Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday 31st July 2015

It's been a while since we added anything new to the blog, so we thought we'd make a fresh start today with an introduction to the works of our new friend - the author Peter Drake - who hails from Dudley in the Black Country.

Having studied History at Cambridge University, Peter tells us that he subsequently trained as a journalist for a while, but felt somewhat disillusioned with writing boring stories about nonsense every day.... Now, it seems, he prefers to write about 'paranormal nonsense' instead!!  Needless to say, this is absolutely fantastic as far as we're concerned and a number of his books - including his first work of 'paranormal fiction' - can currently be purchased through Amazon:

*  'Tales Of Ghostly Horror: Real-Life Encounters With The Supernatural' (Pic above - cover image).  A foray into frightening true accounts of poltergeists, apparitions and malevolent entities, through the exploration of some of England's most fearsome haunted locations.....  Purchase details HERE

*  'Tales of Occult Horror: Real-life Encounters with the Supernatural'.  A collection of thirteen true stories, casting a dazzling light upon the dark realms of witchcraft and the occult.  Read of frightening real-life encounters with apparitions, arcane magic, demons, poltergeists, and possessions.  Purchase details HERE   

*  'Team TIGER: Seekers of the Supernatural'.  Peters first work of fiction, which was released in May 2015.  The 'TIGER' of the title stands for: ''Terrific Investigations into Ghosts and Ethereal Realms'.... England’s self-proclaimed, greatest team of ghost-hunters!!  Peter tells us that this work is 'a darkly comic perspective on the world of paranormal investigation...' involving a  calamitous bunch of clairvoyants and crackpots, exploring innumerable haunted places in a search for the supernatural... treading a fine line between paranormal research and criminality!! They've faced spectres, demons and poltergeists; trying to stay classy... but always getting into trouble......!!   Purchase details HERE

Needless to say, we wish Peter every success with his future writing projects and - for those of us whose appetites have been whetted with his current works - it should be remembered that the much anticipated sequel to 'Team TIGER' - 'Ethereal Darkness' - is due out later this year!