Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Another Phantom-Jaywalker!?

This story – yet another ‘road ghost’ - involves two workmates making their way back home from ‘an honest days toil’ in late 1991:

“My friend and I were driving along the A5 at around 6pm. It was dark and raining and we were around 100 yards or so from a pub, just outside Cannock.

I was the passenger in the van. All of a sudden, the figure of a man appeared about 12” from the vehicle, on the drivers side! It happened so quickly, my friend (who was driving) flinched as he thought that he was going to walk into the side of the van. Neither of us said anything at that moment – but I looked back, through the large window at the rear of the van, to find that there was no sign of anyone there. We had felt no bump, nor heard any sound of impact. The figure had just vanished!

I said to my friend “Did you see what I just saw?” and he replied that there had been a bloke in the road who had nearly walked into the van. I asked him what the figure had looked like and he said it had been someone dressed in white or grey and this was the same as I had seen. We couldn’t see his head or arms, but just the form of a figure in some light colour. It had disappeared as fast as it came and we had both seen it at the same time”.

A bona-fide’ road ghost, optical illusion or perhaps something more? There have been other reports of peculiar sightings along this particular stretch of road, so the jury will ‘have to be out’ for the time being on this one???


The W.M.G.C.

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