Saturday, 1 February 2014

1st February 2014

At the very beginning of this year, a comment was left on this blog in connection with an entry of ours from May 2009, concerning the subject of Madam Piggott and the haunting of 'Windy Oaks' in the Chetwynd region of Shropshire.  The comment concerned ran as follows:  

"In no way am I a ghost hunter or believe in them really but I have in the last two days seen a couple of photos taken by a local family who embarked on a ghost hunt a couple of nights ago for I should imagine a bit of fun!  Anyway these photos were taken by Chetwynd church I'm still sceptical and believe they could be an elaborate hoax however if they do turnout to be genuine then I will have to re-evaluate my thoughts on thing's that go bump in the night".

To view the original post and comments, please click on this LINK.

Needless to say, this comment intrigued us greatly and following our reply to the post, we were sent - via email - the interesting photograph shown above.  (By way of explanation re. the image concerned:  the details shown in the picture itself were only a 'tiny' feature within the overall - otherwise completely black - image and have, therefore, been enlarged here for the simple sake of seeing them.  As a result, a small amount of pixelation can be seen around the figure which, prior to the enlargement process, is an absolutely 'smooth' feature, etc.  Some questions have been raised regarding pixelation, in comments in the following article, but the original, digital image contains no distortion or pixelation whatsoever). 

Interested in potentially learning more about this photograph - and, of course, hopefully generating more data on the 'Windy Oaks' case itself - the club subsequently approached the 'Shropshire Star' newspaper with the matter and, as a result, the following piece appeared in todays edition of the newspaper.  ARTICLE 


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