Sunday, 14 September 2014

September 14th 2014

Members of the WMGC have recently been corresponding with someone who believes that they may have had a run-in with the ghost of a murdered constable - one P.C. Davies - who was killed near Beoley, Worcestershire, while walking his beat one night in 1885. Since the tragedy, stories concerning the figure of a ghostly policeman being seen have 'haunted' the area...... becoming an aspect of popular ghostlore in the region.  While the story was generally known to group members for some time already, the club became actively interested in the matter when the subject was mentioned in a BBC documentary - entitled 'Ghosts' - that we took part in some years ago.  (Around 2000).
Having recently felt inspired to look into the topic again, we did discover someone who believed that they had possibly experienced the legendary apparition for themselves in recent years and began speaking with them on the subject. The gentleman concerned informed us that he and his wife were walking home from the village pub one night - they'd had a drink, but were not at all drunk!! - when they saw a figure in what appeared to be a long, cape-style coat and some form of tall hat....... The figure was visible through a break in a hedge and standing - absolutely stock-still - some 50 meters away. While they said they couldn't actually see its face, they had the distinct impression that it was looking straight at them!? They stood and stared at the form for perhaps 10 seconds when they became a little unnerved and decided to walk on........ The next day, they went back to the spot and checked the field over, but could find nothing untoward to account for their encounter!?

It was only later that - checking the history of the region - they discovered data on the slaying of the unfortunate PC Davies and wondered whether they may have had a sighting of the infamous ghost, perhaps?  Needless to say, the W.M.G.C. would very much like to hear from anyone who may have further data on this fascinating subject......!?

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