Friday, 26 September 2014

Sutton Park Visit

Friday September 26th 2014

Last Friday evening - September 19th - members of the West Midlands Ghost Club paid a return visit to one of their favourite places for a night-time ramble.......  Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield.

The area under specific scrutiny is a section of the park that houses a number of alleged hauntings and peculiar features.  In years gone by, the figure of a typical 'highwayman-style-figure' has been spotted riding across the scrub-land thereabouts..... both in broad daylight and at dusk.  Local legend has it that notorious highway robber, Tom King, frequented the region in his heyday..... this folklore being stretched beyond all credibility with rumours of him having supposedly been 'burned to death' within the confines of the park......!?!    

A few years ago, we were informed by an elderly gentleman that he had once seen what he took to be a phantom contingent of riders while passing along the section of Roman Road that cuts through this same section of the parkland.  It had been a terribly rainy day and he and a group of other riders had passed close by to a group of silent horsemen coming in the opposite direction.......  He had called out and waved to the other group and, on having passed them, happened to look back along the track......... only to find that they had totally disappeared, with nowhere to have gone!?!

Only a hundred or so yards from the stretch of Roman Road is another ancient site known as 'Rowtons Well'......  This circular feature is also said to probably be Roman in origin and was once used for healing purposes by the local populace.  A member of the WMGC Facebook page (LINK) has recently mentioned that he recalls having seen signs of 'occult' related practices near the well in his youth, in the form of burned out candles and other paraphernalia!?

Moving slightly 'inland' from the region concerned, there are stories of a 'woman in white' being seen traversing some of the forested trackways around the 1950's.  Tales of a ghostly woman being seen in the vicinity endured into the 1970's, but appear to have faded significantly from local lore in recent decades........ 

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