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Edited Version of Main Website Update for November 2008.

Return Visit:

On July the 18th, club members paid a long overdue, re-visit to one of their favourite sites: ‘Richards Mansion House’.

As frequently occurs with W.M.G.C. investigations, the night passed quietly enough, with regards to potential, paranormal happenings, though – in other quarters – proved, shall we say, highly interesting…!

Early on in the visit, 3 group members (who shall remain nameless) came close to losing ‘life and limb’ in a ‘mad charge’ involving a heard of menacing cattle! After the initial ‘engagement’, our bovine aggressors clearly made a determined effort to ‘maintain a somewhat threatening presence’ – eyeing us cagily over a flimsy wire fence - giving rise to speculation concerning malign, supernatural forces possibly being at work…..!?!?

On an even less savoury note, the group later found themselves exposed to an outdated and most macabre aspect of country-lore: the act of ‘mole hanging’.

Far from being an obscure Monty Python sketch, this horrible practice entails displaying the corpses of deceased moles – usually suspended from barbed wire by their noses – as a means to display the prowess of the mole catcher involved. While the W.M.G.C. is all for embracing tradition, this is certainly an activity that desperately needs resigning to the deepest ‘past practices’ vault!!!!

North Staffs. Visit:

August the 24th saw group members attend a ‘charity ghost hunt’ – in aid of the Laura Crane Trust – at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. Also in attendance was our ‘old mate’ Wayne from the Black Country Paranormal Society.

While no obvious paranormal activity was experienced during the stay – apart from information proffered by the organisers psychic and investigative team – a thoroughly enjoyable night was evidently had by all who attended.

The highlight of the night for W.M.G.C. members was a considerable ‘free-roam’ period, in which the opportunity was given to attendees for exploration of the substantial and impressive ruins unaccompanied. ‘Staged’ events during the visit were also immensely diverting, with entertaining input from two psychics, as well as the presence of a former ‘Most Haunted’ film crew.

W.M.G.C. members would like to extend our most sincere thanks to Pam Thornes and Sarah Jane for so kindly inviting us to attend this superb event.

Details of the Laura Crane Trust can be found at and we beg visitors to this site to please take their time to check out this most worthy concern…..

Messin’ About On The Water:

On Friday the 5th of September, group members conducted an investigation of the famous Dudley Canal / Cavern system. Also in attendance were our mates Wayne and Heidi from the Black Country Paranormal Society. The event was organised by John Conway.

For decades now, stories of ghostly happenings have circulated in connection with this canal system. In more recent years, the site has featured on a number of television programmes, with one of the more famous features as a result of interest from the popular, ‘Most Haunted’ show.

On Oct. 31st, 2001, W.M. Ghost Club members attended one of the first ‘ghost related’ boat excursions into the historic system. Of late, such supernatural themed events have become highly popular and are now held quite regularly by the Dudley Canal Trust.

As with all recent excursions, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. As well as our friends from the B.C.P.S., the visit was also graced by the presence of Tim and John, actors and organisers of the Halloween related boat tours.

The W.M.G.C. would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Dudley Canal Trust for so kindly allowing us access to the tunnels. Special thanks go to our Skipper for the night, Bob, and his second-in-command ‘Spider’!!

Because The Lady Loves…:

On September the 13th, three club members paid an overdue visit to a picturesque Shropshire village in search of a legendary ‘grey lady’ ghost who allegedly haunts the locality.

The aforementioned apparition has been associated with this particular area for well over a century. Certain sources maintain that her presence is still felt in the region, despite the demolition of her usual ‘stomping ground’ – the local manor house – just prior to the middle of the last century. As well as being witnessed inside the Hall itself, her ghost has allegedly been seen walking the village, much of which was formerly incorporated into the grounds of this long vanished structure…..

Convivial company in a lovely setting has always been one of the key bonuses in this field!!

Ridin', Ridin', Ridin'....:

September the 26th saw group members investigating an allegedly haunted stables complex in Warwickshire.

Over the past two decades, numerous ghostly happenings have been witnessed in most sections of the site concerned. Poltergeist-like activity has allegedly been experienced by managers and staff at the centre, along with reports of numerous apparitions and shadowy figures reported by people visiting the site.

Of the latter, one particular figure – described as resembling ‘Zack Dingle’ from the T.V. show ‘Emmerdale’ – stands out as the most startling….

He has supposedly been seen on numerous occasions – frequently by groups of people at the same time – seemingly ‘loitering’ around one specific corner of the stable yard. When challenged by witnesses, this figure has been seen to vanish over a nearby ‘muck heap’ or or making off along one edge of a paddock before disappearing…..

