Wednesday, 24 December 2014

December 24th 2014

Wishing all of our visitors and friends a very 'Merry Christmas' and a prosperous 2015!!!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

December 20th 2014

Just a brief note to draw visitors attention to the page of a good friend of ours, Stuart Allen, who is currently one of our most vigorous and enthusiastic posters on the W.M.G.C. Facebook page...... 

Of his web site, Stuart told us:  "I created the page back in 2007 to help people to generally understand more about the paranormal...... plus, with there been a good few pages covering different topics, any visitors will also be able to have a good read....!'

For anyone wishing to share links with Stuart, his banner and associated html code can be found at the bottom of the HOME page.

Friday, 12 December 2014

December 12th 2014

This post and the next are two published pieces - based on spooky experiences at Great Barr Hall - written by an absolutely lovely gentleman, the Willenhall based solicitor, Ian Henery.

Ian first contacted us, out of the blue, following our recent article in the Walsall Advertiser, just after Halloween, and - by all intent and purpose - would appear to have kindly 'adopted' the West Mids Ghost Club, given all of the kindness and help - absolutely unmerited, we hasten to add - that he has generously bestowed on us since that first contact!! 

We have to say that no other person has ever gone to the lengths to generally 'help the club out' as Ian has recently done...... something that we simply can't thank him enough for!!

With regards to the poems, Ian says:

"The last time I went there was with a friend at night time. We had both been working with a firm of Architects. On our way back to the car park we heard a bell ringing out from the Hall itself as if a matron was ringing the bell to announce that visiting time was over. It was Sunday evening approx. 8.30pm. We were crossing the little bridge that led back up the road. There was no one else about and the geography of the place is a bowl amongst low wooded hills. The night was still and quiet but that bell sure rang out from the Hall.

There was then the unmistakable sound of feet following us off the bridge (as if escorting us off the premises) and when we turned round - nothing. The footsteps were right behind us. We decided not to challenge whoever or whatever it was and to simply leave. 

We saw nothing ethereal. We felt nothing spooky - but we both heard a bell and footsteps behind us. There was no guard on duty that night". 

Girl on the Stepping Stones
(Great Barr Hall)

A pale winter light filled December sky,
Mature trees surround banks of the twin lakes
On Great Barr Hall Park, where my heart breaks.
I hear your laughter, caught upon my sigh,
See once again the twinkle of your brown eyes
And then remember you have been a dream,
A whispered breath, a leaf upon a stream,
Where winged hopes took flight and learned to fly.

I see you now, dancing on stepping stones
Between the two lakes, over the waterfall,
Moorings near for fishing at Great Barr Hall.
A ghostly chill and wind begins to moan,
Daylight fades, frost comes, the earth like cold bone.
A fantasy at the end of the year,
A disillusioned man with unseen tears,
Fallen far from grace, bereft and alone.

2nd January 2014, Ian Henery

December 12th 2014

2nd poem by Ian Henery...... again, based on Great Barr Hall and surrounding environs: 

Laughter in the Woods 
(Great Barr Hall)

Hear that? Laughter at the turn of the year,
Its coming from the site of Great Barr Hall;
No vixen bark and its no barn owl call,
Laughter in the woods with nothing to fear.
Bones of the Hall are seen when moon is clear,
a laugh and a girl skips across the lake:
You want to reach out, doubt lets the heart break
But the moment is gone and disappears.

In December air, laughter in the woods,
Carried across parkland as the year turns;
A soul rejoicing, their merriment burns,
A heart that still beats but devoid of blood.
Dare you confess or be misunderstood,
The face revealed, the spirit watched at play,
Tracing footsteps through haunts of yesterday,
A shadow glimpsed before its gone for good.

3rd January 2014, Ian Henery