Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Interesting Poltergeist Case:

Just a brief note to say that two members of the W.M.G.C. were recently called in to a Black Country home, where a poltergeist-type-effect has been experienced in one of the bedrooms of the property. The mother of the house gave us permission to repeat the details of their experiences here - needless to say, with certain omissions, etc.

The effect began earlier this year - some time in March - when a daughter of the family reported hearing a slight scratching noise from under her bed (on her 20th birthday, as it happens). While the family (initially) passed the matter off as nothing, the girl was sufficiently perturbed as to bother recording the noises on her mobile phone. (A recording which she still has). Strangely, these noises only happened in the one, small, front bedroom - and only when the girls boyfriend was staying overnight with her. If the girl, or anyone else stays in the room alone.... then there is no disturbance whatsoever!?

Within a short period of time, the scratching noises had escalated into two separate sounds: a rapid, short scratching and a long, drawn-out noise like something being slowly, deliberately dragged over a surface.

Members of the family - and neighbours - were asked to come and hear the noises concerned and endeavours were soon being made to 'converse' with the noises (with, by this point, a knocking sound also regularly manifesting). Interestingly, the sounds seemed quite happy to 'speak with' people - knocking out answers in reply to 'yes and no' questions and imitating sequences of knocking noises made by spectators.

A typical instance of this form of 'interaction' came where there were 7 witnesses (in the bedroom concerned and on the landing of the house) to a question and answer session with this 'whatever-it-is', with three others allegedly asleep (elsewhere). They asked how many people were in the house and it knocked back 10 times.... They asked how many people were asleep and it knocked back twice...... Knowing that there were 3 people in bed, not two, as indicated, they checked and found one of the children was out of bed and playing on his X-Box at that time!!!

The mother of the family told us that they had first assumed the intelligence behind these things to be a deceased relative - but she had then changed her mind about this, relating the effect as more like the actions of a sub-human, goblin-like intellect!! In asking questions of the thing, she observed that 'you didn't know whether to trust it' - i.e. some of it's answers had been contradictory, or blatant lies, etc.

Over the space of some six months (give or take), the nature of the activity had escalated - again, only when the boyfriend made endeavours to stay in the room with the daughter concerned. The problems had become exceptionally bad..... with loud banging sounds (loud enough to disturb the neighbours on occasion), manipulation of the mattress on the bed (mattress being 'lifted up', or seemingly 'pushed up' from underneath the bed). The couple had tried to 'sit out' the effects concerned, but they just seemed to get worse and worse over the duration that they tried to stay in the room. The end result was invariably the same; an admission of defeat in the end and a retreat to the sitting room to spend the night! (On one occasion, the effect was so bad, the banging noise appeared to follow them down to the living room). This was on a night when the bedroom concerned had just been freshly decorated..... We were told by the mother of the family that this was the worst night so far, probably.....

The mother of the family was happy to keep in touch with the group and sporadically give us updates on the affairs in her home.....

All the best,

The W.M.G.C.

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