During our initial recce. of the site, Steve Chew reported seeing ‘something move’ in the general area indicated in the above experiences. At a later point in the night, Steve took a photograph of the area concerned. Of passing interest was the fact that the resulting image was rather blurred; the first (and so far only) blurred picture ever taken with this particular camera. The second, more intriguing, feature of the image is the ‘figure’ to be seen standing in the right-hand corner of the shot obtained….?

Only 4 people were present in the area at this point in time, 2 inside a distant building and – as well as Steve – one other standing (out of shot), in the process of setting up in a video recording session….

W.M.G.C. thanks go out Debbie and her staff for kindly inviting us to investigate their most intriguing site…..

‘Rambling’ On!!:

On October the 11th, intrepid group members conducted a night-time visit / investigation of certain – allegedly haunted - sections of Sutton Park.

Of particular interest to group members was an area of the park surrounding the site of Rowtons Well, where numerous witnesses claim to have seen a phantom horseman in period costume. The well itself is allegedly an ancient site, the waters of which are invested with healing properties.

In another section of the park the club checked out a spot where – during the 1950’s – a lone cyclist saw a white, robed figure float across a road in front of him and vanish into thin air.

Also visited was Blackroot Pool, where certain ‘sensitive’ types have allegedly detected a distraught man in Victorian or Edwardian costume who exudes a negative and disturbing feeling….!!!

Halloween Investigation:

On Halloween night 2008, members of the W.M.G.C. carried out an investigation into alleged ghostly happenings at the Tamworth Assembly Rooms. The investigation was arranged by John Conway.

Serving as the key entertainment venue for the area, the grade II listed Assembly Rooms have served as the premier, live music venue for the South Staffordshire area for a number of decades. Having played host to such bands as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones over the years, the history of this impressive building is littered with a plethora of intriguing and potentially spooky happenings……

A truly superb – and fascinating - night was had by all who attended. W.M.G.C. thanks go to the Assembly Rooms management for kindly granting us the opportunity to visit them. Also, an especially big ‘Cheers’ to Jock – our host for the night – for all of his unerring help and hospitality throughout the visit.

Media Watch:

*August 14th – ‘Sunday Mercury’ newspaper carries an article concerning W.M.G.C. interest in peculiar happenings on Cannock Chase.

*September edition of the newly re-launched ‘Paranormal Magazine’ carries a brief mention of the W.M.G.C. in their group listings.

*September the 1st – ‘Black Country Evening Mail’ carries an article on W.M.G.C. interest in the Dudley Canal system.

*September the 3rd – ‘Dudley News’ carries an article on W.M.G.C. interest in the Dudley Canal system.

*September 4th – John Conway appears on the Ed Doolan Show on BBC Radio W.M. talking about the W.M.G.C. and related interest.

*October 21st – The Sandwell and Walsall editions of the Express and Star published articles on the W.M.G.C.’s interest in a notorious (Victorian) murder and related haunting in the Coombeswood area of Blackheath.

*October 23rd and November 6th – The Tamworth Times runs two articles concerning the W.M.G.C. investigation of Tamworth Assembly Rooms on Halloween night. The Tamworth Herald also ran a similar article on November the 6th.

*November the 5th – The Shropshire Star newspaper ran an article on the groups interest in reported hauntings in that county.

Edited Version of Main Website Update for July 2008.

Midlands Investigation:

On Friday the 28th of March, group members investigated an allegedly haunted school in the Midlands region. The visit was organised by Steve Chew.

Staff members at this fairly modern, secondary school have reported a number of ‘peculiar’ - potentially paranormal - incidents over recent years.

The site caretaker has, on a number of occasions, discovered windows which appear to have ‘opened by themselves’ during the night. In one such instance, he made to admonish a colleague for not having carried out their duties properly and closed the window in question the previous night. However, upon first checking security footage of the area concerned, he was stunned to see the window seemingly ‘open of it’s own accord’ during the early hours of the morning.

A number of windows around the site were pointed out to group members as having been discovered as open at times.A pair of double doors on the buildings main corridor have also been recorded on security footage as opening of their own volition. Some witnesses to the footage have mentioned a female-shaped shadow appearing on the corridor floor in the same sequence.One member of the teaching staff – closely related to a W.M.G.C. associate – reports having been touched on the shoulder in an otherwise empty classroom.

A number of staff previously mounted their own vigil at the school, but only report having heard ‘noises’ during their stay.

The W.M.G.C. investigation of the site revealed nothing of potential, paranormal interest. It was noted however that the bulk of the building was, all too evidently, filled with reasonably strong air currents. During the entire visit, we were aware of noises throughout the building – doors banging / bumping, etc – which were almost certainly down to such conditions.

