Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tuesday April 7th 2015

Group Notices Update:

Since our last but one update, the West Midlands Ghost Club have been engaged in a number of research related activities.

*In early February, contact from a member of the public alerted our attention to the potential sighting of a 'road ghost' in a rural area, just outside Wolverhampton Borough.  The witness concerned was driving along a particular lane one evening, when what he describes as a 'shadowy figure' floated out into the middle of the road.....  He admits that he was travelling at sufficient speed as to be unable to stop in time and expected to 'make contact with' the form......  Instead, his vehicle 'passed through' the figure - with no sign or sound of impact at all - leaving him to carry on with his journey in something of a state of shock.

Reaching his destination, only some 5 or so minutes after the encounter, he sent a txt message to his wife saying (words to the effect): 'I think I've just driven through a ghost....!?' without, it should be stressed, mentioning 'where' this experience had occurred.  In response, his wife txt back:  'On XXX Lane!?', correctly identifying the location, without the slightest hint having being given by him to prompt her.......?

Understandably perturbed by this subsequent turn of events (on top of his actual sighting, of course!!) he later saw his wife and asked how she could have possibly known 'where' he'd experienced this strange figure!?  She reported that the lane concerned was 'notoriously haunted' by a particular, local figure..... and was well known in the locality.  While our witness hadn't ever heard of the matter before, the subject - he was told - sometimes came up in conversation at her (local) place of work!?!

The entire matter - considerably more convoluted that the scant detail hinted at here - is currently being thrown into article form, in an endeavour to hopefully get published locally and appeal for further information on the subject / location involved.........

*In late February, the Black Country Bugle newspaper carried a letter about a Sedgley ghost - known locally as 'Top Hat Tonka' - as related to the group by local resident (and friend to the club), John Witton.  The piece concerned can be seen at this 'LINK'

*In media and publication related news, it was noticed that the West Mids Ghost Club have recently received mentions in a couple of publications (completely unknown to us!).  In the introduction to 'Extreme Hauntings:  Britains Most Terrifying Ghosts' by Paul Adams and Eddie Brazil - pulp author, Guy N. Smith mentions the group in conjunction with our dealings of some years ago at Hopwas Woods, near Tamworth.  We have also, apparently received mentions in 'Paranormal Leicester', written by Stephen Butt (re. out Belgrave Hall investigation);  'The Most Mysterious Places on Earth', by Nick Redfern (in connection with the 'Cannock Chase Werewolf');  'The Little Book of Ghosts', by Paul Adams (Hopwas Wood again) and in 'The White Devil: The Werewolf in European Culture' by Matthew Beresford (re. 'Chase Werewolf' yet again).

*In other media related news, a recent appeal via the Freedom Of Information Act, aimed at paranormal matters within the West Midlands region, revealed another rash of peculiar incidents being reported to our local constabulary.....  A group member was contacted by our old friend, Birmingham based journalist, Mike Lockley, resulting in the story being carried to a number of National / International sources:  'The Mail' HERE and 'The Mirror' HERE    

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