Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hotel Experience......

The following account, from 20 years ago, concerns a picturesque, country hotel in the heart of the Midlands.

“My partner and I were working on the re-construction of new bedrooms in the old annexe of the hotel, which had previously been an old stable block. We were erecting partitions to form the rooms and there were 2 labourers also working with us who were clearing away rubbish and rubble. At the end of the annexe, there was a bathroom and stairway to an upstairs area in which we were working.

I was working about halfway down the room and my partner near the entrance at the top of the stairs. The labourers had just taken out some rubbish and, as I was sawing some timber, I was suddenly very aware of someone walking past me. I saw a shadow, but carried on working. Half lifting my head, I thought I saw the figure of someone walk into the nearby bathroom. I called out to whoever it was, but there was no answer. I then called out to my partner, Rob, and asked if he’d seen one of the labourers come in and walk past me. He said he hadn’t.

I went to the bathroom and called out, but no one answered. I slowly opened the bathroom door – there was no one in there – but I had the strangest sensation down the back of my neck. On going to leave, we had to turn the lights off and the switch was near the bathroom concerned. We ran like hell out of there when we’d finished!!

Looking back on the experience, my mate and myself have a good laugh over it now and again!!

At the time we received this note, the group contacted the hotel concerned on a number of occasions for some form of comment, but never received an answer to our appeals…..


The W. M. Ghost Club

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