The group would like to thank Brian – site caretaker – for showing us around the school and sharing his experiences with us.

Coventry Investigation:

Friday, April the 12thsaw group members paying a night-time visit to the medieval Swanswell Gate in Coventry City centre. This visit was organised by Steve Chew.

Built in 1461, Swanswell Gate is one only two remaining gateways - from the original 12 - which were situated along the city wall. Also known as Priory Gate, this site has allegedly been the focus of poltergeist-like activity over the years. In 2003, a charity ‘ghost hunt’ was held in the building by staff at CV One, after a dustpan was witnessed un-clipping itself from a wall and seemingly flying across the room……

Subsequent to our investigation a former resident of Swanswell Gate - who claims to have lived in the building for many years - contacted the group to tell us about his myriad experiences at the property.

While the building itself could not be construed as conducive to investigation ‘proper’ – merely consisting of two small rooms – it was still a great privilege for group members to be allowed to spend a few hours soaking in the atmosphere of such a historic site.

Our thanks go to Coventry City Council – a remarkable, ever obliging host – for granting us permission to stay the night in Swanswell Gate.

Wolverhampton Investigation:

On April the 19th, two members of the West Mids Ghost Club conducted an investigation of ‘Rowfers’ shop in King Street, Wolverhampton. The visit was organised by John Conway.

Current shop manager Deb tells us that – some years ago – during her first week at the shop, she found herself being ‘pushed backwards into a chair’, whilst serving a customer. She described the sensation as if someone had invisible walked through her and knocked her backwards. Seeking the (then) manager of the premises, she had said: ‘This place is haunted, isn’t it?’

‘Well…… we didn’t want to tell you….!’ Came the sheepish reply!

Since this point, Deb has experienced a number of other peculiar happenings at the shop, including the sighting of a man in a black suit and white shirt in the kitchen area.

Staff members have reported movement of stock, display stands rotating on their own – stopping and starting – and a clock falling from a wall with it’s moorings still intact. A smell of cinnamon has been detected at times and a girls voice heard; possibly relating to the figure of a young woman seen standing near the changing rooms one Saturday morning.

One recurring incident at the shop is the top floor light being found ‘on’ when they lock the shop up for the night. Prior to leaving the building, staff instinctively check that all lighting has been turned ‘off’ – but still, often, the top floor lights are found ‘on’……?

Group members would like to express their gratitude to ‘Rowfers’ management for allowing our visit. Special thanks go to Deb, Nicola and Stephanie for their charming company during the stay.

Brum. Investigation:

On May the 2nd, club members conducted an investigation at the Great Hall of Birmingham University in Edgbaston. The visit was organised by Julia Whiston.

At the outbreak of the WWI, a considerable portion of Birmingham University was given over to serving as a hospital for treating the wounded. The palatial Great Hall - situated within the Aston Webb Building - was used for ward space, by the end of the conflict some 125,000 casualties having being treated on campus.

Any ghosts that this magnificent edifice might house would appear to hail from this period in time, as reports of two, stretcher bearing men have allegedly been seen within the building. Staff have also reported ‘eerie feelings’ in the property to group members…..

During our visit, group members reported seeing fluctuations / disturbances in light levels in certain parts of the Hall while vigil sessions were taking place. At one point, just prior to leaving the building, Steve Chew mentions having seen a huge, oval / arched shadow effect on the curtains hanging over the main entrance doors….

W.M.G.C. members would like to express their gratitude to Geoff Pringle - Director of Hospitality & Accommodation Services - for allowing us to investigate this magnificent building.

Wolverhampton Investigation#2:

On Friday the 16th of May, group members conducted an investigation at the Georgian property, ‘Kings House’ in St. Johns Square, Wolverhampton. This event was organised by John Conway.

While currently consisting of a number of office suites, the property itself was originally part of the former convent, which included Calvary Chapel, Regent's Court, St. John's Cloisters and Hanover House. A former School section – Our Lady of Mercy - had a number of ghostly stories attached to it, including a ‘group’ sighting of ‘a very small nun, carrying a lamp’, during the 1950’s.

The area immediately surrounding Kings House has also allegedly played host to a number of potential hauntings for many years. The former, St Johns Vaults public house - which once stood across the square from Kings House prior to it's demolition - allegedly housed the ghost of a woman in a green, crinoline dress. She was believed to be the apparition of a suicide who threw herself from a top floor window of the property concerned. A nearby office complex is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy, though his identity - and the reason for his haunting the site - has never been discovered........

Group members would like to thank Mr. Reginald King for kindly granting us permission to ‘invade his offices’ for the night of the 16th

Wolverhampton Investigation#3:

Friday the 13th of June saw W.M.G.C. members ‘thrilled’ at the prospects of, once again, being allowed to investigate Northycote Farm in Bushbury, after a considerable break of some 11 years! The investigation was organised by John ‘Chosen One’ Conway.

