Friday, 13 November 2009

Book Success!!!!

We are happy to anounce the resounding success of the new book 'Dancing With Spirits' - by Rugely Author Carol Arnall - which was released earlier this year. The volume concerned is Carols first foray into the field of fiction, the bulk of her previous catalogue of works dealing with stories of paranormal happenings from around the general Midlands area.

The book 'Dancing With Spirits' involves a story which begins thousands of years ago on the outskirts of Rugeley, in the heart of Cannock Chase.

It tells of the anguish of a young girl, Elvaennia whose love Deimuiss, has disappeared without trace, and of her desperation to find him. Her search leads her to the 21st century where she begins a new life.

Eventually Elvaennia will have to decide whether to return to her old life or to continue to live life in the 21st century. She discovers something that may well destroy her family back at the settlement; and realises that, yet again, tough decisions will have to be made regarding her life.

Will the challenges of her new life take over the old Elvaennia, making her disregard her promise to love Deimuiss for all time and beyond? Will she forget the old ways and values, or decide to pursue this new life.......

Needless to say.... you will only know the answers to the above questions - and read about the literary adventures of the W.M.G.C. to boot - by buying the book!!

At the time of writing, Carol currently has a book signing event planned for Cannock Library on 12th December at approx 10.30 pm. The overall event itself also involves a coffee morning and will be part of the launch of the 'Adult Winter Read Event'. Needless to say, you will not only have the opportunity of meeting Carol in the flesh, but copies of some of her previous books - such as 'Mysterious Happenings' and 'Birmingham Girls' - will also be on sale.

As mentioned previously, Carols follow up novel 'Spirits of the Lights' is planned for the end of this year, with a further, ghost related publication - 'Out Of Step' - in the planning stages.

Carols website can be found at:

Best wishes to all,

The W.M.G.C.

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