Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October 8th 2014

On September the 14th, we made a small post on this blog concerning an alleged photograph of the 'Grey Lady Of Dudley Castle', which had been recently published on the official Castle website.  Our attention was drawn to this (at this point in time) little known matter by our good friend Helen Branson, as an item of passing interest.

After speaking with our mate - Birmingham Mail reporter Mike Lockley - on Monday (Oct. 6th) about a completely unrelated matter, he subsequently took a look at this blog and expressed an interest in the photograph (shown above).  As we had only posted the matter up as a snippet of local interest, we were thus unable to reveal much on the subject in question.........

Group members were aware of the fact that Mike had actually run a piece on the matter for the Monday night edition of the newspaper (see HERE).... and received a further call from him on Tuesday morning, revealing to us that the story had apparently (in his words) 'gone National!'  A subsequent search of the net revealed that the piece had apparently been picked up by numerous news sources around the globe, including the Italian 'Il Tempo' newspaper, the 'New York Daily News', 'New Tang Dynasty Television' in Canada, The Scottish Daily Record and ITVUK newspapers carrying the story in the last 24 hours include The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Express, The Daily Star (see HERE) and The Independent.

Mike also ran a further piece on the matter in the Birmingham Mail, which can be viewed HERE.  Congratulations Mr Lockley..... when it comes to potential newsworthy stories, you can certainly pick them matey!!   

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