Initially investigated on 4 occasions during 1997 - by the W.M.G.C. - this 400+ year old property boasts a plethora of alleged, ‘ghostly’ activity.

During our recent stay at the site, further accounts of potential ghostly activity were related to the group by the site Fire Marshall - Ian Nicholls - and his partner, Penny.

In the Tea Rooms section of the farm, staff have apparently reported the feeling of something – akin to a passing animal - brushing against their legs. Upstairs, in the same block, a visiting psychic claimed to have picked up the presence of children The cellar area of the Wash-House is believed to have caused the same psychic some alarm – the woman concerned apparently professing to being ‘too scared’ to venture down there!?

Penny herself has experienced a feeling of cobwebs brushing against her face in the Blue Room, a sensation which has been experienced by many people in the past, over a number of years.

While our recent visit passed without event, it was an immense pleasure for the group to have been given the opportunity to visit this lovely, historic site once again. Immense gratitude goes out to Wolverhampton Council for allowing the visit and – in particular – to Ian and Penny for kindly donating their time and company to this venture.

Media Watch:

Over recent months, the W.M.G.C. has, once again, featured in a number of local periodicals around the Midlands area.

*On April the 3rd, the Black Country Bugle published an article written by the W.M.G.C. concerning a ghostly experience at a Darlaston Chapel in the late 1960’s.

*Group interest in an allegedly haunted site in the Cheswick Green area was featured in the Solihull Times on June the 4th.

*News of our recent investigation at the historic Swanswell Gate was mentioned in the Coventry Observer on June the 5th.

*The June edition of the ‘Buzz’ magazine – the Birmingham University Staff periodical – ran an article featuring group member Julia Whiston and our recent ‘Great Hall’ investigation.

Edited Version of Main Website Update for Mar. 17th 2008.

Sandwell Investigation:

On January the 18th, the W.M.G.C. conducted and investigation at the Sandwell Council Training Centre - the first paranormal research organisation to have ever visited this property - in Oldbury. The event was organised by group member John Conway.

Over the years this former school has allegedly been the site of a number of ghostly encounters. A piano has been heard playing in one particular room, but, upon investigation, it was discovered that the room was empty and the piano covered with a dust-sheet.

The figure of a little girl has been seen traversing a corridor outside the canteen area and - within the canteen itself - staff have seen the figure of a woman dressed in grey.

Elsewhere in the property, the feeling of being followed has spooked cleaning staff and the figures of two 'caretaker-style' men - dressed in brown cowgowns - have been reported....

W.M.G.C. interest in the Training Centre generated a degree of media interest and articles concerning our visit appeared in a number of local newspapers. Our investigation of the site was conducted (in part) in the presence of an Express and Star reporter.

Group members would like to extend a massive 'THANK YOU' to Lorraine Binsley for allowing us to visit the Centre. Also, to the ever patient Mr Singh for looking after us on the night in question.

Warwickshire Investigation:

On February the 16th, W.M. Ghost Club members paid an overnight visit to the historic Town Hall in Alcester, Warwks. The investigation was arranged by John Conway.

The lower storey of the Town Hall was built in 1618 for the then Lord of the Manor, Lord Brooke-Fulke Greville. The site was originally used as an open market place for traders, replacing the original market cross. A basement prison known as 'The Hole' - used for jailing local offenders - is still extant in the building, it's original door hanging on the wall of the Town Hall entrance area.

In 1641, the timbered, upper room - with impressive hammer-beam roof - was added to the property. The ground floor was enclosed during the Victorian period and rented out, being used as a fire station and local court........

With regards to resident 'ghosts', local legend has it that Sir Fulke Greville himself allegedly haunts the site. (Seemingly sharing his time between a handful of properties, including Warwick Castle). Less auspicious ghosts associated with the building are those of a small girl - heard crying in an empty, upstairs room - and that of an unidentified 'grey lady'.

One witness to peculiar activity at the Town Hall was working in the upstairs kitchen whilst expecting the arrival of a friend. Having heard footsteps in the main hall, he opened the door and was surprised to find no one in the room. Despite this, the footsteps appeared to continue across the floor, while the witness reported that it was noticeably cold and a sort of mist or fog hovered near the roof......

Despite being regarded as a no-nonsense, sensible man, the witness was sufficiently scared as to never go in the hall again on his own!

While having remained an - until now - 'undiscovered' haunted site, the Town Hall shares the same section of the village with some more, reasonably well known, sites. Directly across the road stands the former 'Angel Inn' - a building of considerable 'haunted' repute. Nearby St Nicholas' Church has also been the site of ghostly activity in the past, with - again - the apparition of the ubiquitous Sir Fulke Greville having put in an appearance during the early 20th Century!!

