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Midlands Poltergeist - Part One.

The following post is a fascinating account of a poltergeist-like effect encountered in a family home in the West Midlands area from around‭ ‬1998‭ ‬to the year‭ ‬2000.‭ ‬We have kindly been given permission to reproduce this story here,‭ ‬though names and locations have been removed for the sake of total anonymity in the case concerned‭…‬..

We are most thankful to our correspondent for taking the time to share his encounters with us so fully‭! ‬Much appreciated indeed‭!

And so‭…‬..‭ ‬

“For at least the first five years we had no problems living there and if there was any activity then we did not notice it.‭ ‬The first occurrence of strange activity was when my wife began to notice doors and wardrobes opening and closing by themselves,‭ ‬sometimes she would close them only to find upon returning they had been opened and sometimes vice versa.‭ ‬No big deal we thought,‭ ‬it could be a draft effect or the house shifting as a result of heavy traffic‭ (‬the house is on a busy B-road‭) ‬although it increased with greater regularity and aroused suspicion that something weird might be occurring.‭

‬Next,‭ ‬household items began to go missing,‭ ‬daft things like underwear,‭ ‬cutlery and modest jewellery,‭ ‬also sentimental things such as my wife's deceased grandfather's silver pen.‭ ‬We felt not quite right about this but tried to put it down to pragmatic reasons‭; ‬we told ourselves we were being careless.‭

‬Then,‭ ‬one evening about‭ ‬9PM my wife was watching TV in bed,‭ ‬I was with her in the bedroom at the time working on the computer when she shouted‭ '‬Get off me‭'‬,‭ ‬I initially assumed she was talking in her sleep but when I turned I could see she was wide awake and kicking out her legs.‭ ‬She told me she had felt a hand moving over her leg on top of the duvet.‭ ‬Whatever it was,‭ ‬it had stopped when she lashed out.‭ ‬I tried to suggest she had imagined it but she categorically insisted it was a hand and it was running over her leg.‭ ‬I tried to keep things in perspective,‭ ‬my wife had recently had an operation and although I never said anything to her at the time I suspected she might not be quite recovered medically and may just have imagined the sensation.‭

‬I think I ought to point out that until I experienced these events I was ultra-sceptical about things going bump in the night so I was looking at practical reasons why these things were happening.‭ ‬My attitude began to change when I had my first exclusive experience‭ (‬as opposed to things happening to and around my wife‭)‬.‭ ‬It was the early hours of the morning and my wife and kids were asleep in bed but I was still up,‭ ‬again I was at the computer working when I heard a rattling sound coming from the top of the stairs.‭ ‬I stopped what I was doing but did not move,‭ ‬just listened,‭ ‬the rattling ceased when I stopped typing at the computer,‭ ‬I sensed something was seeking my attention,‭ ‬I decided to return to the computer to see if it occurred again and sure enough as soon as I started typing the rattling started again.‭ ‬I knew what the sound was,‭ ‬it was the stair gate at the top of the stairs being moved backward and forward against the hook that held it in place.‭ ‬This second time I leaped up quickly and dashed to check it out,‭ ‬I wanted to confront whatever was making a nuisance of itself.‭ ‬The rattling gate stopped before I even opened the bedroom door and upon further inspection both of my daughters were sound asleep in bed so it could not have been either‭ ‬of them sleep-walking or something.‭ ‬I returned to my computer work without further disturbance but I went to sleep that night knowing that something was with us in the house.‭ ‬The next day I talked it over with friends,‭ ‬I'll bet you know what their response was,‭ ‬I decided never to tell anyone again.‭

‬Over the next few months we experienced some of the things that I have seen reported at other hauntings such as strange boiled-cabbage-like smells occurring from nowhere,‭ ‬there would often be a rush of cool air in a otherwise still room with the windows closed,‭ ‬doors continued to open and close.‭ ‬One occasion that stands out was when I walked into the bedroom to find my wife's gold chain lying on the bed.‭ ‬It caught my eye immediately because my wife rarely wears any jewellery and it was lying there in a perfect circle as if someone had very delicately left it there.‭ ‬Nonetheless,‭ ‬I put it down to carelessness and put it away in her jewellery box and later told my wife she had left it on the bed,‭ ‬she said she had not seen that particular necklace for months....."

‭Part Two of this account follows shortly.....


‭The W.M.G.C.

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