight, the group vacate the Cells area.

At 12.20 am, a recording session is set up in the Cells area.

*Cam 1 situated in the corridor containing the toilet cell. Facing from the bricked up doorway end of the corridor, facing down towards the double gates area.

*Cam 2 situated at opposite end of ‘L’ shaped corridor to aforementioned Cam, also facing along corridor towards double gates junction.

*Cam 3 set up in entrance corridor, facing in direction of duty desk.

*Digi-audio recorder hung from alarm button on wall of corridor in front of Cam 2.

During this session, group members sit in large room on first floor level of building, with – at 12.47 am – Steve and Kev moving from this area into R Room. Within a short period, whole group briefly go into Basement area, before returning to R Room where we remain until 1.46 am.

Equipment collected from Cells area and group leave building approx. 2.00 am.

Best wishes,

The W.M.G.C.

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