The W.M.G.C. would very much like to thank the people of Alcester - and in particular Vernon Munton and John Ross - for allowing us to visit their magnificent Town Hall.

Repeat Investigation:

February the 22nd saw group members paying a re-visit to one of the regions most famous haunted hostelries: the 3 Tuns in Sutton Coldfield. The visit was arranged by Stevie Chew.

The W.M.G.C. first visited this site on Halloween night, 2000, with members of the 'Black Country Paranormal Society'.

The site is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a Civil War period drummer boy, who is said to have been murdered in the cellar by Parliamentarian troops.... The current landlord has only been in the property for a matter of a few months, though he is already aware of his staffs dislike for for the cellar area. His partner has also reported a feeling of being followed in an upstairs bedroom...

Steve Chew has recently been told by an ex-staff member that no one wanted to venture into the cellar because of a feeling of being followed or watched. Other employees had reported the sensation of being touched on odd occasions and Steve's confidante had personally seen a pint glass slide along the bar of it's own accord. Strangely, upon hitting the floor, the glass shattered about 4 seconds after impact....

Our visit of the 22nd was made with the help of Sutton Coldfield media students - Craig, Megan and Emily.

W.M.G.C. thanks go out to Rick and Rich of the 3 Tuns for allowing us to visit their historic hostelry.

Unnamed Investigation:

On Friday the 7th March, group members conducted an overnight investigation at a magnificent Midlands house - the name and location of which will remain undisclosed. The visit was organised by John Conway.

People involved with the historic property concerned have frequently reported numerous, potential ghostly happenings - mainly comprising of poltergeist-like activity.

A number of years ago, a gentleman and his wife were locking the house up for the night when they heard two women 'whispering' in an empty room. Around the same time, footsteps were heard traversing a corridor one morning when the building was completely empty save for the witness.

More recently, a plaque has been seen moving across a desk by two people before falling to the floor. Other people have also reported seeing objects seemingly moving of their own volition and falling off shelves.

A monk-like figure has been seen on the main staircase - the general area around the stairs having been reported as having an adverse effect on security guard dogs at times. Strange noises have been heard in the property, along with eerie feelings in certain parts of the building and a smell like rotting cabbage. Quite recently, one person has reported being touched on the shoulder in an empty toilet......

Immeasurable W.M.G.C. thanks goes out to the management of the site concerned for allowing us to visit the property. Also, a massive 'Thanks' to Barry and Gavin for being so accommodating during our visit.

Shropshire Encounter - Can You Help?

In late February, the Shropshire Star informed the W.M.G.C. of a recent, peculiar encounter just outside Telford. Subsequently, the group was contacted by Tina Smart - wife of witness to the aforementioned incident, Garry Smart - who supplied us with a copy of their original e-mail to to the press. The details are repeated below, in full:

"My name is Garry Smart I live in Trench and have done so for the past 37 years, which also gives away my age. I have been married now nearly 18 years and have three children. I work as a lorry driver.

I have been on walks by the sugarbeet factory for around 30 plus years now, starting as young as I can remember with an uncle of mine and progressing into me rabbiting there when I was about 15 years old, then walks with my wife and children and dogs and continue to walk with my dogs to this present day, there has never been a set day or time that I walk there so was amazed to what I believe I saw on Sunday 24th February at 17.30pm.

I was walking by the sugarbeet factory, taking my two dogs for a walk, the pup who is aged 9 months began barking, the other dog didn't and I looked to see what he was barking at, therefore looking into the direction the pup was looking, which was towards my vehicle parked at approximately 20 feet from me. I saw an elderly man that was wearing what looked to be a long gown used by farmers for milking the cows which was a sandy brown colour and a flat cap. He appeared old but the face wasn't clear. I said "alright" to him he looked towards me and continued to walk without acknowledging me, I thought how ignorant he had been.

I picked the pup up as he was still barking but couldn't see this man, I walked about 10 paces and looked in the direction the man had walked but he was nowhere to be seen. The man had been walking on a pathway used by farmers to get onto fields, there was a 6ft chain linked fence on one side and a small brook / stream on the other with a scattering of trees either side of the brook / stream. I believe if the man had gone in the direction of the trees you would have heard twigs break underneath his feet or the sound of the trees being moved whilst walking through them, there was no leaves on the trees. The path was straight - so to me it was a mystery as to where he may have gone without being seen.

