Thursday, 2 October 2014

October 2nd 2014

'Black Eyed Bullsh*t!!!!'

Well - it certainly seems to appear that the latest 'ridiculous fad' has now hit the paranormal field in the guise of the so-called 'Black Eyed Children'.....!!!

My own, personal introduction to this subject came within the last year..... and I can only STRESS that - after running a paranormal research concern for 25 years this Summer - this was the very FIRST time that I had heard of such a motif in this particular context!! 

In short, I had been in the process of checking out a blog associated with a local publication when - viewing the related comments - I saw a perplexing note concerning this subject.  As a result of seeing this comment, I had basically said: 'You're American, aren't you.... as most of these daft ideas do seem to start in the U.S....?'  As it turns out, my comment was immediately 'declined' by the blog in question, while the puzzling and unproven B.E.C. theorising remained, of course.

And in stating the above, I have to also stress that I honestly wasn't intending to sound blatantly 'abusive' and just appear to be having a foundationless 'crack' at America in general;  I was simply calling to mind and reflecting on 'historical' and 'proven' trends in the paranormal mythos when it comes to geographical relationships and so forth.  In my defence, should such reasoning have originated anywhere else, I would - of course - have illustrated the matter accordingly.  However, it is a plain and undeniable truth that, looking back at the history of ghostlore - and especially more recent history - a number of whacky, new trends that have inexplicably and suddenly 'appeared' in the lore surrounding this subject can pretty much be traced straight back to professed researchers in the U.S!!

I guess it could be said that a lot of this type of notion (where paranormal subjects are concerned) began in post war America, with the advent of the Cold War and initially began manifesting through UFO related subjects....... something that gave an incredible amount of scope for manifestations of a nations paranoia and so forth.  Whatever the core reasons for these leanings, there is a clear tendency to try and 'pigeon-hole' completely unrelated and traditional motifs into something they aren't..... i.e. usually some purposefully organised, conspiratorial army of preternatural enemies, who are 'out to get the human race' in completely sinister and obscure ways, etc...?!   To illustrate these trends just take a look at the rise in the belief of 'ghosts as demonic entities' of the past couple of decades, or - even more perfect and recent an example - the utterly ridiculous 'Shadow People' craze!! 

Again, it is absolutely undeniable that, once expounded, these foundationless notions - like some ridiculous disease - will inexorably spread into the paranormal culture around the globe and soon become firmly rooted in the minds of the 'silly element' (the ruling figures in UK paranormal circles, especially, it has to be said!) and then develop an existence of their own from then on....

As always, these developing 'spooky threats' will invariably take hold in a culture that is mainly populated (these days, at least) by the more hysterically motivated and drama-seeking among us.  Long gone are the times when amateur 'ghost hunters' were happy dealing with the more genteel and traditional motifs in research / ghostlore and a new breed of 'hysterical enthusiast' has now appeared, with their apparent need to keep striving for high-drama and frenzied effect all the while......  Cutting an already long story short - these so-called 'Black Eyed Children' are not a paranormal phenomenon..... they are simply a 'sign of the times' in a subject that is mainly now populated by imbeciles with an overwhelming 'need for drama'...  An unfathomable and non-quantifiable subject like the paranormal perfectly supplies the idiot element with the 'clay to create' whatever scenario they like, of course - completely and constantly to the detriment of the subject itself!?!

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