Friday, 12 December 2014

December 12th 2014

2nd poem by Ian Henery...... again, based on Great Barr Hall and surrounding environs: 

Laughter in the Woods 
(Great Barr Hall)

Hear that? Laughter at the turn of the year,
Its coming from the site of Great Barr Hall;
No vixen bark and its no barn owl call,
Laughter in the woods with nothing to fear.
Bones of the Hall are seen when moon is clear,
a laugh and a girl skips across the lake:
You want to reach out, doubt lets the heart break
But the moment is gone and disappears.

In December air, laughter in the woods,
Carried across parkland as the year turns;
A soul rejoicing, their merriment burns,
A heart that still beats but devoid of blood.
Dare you confess or be misunderstood,
The face revealed, the spirit watched at play,
Tracing footsteps through haunts of yesterday,
A shadow glimpsed before its gone for good.

3rd January 2014, Ian Henery

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