Me and my wife are intrigued to know if anyone else has had this experience by the sugar beet factory? Does anyone know who this man maybe? Are there any photographs out there that we could see of this man, Is it an anniversary, i.e. birth, death or a place that this man loved or lived, any information would be greatly received. There were people ploughing in a nearby field over the other side of the railway would this have any bearings on this possible sighting".

Both Garry and Tina - and, indeed, the W.M.G.C. - are desperate to know whether anyone else is aware of such happenings within the region concerned? Alternatively, do any of our visitors possibly have an idea of whether there is 'any' history of hauntings surrounding this general region?

Needless to say, any pertinent information on this matter can be sent in to the group via the contact details given on our index page.

Media Watch:

Once again, over the past few months, W.M.G.C. affairs and activities have featured in the local media a number of times.

*On December the 14th, group member Steve Chew appeared on the Danny Kelly Show (Radio W.M.) speaking on the subject of (so called) E.V.P. recordings. Further Club appearances on the same show took place on January the 22nd and 23rd.

*On November the 29th, the Black Country Bugle printed an article (written by the W.M.G.C.) concerning the (now demolished) Blue Ball public house in Oldbury.

*News of our investigation at the Sandwell Council Training Centre appeared in the Express and Star, the Walsall Advertiser, the Halesowen News and on the Sandwell Council web site.

*Details surrounding the group investigation of Alcester Town Hall appeared in the Alcester Chronicle and Redditch Advertiser in Mid-February.

*Our 3 Tuns investigation was featured in the Sutton Observer on February the 29th.

*And - finally - the Telford 'Spooky Farmer' incident resulted in a W.M.G.C. mention in the Shropshire Star in early March.

Edited Version of Main Website Update for Dec. 15th 2007.

Staffordshire Investigation:

On October the 12th, W.M.G.C. members conducted an investigation at the Royal Air Force Association Flarepath Club in Tamworth. The event was organised by Steve Chew.

Reported activity at this three storey, Georgian property include sightings of a woman in a long white night dress and experiences with the figure of a former employee. While there is a strict ‘no smoking’ policy in the club, tobacco smoke has been frequently detected, along with the smell of perfume and – most strangely – ‘custard’!

Bottles have seemingly smashed of their own accord and firmly closed doors opened by themselves, setting off burglar alarms. The sound of change being mixed around in a till has been heard coming from an empty room, along with the noise of a man ‘coughing’ in the downstairs toilet.

A big W.M.G.C. thank you goes out to Roy and Kath Clay and also Emma Fletcher for allowing us to investigate their club.

Warwickshire Investigation:

October the 19th saw lucky W.M.G.C. members carrying out an overnight investigation at Warwick Castle. The event was organised by Steve Chew, with the kind help of B.B.C. Radio W.M. D.J., Danny Kelly.

Over recent years, the impressive fortress of Warwick Castle has become the focus of numerous investigations organised by commercial ‘ghost hunting’ businesses. However, as far as the W.M.G.C. have recently been informed, we are the only ‘independent’ research society to have been granted free access to this site.

On our investigation, we were accompanied by D.J. Danny Kelly - and the resulting sound / interview footage was aired on Radio W.M. on October the 28th.

Needless to say, the group is indebted to Warwick Castle for allowing us this unique opportunity and extend a considerable nod of gratitude to our guide for the night, Paul!! Also, a big ‘CHEERS MATE’ goes to Danny Kelly for his invaluable input on this venture!

Leicestershire Investigation:

On October the 26th, group members paid a night-time visit to the site of ‘Bosworth Battle Field’ in Sutton Cheney. The visit was organised by John Conway.

Despite being a most attractive and serene spot, a great many believe that the affairs conducted at this site in 1485 have left more than a few ‘echoes’ in their wake….. According to author John Brookes, the battlefield is haunted by a phantom horseman and the figure of a headless foot soldier. The area concerned has played host to a number of paranormal investigations.

Walsall Investigation:

On Halloween, group members paid a long overdue visit to Rushall - on the outskirts of Walsall - in search of the (somewhat elusive) ghost of the ‘Grey Lady’……

As regulars to this site may know, the group took considerable interest in this particular area in May of this year, after being introduced to the subject by local historian, Diane Wilkes. A subsequent press appeal resulted in an impressive response from the general public and a considerable amount of information was duly reported to the Club.

During our Halloween visit, we were gratified to find that recent press coverage of this event had stirred the interest of other, (Willenhall based) ‘Ghost Hunters’, who had also visited the area for the evening……!!!

Wolverhampton Investigation:

November the 3rd found W.M. Ghost Club members carrying out an investigation of Madam Clarke’s Coffee House in King Street, Wolverhampton. The investigation was organised by John Conway.

