Thursday, 28 July 2011


Okay, okay - so we said we were going to knock this blogging-lark on the head a while ago and..... now........ here we are again, after all!!! Laugh!!! Well, we can all make mistakes and jump to rash decisions at times, can't we? Laugh!!!

Seriously though, we've decided to now continue with this blog again for a number of different reasons - but, not least, because it serves as an admirable platform on which to store information that previously made up some of our website updates at the groups official page. A recent decision to change the layout of the club website (albeit slightly) has given us the perfect opportunity to basically transfer some information 'from there to here'.........

It should go without saying that the blog will now, once again, be a back-up and more fluid medium (no pun intended!!) - a support measure for the aforementioned site - by which to convey group activities, interest and other snippets of related data.

So - please do continue to visit us and we promise that the blog will continue to grow again!!!

All the best to everyone - and do read on!!!


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