Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ghost In A Head Scarf!

The following story was sent into the W. M. Ghost Club in 1991:

“In the 1950’s, we lived in XXX Street in Birmingham – a place long gone to development. It was our habit to have one of my girl friends visit us for an evening, then my husband and I would walk her to the bus, taking our dog for a run at the same time. This evening was no exception. We duly took Margaret to the No.8 bus stop and, off the bus she was getting on, hopped my husbands brother…… so all three of us, plus dog, walked back the way we had just come.

We had turned off the main road into AAA Street and my husband slipped the lead off the dog, as there was very little traffic in the back streets; in fact, to see anyone around at that time of night was most unusual.

As we walked up the street, it was very dark – the light of the main road behind us and the only street lamp way ahead to our left. From under this street lamp, the figure of a woman – dressed in a head scarf, coat and boots – came towards us, crossing the street, out of the lamp light and into the dark.

“Hold the dog!” said my brother-in-law.
“Why?” said hubby…
“Someone’s coming!” said I.
“Where?” said hubby, grabbing the dog.

We glanced down at the dog, whose hair was now standing up in a ruff around it’s neck, for some reason – and when we glanced back up, there was no woman there!?

Where had she gone? There was nothing but factory walls and railings in the street, not even a doorway to hide in. The layout of the street is exactly the same to this very day, although some railings to a nearby childrens area are now gone.

We stood at the top of the street and looked back into the emptiness… husband still maintaining that there had been no one there in the street! But my brother and I compared notes as to the appearance of the disappearing woman, which tallied precisely.

Some while later, I was telling my aunt about our experience and she had said: “Oh – that’s where a bomb fell during the war. It just missed the shelter in the kiddies playground….. although I believe there was one woman killed in the blast!”

All the best,

The W.M.G.C.

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