Reported activity at this most charming building includes the movement of objects – tins falling off shelves, etc – and an impressive amount of inexplicable noises. The sound of children ‘giggling’ has been heard, along with the sound of objects seemingly smashing, loud bangs, muffled speech and names of staff members being called out.

A ‘Grey Lady’ – as well as other shadowy figures – have been seen on the stairs of the property and footsteps frequently heard. Along with regular feelings of being watched, one staff member also reports having had her ‘bottom pinched’ – leaving a noticeable bruise!

The W.M.G.C. would like to extend their gratitude to Michael and Alexandra Perkins for allowing us to investigate their lovely Coffee House. Thanks also to Alex again, along with Tracey, Anne-Marie, Charlotte, Kelly and Sarah, for their warm company during our investigation.

'Unnamed' Investigation:

On November the 8th, W.M.G.C. members paid a return visit to an unnamed site which has previously played host to three group visits. (22nd of December (2006), January the 19th and February the 2nd 2007).

The site concerned has a fascinating (potential) ghostly history, spanning back at least four decades. Reported incidents include sightings of figures in 'ancient' period costume; physical assaults by invisible assailants and a wide range of poltergeist-like activity. During our previous visit to the site, W.M.G.C. members experienced some peculiar 'noise' related activity in one of the buildings attached to the property.......

While the bulk of our recent visit passed without event, investigators Simon and Claire were sitting in the site car park when the reversing sensor of their vehicle suddenly indicated that there was 'something' behind the car..... Only moments later, a definite, solitary 'tap' noise was heard on the rear window of the vehicle........?

Staffordshire Investigation #2

On November the 16th, W.M.G.C. members visited an ecclesiastical site in Staffordshire - and it's immediate, surrounding environs - which will remain unnamed for the present. Group members first learned of alleged happenings at the site concerned via our friend, the Rugeley based author, Carol Arnall.

Sightings of a monk-like figure have been associated with the area outside the property concerned, having been (most recently) seen by a passing motorist. The gentleman described the figure he saw as being bare headed and decidedly 'miserable looking'...... Certainly not the stereotypical image that people tend to associate with such characters. Group members were also recently contacted by a witness who saw a similar figure - though this one was wearing a hood over his head - standing in a patch of marshy ground near to the site concerned.....

As a footnote to this story, copies of Carol Arnalls books 'Eerie Happenings' and 'Mystical Happenings' can be obtained via the online publishing site. Just visit the site and type the names of the books into the search engine........

News Watch:

West Midlands Ghost Club activities have recently featured in a number of media related sources, including:

*Walsall Advertiser – Oct. 4th and Oct. 25th.

*Chase Post – Oct. 11th and Oct. 18th (x2).

*Solihull Times – Oct. 31st.

*Solihull News – Nov. 1st.

*Staffordshire County Magazine – October Edtn.

*Birmingham Post (Weekend Suppl. Magazine) – Oct. 20th

*A two page article concerning W.M.G.C. members Steve and Claire Chew appeared in the Sunday Mirror Magazine on Oct. 28th.

*Over recent weeks, the Club has received considerable air-time on local B.B.C. W.M. Radio, including: the Danny Kelly Show on Oct. 17th, 21st and 28th and the Phil Upton Show on Oct. 10th. A feature involving our recent investigation of Warwick Castle was also broadcast on Oct. 28th.

*The W.M.G.C. also featured in an interview on (National) B.B.C. 'Radio 5 Live' on Oct. 29th.

Edited Version of Main Website Update from Sept. 7th 2007

South Staffordshire Investigation:

On Saturday the 14th of July, W.M.G.C. members conducted an investigation at the Glynne Arms public house in Himley. The visit was organised by Dean Steadman.

While the general Himley area would seem to play host to a considerable amount of ghostly activity - phantom cavaliers, grey ladies and so on - the famous 'Crooked House' hostelry has, until quite recently, never been widely 'known' as a site of paranormal interest.... However, current staff members tell us that the property would actually seem to be the home of a number of ghosts - including those of a soldier, a mysterious male figure accompanied by a dog, a murdered servant and a young orphan girl.....

On the night in question, 2 WMGC members experienced an inexplicable 'bang' on a nearby door, while video recordings made in the Ladies Toilet area appeared to contain the voice of a young girl saying: "Mommy"......

Repeat Investigation:

Saturday the 30th of June saw group members pay a return visit to one of our favourite investigation sites - the Manor House in Stone Cross, West Bromwich. The visit was arranged by Frazer Smith.

As regulars to this web site will know, this property has become something of a 'pet project' to WMGC members. Over the past 2 - 3 years, the club has conducted in excess of 15 overnight investigations here.....

