Friday, 18 December 2009

The Ghost With Sparkling Eyes!

Contrary to a lot of popular culture, presumed ‘ghostly encounters’ can occur in the most pleasant, everyday surroundings and in very peaceful circumstances…… Quite the opposite of what most 'modern ghost enthusiasts' would like to infer, true 'ghostly experience' is almost invariably a peaceful, non-dramatic affair.....

"Janet was sitting watching her TV one day, when she suddenly saw an old gentleman with white hair seated in a chair in front of her. He had the most sparking blue eyes and was wearing a sports coat, shirt and trousers. He was evidently taking no notice of Janet at all, but was looking straight ahead – seemingly, at the lounge door. The experience lasted a matter of second and then he simply vanished.

Janet had not long moved into the ground floor flat in a suburb of Walsall. She had no idea who the old man could have been, but reports that he looked - ‘every inch of him’ - to be a living person!

The flat concerned had previously been owned by an elderly couple who had a daughter living a few doors away. Janet had never met the daughter (to her knowledge) and the Father was deceased, while the Mother was in care, suffering from dementia. The flat had eventually been put up for sale by the daughter and Janet had purchased the property through the intervention of estate agent and solicitors and had never met any of the family concerned. She had no idea what the previous occupants had looked like…..

Janet says that she had alterations carried out to the flat after she had moved in, and the figure of the old man had appeared just after the work was finished. Following this initial appearance, a number of peculiar things occurred in the property which – while not at all frightening – eventually caused Janet to put the flat up for sale and she subsequently moved out…

An intriguing footnote to this tale is the fact that Janet had a dog while she lived at the flat and used to walk it in the neighbourhood. One day, while out, she spotted another neighbour – a woman - out walking their dog…… and this womans facial features were the spitting image of the old man that Janet had previously seen!

Yes – you’ve guessed it – she later discovered that the woman concerned was the old mans daughter!!"

All the best,

The W.M.G.C.

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