Friday, 18 December 2009

A 'Ghostly' Precursor?

The following story was sent in to the W.M. Ghost Club in the late 1990’s…..

Our witness – or perhaps ‘victim’ might be a more appropriate title under the circumstances – was riding her moped to her boyfriends house at the time of her experience, in a village on the periphery of the West Midlands region.

A she turned the corner into the lane where her beau lived, she briefly happened to notice something emitting a ‘strange glow’ in a bush directly opposite. While mildly perplexed by this sighting, she paid it little heed and just carried on regardless……

A couple of days later, however, she was leaving her boyfriends house and, once again, noticed the glow in the bushes. As she approached the bottom of the lane on her moped - specifically 'keeping an eye on' this ‘glowing thing’, this time - she was amazed to see that it was, in fact, the figure of a man!! She says that he was obviously ‘a ghost’ as far as she was concerned, as he evidently had no visible legs!! Perhaps the worst aspect of this uncanny vision was the fact that the man appeared to be beckoning to her, but - by now scared out of her wits and wanting nothing to do with this 'glowing spectres in the bushes' – she sped off homeward at full speed, as fast as her 50cc engine would carry her!!

In the days that followed, she told her boyfriend about her experience and they made enquires around the local area to see if any ‘light’ could be shone on her already ‘radiant’ ghost!?

While it appeared to be only a matter of here-say, one villager informed them that a man called ‘Harry’ had apparently been knocked off his motorcycle near to the spot in question and killed a few years earlier……

Whether this information was accurate in any way, shape or for, but it is a big coincidence to note that – only two weeks later – our witness was knocked off her moped and quite severely injured as a result. Her leg was broken quite badly in two places and, as a result, she was still having to walk with the use of sticks at the time of writing to the group, some 21 months after the event.

Needless to say, the why’s and wherefores of such a story is completely open to conjecture…. though, our witness is convinced that the ghost of 'Harry' might well have been somehow - for some reason - trying to attract her attention and warn her of her own, impending accident…?? One thing is certain, however, since her brush with disaster, she has not had any further experiences with her glowing ghost…..


The W.M.G.C.

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