Thursday, 9 April 2015

April 9th 2015

Another fascinating account received by John Conway in recent days concerns the Great Barr area, in Walsall - a region of great interest to the group for many years now!

The correspondent says that he and a friend were driving down a particular lane at approx. 10.30pm, a few weeks ago, when they both saw what they could only describe as a small, 'magic-carpet-like-object' - around a foot in length - float over the road, around 10 feet off the ground.....  As they watched, it  then disappeared into the trees and hedge rows.....

They described the item as 'misty white in appearance'.  The man concerned was so intrigued by his experience that he even looked around the region the next morning, in an endeavour to explain the incident.  However, there was nothing obvious to account for the sighting..... though he thought a rational explanation unlikely, as the object had simply 'vanished in front of them'!?  

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