During this recent visit, researchers witnessed a peculiar change in light levels in the Function Room area of the building, as well as one group member seemingly 'feeling someone brush past him' as he climbed the solar staircase. Video recordings made in the kitchen area of the property contained some inexplicable sounds of 'movement' seemingly coming from a nearby corridor.......

South Staffordshire Investigation #2:

On September the 1st, members from the 'West Midlands Ghost Club' and Forum, the 'Black Country Paranormal Society' and the 'South Staffordshire Ghost Club' converged on Cannock Chase for an informal 'ramble' into the unknown......

Over the years, this area has allegedly played host to a plethora of peculiar happenings, ranging from UFO activity, sightings of Alien Big Cats, various 'Hairy Hominid' type creatures - as well as a considerable amount of more standard, 'ghost-like' encounters.

During our recent 'invasion' of the Chase, attendee's visited two particular sites which have been associated with potentially paranormal activity. The area around the German Cemetery has recently featured in the local press a number of times, having been linked to both 'werewolf-type' sightings, as well as alleged encounters with a floating, female apparition.... Similarly, a section of road - situated a short distance away at Spring Slade Lodge - has also supposedly been the site of an experience with a 'female ghost'.

To round off our visit to the Chase, attendees later took a walk around the nearby ancient monument of Castle Ring. This area has previously been linked to occult activity, UFO sightings and numerous experiences with a monk-like ghost.
With regards to future research events on the Chase, the W.M.G.C. have recently received a phone call from a representative of the cryptozoological society Beastwatch UK, who are apparently planning investigations for the near future. Interested parties should watch their site for further news.

Finally - a big 'Thank You' to all who chose to 'throw caution to the wind' and attend our get-together. 'Adventurers all......', as Dr. Richard Markway would have said......

South Staffordshire Investigation #3:

On September the 14th, W.M.G.C. members conducted a brief investigation of the Garrick Theatre in Lichfield. The visit was organised by Steve Chew.

While the current building is of comparatively recent construction, it stands on the site of a previous theatre. Staff reported a number of inexplicable happenings to W.M.G.C. members, including the inexplicable movement of objects in certain parts of the property, sightings of shadowy figures, the sound of womens footsteps in the stage area and feelings of being physically pushed and touched. Radio WM D.J. Malcolm Boyden was sitting alone, inside the theatre mixing room one night when the door to the booth flew open and a pile of papers on his desk were thrown into the air.......

W.M.G.C. thanks goes out to the Garrick staff members who kindly gave their time and accompanied us on our visit.

Mini Investigations / Visits:

On August the 31st, group member - the intrepid Steve Chew - paid a night-time visit to the beautiful Pentre Ifan dolmen in Dyfed. Regarded as the most popular megalithic site in Wales, the 3,500 yr old site was once known as 'Arthurs Quoit' and, most unusually, is oriented North / South. While no ghosts have actually been reported at Pentre Ifan, it is a notorious place for fairy sightings. According to local legend, they are described as looking like 'little children with red caps, dressed in soldiers clothes.....'

As always, our roving investigator Len Jackson has been travelling the length and breadth of the country in his spare time over the past few months. Recent ports of call for this much travelled investigator include York (said to be the most haunted City in England?), Matlock and Hartington.

August the 26th saw Club members Frazer Smith and Dean Steadman spending a few hours patrolling the grounds of Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire. Rufford has developed a considerable ghostlore over recent decades, with - unsurprisingly - reports of phantom monks being seen in the area. During the early 20th Century, one witness is said to have supposedly died of fright after such an encounter.......

Our continuing research into the 'Grey Lady of Rushall' in Walsall has inspired many visits to the region throughout the late Spring and Summer months, with an investigation of the area planned for mid-Autumn. After our (May) press appeals for information on this subject, an excellent response was received by the group - including a number of eye-witness accounts. Our appeal also drew the attention of BBC Radio WM, resulting in an outside broadcast interview with group member Nick Duffy, which was subsequently aired throughout May 30th.

In The Media:

W.M. Ghost Club activities have featured in a number of media related sources.

The group has recently been mentioned in:

*The Walsall Advertiser (May)

*The Fortean Times Magazine (July)

*The Tamworth Herald (August)

*The Dudley News (July)

*The Stafford Post (August)

May 30th saw Radio W.M. conduct an interview with one of our group members, concerning our research into a particular apparition known as 'The Grey Lady Of Rushall' in Walsall. (*Mentioned above).

On July the 24th, Steve Chew appeared on the Danny Kelly Show (also Radio W.M.) during a 'live ghost hunt' at Dudley Castle. Steve also appeared on the Danny Kelly show again on September the 13th. (Busy beggar!!)

The WMGC has also recently supplied information for inclusion in a forthcoming book on UFO activity in the Midlands area.


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