Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April 8th 2015

W.M.G.C. member, John Conway, recently received a spooky story concerning a particular property that he happens to be very well acquainted with....... 

The correspondent concerned told him that, while working in a particular part of the site involved, they always had the sensation of being watched....  One day, however, they actually saw the figure of an elderly gentleman sitting in a chair and leaning on his walking stick.  Upon later speaking with a colleague, they explained what had occurred and  the friend produced a photograph which showed the very man that she had seen!  Apparently, the man was a past resident of the site and - even more incredibly - it transpired that he was also once the owner of the house that the witness was currently living in!!

After this initial sighting, he was seen numerous times in the same position and a friendly presence could always be detected there.  She says that she often spoke to the man, but he never once replied.....

No one else ever reported having seen the man, but other peculiar happenings were said to have occurred at the property.  Other staff members frequently seemed disturbed by these incidents, but she never, personally felt scared.  Our correspondent believed that he had shown himself to her because of their property / house connection.... and she believed she often felt his presence in her home.     

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