Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ghostly Image #2

Our second peculiar image this week also originates with our friend Carla Dolloway and was also taken during a routine photographic session at the site mentioned in the previous post. In this instance, she happens to have noticed the 'face-like' effect in her viewfinder and, as a result, 'took the picture' in question.

The 'face' is situated inside the building, seemingly 'looking out' of one of the windows. As with her previous photograph, Carla assures us that no one was to be found inside the 'locked off' site at the time that the pictures were obtained......  As well as the 'face' effect in the photograph, the peculiar 'pink protuberance' in the top right corner of the shot remains currently unexplained too!?

As with the last image, we welcome Blog visitors to write in and let us know their views and opinions on this perplexing image!?

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