Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tues. 12th August 2014

Going back some time to June 2009, we made a post on this blog concerning a 'lost' photograph that allegedly showed some form of 'ghostly activity' on the Chapter House Stairs in Wells Cathedral, Somerset.  The picture was apparently taken in 1954 and, it seems, has never been widely publicised or published in any way......  As it stands, there is no indication as to where the image - if it does still exist, of course- is held or housed today......?  (LINK to original post).   

As a result of the piece, we initially received a single reply in reference to the photograph from an anonymous poster (left in March 2013):

"This photograph exists. Bob Hardy was a housemaster at Edgeborough School, Frensham, and it was a right of passage for all 6th formers to see the photograph.  Bob Hardy was a very sincere and forthright individual. There is no doubt he believed the photo to be genuine. I have no idea what became of the photo - I left the school in 1973"..........

Sadly, we have never been able to find any further information at all on this intriguing picture..... though the initial post on the subject has just merited a fascinating correspondence from William Bickerton-Hudson, who informed us of an experience that he'd had in the grounds of the Cathedral many years ago:

 "Hi, I found your thread whilst searching, once again, for any corroborative information I can find on reports of supernatural events, or ghostly figures in, or around Wells Cathedral in Somerset. Remarkably, there are few! Whilst I have experienced several, indeed quite a few phenomena in my time, none have been quite so explicit and clear to my mind as the experience I had whilst enjoying a Bright Spring day in the grounds behind Wells Cathedral some decades ago. I can remember many of the details, the experience was very lucid. It was during April (possibly the 22nd, but if I were to research other personal events of that day, I could verify the exact date - around mid-morning to early lunchtime) 1987. At a distance of no further than 50-100 metres away, a white figure appeared. I knew immediately that it was a ghostly apparition, but I felt no fear. I sensed more than saw that she was female and again, I sensed more than saw, she was dressed in flowing robes. She was walking a little less than 2-3 feet above the ground, and her appearance led me to believe her dress was very ornate. We would describe it as 'lace', but I did not sense that material, just a delicacy and lightness. She was there, and I watched her pass for maybe 3-4 seconds. Enough time for my mind to register what I was seeing. Then she was gone. As I mentioned, I felt no sense of fear. I just felt I had been in the presence of somebody very beautiful, placid and regally grand. I am glad to have found somewhere relevant to share the experience. I have talked about this vision with friends on numerous occasions, but I have never taken the opportunity to write it down, thanks for the opportunity!

I was glad to be able to relate it in a relevant place. Unfortunately, I live some distance from Wells, so am unable to frequent where this took place, and not being a motor-owner means visiting is a little difficult and time-consuming. If it helps at all with your research, here is a google map image with the approximate area circled: (LINK)"

It goes without saying that we are greatly indebted to Mr Bickerton-Hudson for taking the time to share his encounter with us in such detail.  Also - needless to say - all parties involved in the matter are hoping that this fresh information might well generate further responses on this intriguing subject!? 

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