Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wednesday June 4th 2014

Just been reviewing some of our 'older' cases and came across this alleged haunting from the West Bromwich region in my diaries.  The events concerned occurred in the home of a workmate of a (then) group member and - after relating the events to the chap in question - the owners were kind enough to invite us to investigate the property.....

As far as can be ascertained, one of the first 'events' occurred at Christmas 2002, some 7 or 8 years after the family had moved into the 2 decade (approx.) old building.  The son of the family had phoned his parents, who were out shopping at the time, to say that he had just seen someone - a tall, thin shadowy form - walk 'across the rear of the living room'.  They initially presumed that he had meant that he'd seen someone walk past the 'outside' of the patio windows at the very rear of the room.... but he had corrected them immediately in saying that - 'no' - he had definitely meant 'inside' the house!!  In fact, the figure had walked through the dividing wall, between their property and their neighbours, and exited through the opposite wall...!  Moreover, whatever this 'thing' had been.... it had knocked numerous decorations off the Christmas tree (situated near where it had entered) as it passed by...!!

Because of related 'strange occurrences' - cold feelings and the like - the family had the house blessed and it initially appeared as if things certainly got better as a result.  However, when work started on a sizeable extension to the house a short time later, numerous, disturbing things began to occur afresh......   On one occasion, a member of the family had been in the house alone - watching TV - when a face / head materialised right next to the set... close to the floor.... and appeared to be blatantly 'staring at them'!  After a few seconds, the head simply vanished away.  On many occasions, footsteps had clearly been heard walking around upstairs by both individuals and groups of family members.  The mother of the family reported a sensation akin to 'someone running a finger down her back', while her son reported having heard someone 'breathing.... close to his ear'.  We were told that the lad had literally 'flown' from his bedroom and into that of his parents when this had happened! 

Numerous other inexplicable noises were said to have been heard regularly around the house; the bedroom door sometimes opened of it's own accord and the TV often switched itself on and off.  Akin to the latter, the CD player in the living room had been seen to switch itself on and off..... interestingly, continuing to play from the point in the track it had reached before the unit had inexplicably lost power!?  (*This was an interesting feature, as - surely - the 'switching off and on' of such a device should have resulted in the CD running to a neutral position, awaiting the 'play' button / switch to be pressed again!?  This had also been reported to the group when we investigated the Starting Gate public house in Walsall and the bar room CD player had been witnessed acting in the same matter).      

A next door neighbour happened to drop in one morning and reported having seen a mysterious figure pass the hallway door.  As she looked up at the form, the family dog apparently looked up too..... staring at the same spot!?  The father of the household said that he too had seen this type of thing previously, while seated in the living room, with the hallway lamp on.  In these instances, the 'form' was usually seen through the frosted glass panels of the living room door. 

We were told that events at the property seemed to occur in spates (which is an all-too familiar aspect of haunting activity in this type of scenario).  As in a lot of similar situations, the vicar who came to bless the property did little to put the minds of the family concerned at ease and proceeded in talking about 'trapped souls', 'parallel dimensions' and instances of 'time intersecting'!?!  Laugh!!  What is of great, personal interest regarding this overall matter is the suggested 'cause' of the haunting activity, which - in this case - turns out to be a 'dog', a 'conifer' and some 'garden rockery'!?  Psychologically speaking, in an endeavour to 'lay blame' for such activity, as usually occurs in these instances, it has frequently been recorded that the strangest of reasons can be ascribed for 'spooky' events developing.  In this instance, it was suggested by family members that their pet dog had 'killed a conifer' in the garden by urinating on it - it was apparently the animals favourite spot to 'take a pee' - and this had subsequently enraged the spirits of the previous family to live in the property and who had apparently planted the tree concerned.  (Sadly, all of the people concerned were known to have passed away, it seems: mother, father and son).  Furthermore - related to the seeming, 'second spate' of activity - a rockery also erected by the family concerned was demolished and removed to make way for the extension to the rear of the house that was being built.  Again, the move, it was suggested, had basically enraged the deceased family and led to events escalating once again.....              

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