Monday, 24 February 2014

24th February 2014

Also within the last week or so, W.M.G.C. members have recently uncovered a mention of an historic, local ghost story - the specific details of which were utterly unknown to us previously - concerning some peculiar, poltergeist-like occurrences surrounding a particular Black Country graveyard.  Following quickly on from the initial, brief report viewed, group researchers have subsequently traced the original newspaper articles from the Mid-19th Century, which - it has to be said - display a remarkably 'cynical' attitude to the events concerned!!    

What is of tremendous interest to the group is the fact that the matter not only concerns a number of sites that have actually been 'investigated' at first-hand previously by the group...... but details mentioned in the case also seem to potentially tie-in with a plot-line from one of the stories penned by the legendary, fictional ghost story writer, the late M.R. James!?!  (Pic above).

In his 1914 story "An Episode of Cathedral History", James relates the tale of a terrible, 'demonic' creature that is discovered, trapped inside a mysterious tomb in a fictional cathedral.....  If the 'creature' concerned could possibly be demoted to the level of a more subtle 'poltergeist-like-effect', then certain details in this local case are remarkably similar to some of those related in James' story........?  Needless to say, James was a biblical / religious scholar of considerable standing..... so is there perhaps some chance that he may have been somehow privy to details mentioned in the Black Country case and subsequently 'used' some of the motifs concerned as a basis for his own story....???      

We sincerely hope that visitors to this page do not mind our now being somewhat 'vague' with further details, for the time being, but there is a fair amount of information to potentially relate and we are currently still uncovering further links and so forth.  We are, at present, awaiting contact and replies from a number of sources both on the general history of the site concerned and on the, more pressing, Jamesian angle....... 

February 24th 2014

Further news of the enigmatic 'Madam Piggott' appeared in the 'Shropshire Star' again, within the past week, in a brief article on Saturday (the 22nd).  This piece basically outlined the fact that it is now believed the photograph concerned was most probably the result of some phone or computer app....... as mentioned previously.  The article can be viewed by clicking HERE 


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February 5th 2014

With regards to the 'Shropshire Star' article mentioned in the post immediately below, we have recently been contacted by an authority concerning digital images who has suggested that the 'ghostly woman' shown in the shot (left) is little more than a 'stock image' from the 'GhostCam' app for Windows (right).......  

To be honest, we think that this is quite an accurate comparison - of course, needing a degree of manipulation / tweaking and so forth - and would like to hear what others might think on the subject?


Saturday, 1 February 2014

1st February 2014

At the very beginning of this year, a comment was left on this blog in connection with an entry of ours from May 2009, concerning the subject of Madam Piggott and the haunting of 'Windy Oaks' in the Chetwynd region of Shropshire.  The comment concerned ran as follows:  

"In no way am I a ghost hunter or believe in them really but I have in the last two days seen a couple of photos taken by a local family who embarked on a ghost hunt a couple of nights ago for I should imagine a bit of fun!  Anyway these photos were taken by Chetwynd church I'm still sceptical and believe they could be an elaborate hoax however if they do turnout to be genuine then I will have to re-evaluate my thoughts on thing's that go bump in the night".

To view the original post and comments, please click on this LINK.

Needless to say, this comment intrigued us greatly and following our reply to the post, we were sent - via email - the interesting photograph shown above.  (By way of explanation re. the image concerned:  the details shown in the picture itself were only a 'tiny' feature within the overall - otherwise completely black - image and have, therefore, been enlarged here for the simple sake of seeing them.  As a result, a small amount of pixelation can be seen around the figure which, prior to the enlargement process, is an absolutely 'smooth' feature, etc.  Some questions have been raised regarding pixelation, in comments in the following article, but the original, digital image contains no distortion or pixelation whatsoever). 

Interested in potentially learning more about this photograph - and, of course, hopefully generating more data on the 'Windy Oaks' case itself - the club subsequently approached the 'Shropshire Star' newspaper with the matter and, as a result, the following piece appeared in todays edition of the newspaper.  ARTICLE