Saturday, 8 January 2011

Down In The Woods Again......

Earlier this week, the W.M.G.C. were contacted by Tamworth Herald reporter, Paul Kemp, and told that a further article on the Hopwas Wood Copper Plate was (then currently) being written.....

The article - published January the 7th - appears below:

Another Mysterious Artefact Is Dug Up In 'Witches' Woods'

FURTHER evidence of occult activity in Hopwas has emerged following the discovery of another buried artefact in the village's woodland.

An Egyptian-style clay statuette has been uncovered by Tamworth man Andrew Lee – who contacted the Herald after reading about the discovery of an engraved copper tablet with magical writing which was found in Hopwas Woods last month.

And mystery continues to surround the copper plate after a language enthusiast produced a transliteration of the symbols, which surrounded an image of a star.

Mr Lee said: "I found [the small clay statue] last year while walking my dad's dogs around Hopwas Woods.

"I found it when one of the dogs started sniffing around a dead bird at the bottom of a tree.

"While I was shooing away the dog I saw the thing buried face down in the ground."

He added: "At first I thought it was a piece of pottery, but when I dug it out I got quite excited that it was a whole figure."

The statue, which shows signs of weathering, is thought to be of the Egyptian jackal-headed god Anubis. He is said to be a protector of the deceased and their tombs, and is associated with mummification and the afterlife.

Mr Lee said: "I thought it might be good to show it as it's been sitting in the cupboard wrapped in newspaper for months. Perhaps there might be others who have things lying around they've found there in the past."

The copper plate was discovered by investigators from the West Midlands Ghost Club after researching old stories of witchcraft and hauntings in the area.

John Conway, who discovered the tablet with his metal detector, revealed the translation to the Herald this week.

He said the language and runes, some difficult to decipher, were Enochian, used in the 16th Century by noted occultist John Dee.

It reads: "BAGLE (for) PAPNOOR (to this remembrance); I (is) DOVIOM (probably a name); LONSHI (the) power); OL (I, the maker) UMPLIF (our strength) OGG BIGLIAD (in our comforter)"

It is from an ancient tract called the 7th Enochian key, which reads: "For to his remembrance, is given power, and our strength."

Mr Conway said: "We have had lot of interest, and even from American occultists who were interested in obtaining photographs of the item.

"It is a just matter of interest for us, but we can do very little with it.

"We could take it back to where we found it, or we could return it to the proper owners."

With regards to details mentioned in the piece, we would very much like to thank researcher David Taylor (and unnamed associates) for the translation of the script on the plate which they kindly sent to us, following the release of the first article.....

All the best,

West Midlands Ghost Club

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