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The Kings Arms Public House - Harborne

From The Archives:

Investigation Report:‭ ‬The Kings Arms Public House‭ – ‬Harborne‭ – ‬Birmingham‭

‬Date of Investigation:‭ ‬October‭ ‬15th to‭ ‬16th‭ ‬2004.‭

‬Notes On Alleged Haunted History:‭

*‬1st night on premises,‭ ‬landlady saw‭ ‘‬someone‭’ ‬looking around pillars in bar area of pub when building was otherwise empty.‭

*‬Movement of objects‭ – ‬glasses smashed‭ ‬/‭ ‬thrown from shelves.‭ ‬Bathroom cabinet flew across room towards person in shower.‭ ‬Heavy vase flew across kitchen and smashed.‭ ‬Magazines from rack scattered in three different directions,‭ ‬etc.‭

*‬Cellar lights switched off and on of own accord.‭ ‬Feeling of being watched in general cellar area.‭

*‬Sound of movement heard in private apartment corridor at‭ ‬2‭ ‬a.m.‭ ‬Upon investigation,‭ ‬drawers of sideboard in corridor found open,‭ ‬with everything thrown out.‭ ‬As ghost is allegedly called‭ ‘‬Harry‭’‬,‭ ‬landlady shouted:‭ “‬F‭*** ‬Off Harry‭!!”‬,‭ ‬and heard someone laughing and running away down corridor.‭

*‬Landlady situated in kitchen and saw someone run into her daughters room.‭ ‬Music came on in room.‭ ‬She went in to turn music off and saw‭ ‘‬someone‭’ ‬darting into her own bedroom.‭

*‬Footsteps and banging noises often heard.‭

*‬Staff member tapped on shoulder and had her hair pulled.‭

*‬Feeling of someone getting into bed with you.‭


‬Present:‭ ‬Steve Chew and Frazer Smith.‭ ‬Also‭ ‬5‭ ‬people associated with pub itself‭ – ‬Z,‭ ‬L,‭ ‬A,‭ ‬C and O.‭

‬Vigil One‭ – ‬Cellar Area:‭

‬Steve Chew hears‭ ‘‬clang‭’ ‬sound from outside cellar door.‭ (‬Like noise made by a metal pipe‭)‬.‭ ‬Boiler room situated nearby.‭ ‬O possibly hears same noise‭(?) ‬Traffic sounds detected from outside property.‭

‬During vigil,‭ ‬O and Z allegedly saw‭ ‬/‭ ‬sensed‭ ‘‬flames‭’ ‬in the cellar area‭(?)

‬Later,‭ ‬O and Steve hear a‭ ‘‬shuffling‭’ ‬sound.‭ ‬Z becomes‭ ‘‬spooked‭’ ‬and believes that someone has touched her.‭ ‬Z visibly shaken by this experience.‭

‬Post vigil‭ – ‬Steve Z and L walking back into bar.‭ ‬All hear‭ ‘‬bang‭’ ‬come from the stairs area of function room above.‭

‬Vigil Two‭ – ‬Function Room:‭

‬Group conducting‭ (‬experimental‭) ‬recording‭ ‬/‭ ‬ghost baiting session and O asks if the ghosts are happy with the way that the premises are being currently run‭? ‬If so‭ – ‬then could they let someone know‭?

‬At this point,‭ ‬Steve is setting his camera up on the function room stairs and feels himself being physically‭ ‘‬pushed‭’ ‬into a nearby door frame‭! (‬Action possibly in response to the question being asked‭?)

‬Vigil Three‭ – ‬Function Room Stairs:‭

‬Ghost baiting session conducted in endeavour to replicate‭ ‘‬pushing‭’ ‬scenario.‭

‬A and C leave premises at‭ ‬3.02‭ ‬a.m.‭

‬Z believes that she hears footsteps in function room.‭ ‬Other noises also heard from‭ (‬poss.‭) ‬function room and corridor.‭

‬Vigil‭ ‬4‭ – ‬Cellar Middle Room:‭

‬Squeaking noise heard.‭ (‬Poss.‭ ‬from cellar pipes‭)‬.‭ ‬Other unidentifiable sounds heard.‭ ‬Couple of people present claim to hear sounds of muffled voices.‭

‬Vigil Five‭ – ‬Function Room:‭

‬4‭ ‘‬tap‭’ ‬noises repeated twice,‭ ‬seemingly from glass lamp shade.‭

‬Floorboards heard creaking,‭ ‬as if someone‭ ‘‬rocking to and fro‭’ ‬on them.‭

‬Researchers leave pub around‭ ‬5.30‭ ‬a.m.‭

‬Brief Summary:‭

‬Researchers observe that visit‭ ‬/‭ ‬investigation conducted in already paranormally charged atmosphere.‭ ‬Previous visit by‭ (‬dramatic‭ ‬/‭ ‬psychic motivated‭) ‬group added to ghost-lore‭ ‬/‭ ‬paranormal expectations of site.‭ ‬Clearly general sense of heightened expectation‭ (‬re.‭ ‬potential paranormal happenings‭) ‬from site based personnel.‭

‬Degree of‭ (‬site based‭) ‬prompting‭ ‬/‭ ‬feeding occurring throughout visit.‭

‬Landlady spoke of being forewarned about ghostly reputation of site prior to moving into premises.

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