Thursday, 10 December 2009

Phantom Jay-Walker?

Being big fans of the old BBC tradition of a 'Ghost Story For Christmas', we will - in the run-up to Yuletide and the New Year - be posting up a brief selection of ghost stories for the festive season. All, apart from the following tale, come directly from our files and, in some instances, span in excess of 20 years!

The following account was recently posted in a Shrewsbury related thread on the cracking ‘Black Country Gob’ Forum. The poster, Matty, kindly gave us permission to repeat the matter here……

“We had a 'strange' experience recently in Shrewsbury. We'd taken the caravan to Oxon Hall for a week in October and, on one of the days, we'd decided to have a ride up the A5 to Betws-Y-Coed.

We'd just set off from Oxon and turned right onto the A5. Anyone who knows this stretch road will appreciate how wide it is and how fast the vehicles travel on it.

In the far distance, I saw the figure of a hunched old man, accompanied by a dog (not on a lead), set out to cross the road from my right… starting from the side of the carriage way, coming in the other direction to the way I was travelling.

There was no hurry about the old fella - nor the dog - as they dawdled across the busy road. I'd purposefully kept an eye on the old man, because I thought that - if I continued at the speed I was going - I could well be on course to 'meet' him…. so I slowed down a bit.

As we got closer, the pair had reached safety on our side of the road and, as we passed where they should've been, my wife glanced over to see where they were…. She had evidenly seen them crossing too, but hadn't said anything to me.

I joked: “Did they make it?”

She said, 'They're not there' – telling me that she'd watched them cross the road, but they weren't where they should have been…. in fact, as we passed, all that could be seen was a narrow grass verge and then fence with thick bushes; so there wasn't really anything for them to cross the road for!

It was then that we both realised that we hadn't noticed any change to the way the couple were moving as they crossed the barrier in the middle of the road…. I mean, they didn't seem to have to have climbed over it? Neither of us can explain what we both saw...”

A big ‘thank you’ to Matty for allowing us to re-tell his story!!

As a matter of interest, the Black Country Gob Forum can be found at the following link: 'The Gob'

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