Saturday, 10 October 2009

Shrewsbury Phantom Monk?

With a fair amount of emphasis being put on tales of ghosts and hauntings in the Shrewsbury area in our posts of late, we bring you a most fascinating account of more 'peculiar happenings' from this region. The author of the piece concerned - Mrs. Erika Seetzen-Woods - has kindly given the group permission to repeat her story below. She tells us:

"I am a very rational person, but cannot find an explanation for the following experience I had in 1969.

We had moved into our new house in Garmston Road, Sutton Farm, Shrewsbury, on June 6th,1966.

I was standing at the kitchen sink one morning in October 1969 when I saw a hooded figure slowly moving past from the right to the left on a higher level from where I was standing.

Since it was not a bird or shadow I dismissed it as an optical illusion.

I had to enter hospital for a biopsy in that month. Everything went off well after my operation and I carried on as normal with my daily routine.

Then, one day in November of that year, I opened the kitchen door, which lead into the garage and straight ahead of me, past the garage window, I saw the same hooded figure moving slowly from right to left.

It was a lovely, bright day and I told myself that it must be a shadow.

Days afterwards I had a haemorrhage and found myself back in hospital. Just over a week later I was at home again with a new appointment to enter hospital on 29 December for a hysterectomy.

About 10 days before Christmas, on a beautiful sunny day, I was pondering the marvellous weather so late in the year.

I was leaning against the kitchen sink and looking down the sunlit corridor towards my front door, when the same hooded figure moved away from me, above ground level, along the corridor, disappearing through the front glass door.

Tears were rolling down my face and goose bumps were visible on my arms.

On two occasions the hooded figure was seen by me outside my house, but this time it was inside and leaving!

I ran down the corridor and opened the front door. Beautiful day in December, warm sunshine embracing me, mothers walking past with their small children, which gave me a sense of reality.

Christmas came and we all enjoyed it very much.
I entered hospital on December 28th. The operation went well and I was home again on 8 January 1970.

I never saw the hooded figure again.

Back in 1968, before the hooded figure had first appeared, my 10-year-old son was playing near our house where diggers were at work, preparing the ground for further house and bungalow building, when he together with his young friend found an amount of bones.

His friend took the majority home to his mother, who threw them away.

I kept the few bones, vertebrae, skull and jawbones with teeth, in a box with cotton wool.

In 1970, I realised that the hooded figure and the discovery of the bones may have been linked, so I visited the curator at Shrewsbury Museum and was told that the ground where our house stood had been a cemetery.

The bones in my possession were those of a child.

The burial ground would have been at a higher level and the monks would have been walking on that level. That's why the apparation I saw seemed to be walking in the air.

I still have the bones from the excavation in my possession."

Best wishes,

The W.M.G.C.

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