Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tuesday 4th August 2015

Moving to more personal matters, where I'm concerned, It REALLY has been a peculiar week or so for me!  I cannot recall if the strange details concerning my previous, home address has been mentioned on this blog before, but I did write something about the topic some years ago and that was subsequently posted on the former W.M.G.C. web page.....

Anyhow - just as a quick recap:  I lived at my former home from approx. 1972 to 1997 or 98 and it was a most quiet and peaceful place throughout those 25 or so years.  As anyone who knows me will attest, my interest in the paranormal stems from an early age and it was while living at the house that the 'West Mids. Ghost Club' was founded in 1989.  Needless to say, both before and after this date, numerous 'ghost hunting' forays were made from this address and the subject of 'ghostly going on' was never far from my mind all the time I lived there....  

As far as 'potential paranormal activity' goes, the house itself was almost completely bereft of such effects.   We did have a couple of very small incidents happen there - which some people would probably regard as 'weird' - but, otherwise, there was nothing at all spooky about that house whatsoever, for the duration of my time there..... 

Imagine then, a few years after I left the house and moved to my current address, my amazement at learning - in phone call from a relative of the current resident - that the family concerned had apparently been suffering quite virulent 'ghostly activity' for the time that they had lived there!?  On top of this, it seems that the previous resident to them - who had supposedly moved in just after I'd moved out - was said to have 'fled the house in horror', not being able to put up with the uncanny happenings that they too been experiencing!  (They were said to have stayed there only 12 to 18 months or so).

It was at this point that I had written the piece for our website, as I had been so utterly and completely gob-smacked by the peculiar news.  The piece concerned - which I will post above this entry - is chock full of conjecture, on my part, and is pretty much 'completely erroneous' where such theorising is concerned, it seems!?  However, I'll leave that to interested parties to see for themselves - in light of what I will now mention here - rather than bother to go into any detail on the subject, etc.

Anyway - jumping forward to only a few days ago - I happened to receive a message from a woman who I'd contacted some time ago, via a social media site, about a haunting in the Black Country area.  She had  commented on the topic concerned - a haunted site that I'd looked into some years ago now - and I had then messaged her, asking for further information and so forth. 

As it turns out, the lady concerned didn't really recall anything further about the matter.... but had happened to see a comment I'd made, on an open page, elsewhere, mentioning my old home address.  (I hasten to quickly say here that my post had NOT been at all 'paranormal related' and was merely a social history comment).  She informed me that she had used to live in my former street too; in fact, family members of hers had lived in three properties in the road from around the 1930's to the late 60's!  (In fact, she was slightly wrong on the latter number, as some of her family still lived in the street after I'd moved in and were there till around the mid-70's, as it turned out).

Incredibly - out of the blue and with no coaxing at all - she suddenly comments that one of the houses concerned, where she herself had lived, was 'quite badly haunted'!!  Needless to say here - you can surely guess - the house involved was my old, home address.... and, of course, the very house I was told was haunted AFTER I moved out!?!  I am now faced with the knowledge that the alleged 'haunting' was present and occurring both BEFORE I moved in and AFTER I had moved out of the property!?!

In the days following this bizarre revelation, I have been speaking at length with the woman concerned AND three of her relatives who were also directly associated with the site.  The front bedroom, it seems - which was my own room from the mid-80's to when I left - is said to have been especially 'bad' for negative activity and severely disturbed a number of the children from the family who were put in there to sleep!  Such effects included 'Pinching' sensations and the sound of an old man gasping for breath.  Of course, I can only stress that - in my time in there - it was invariably as peaceful as peaceful can be!

Family members are also said to have 'seen' apparitions in and around the house:  an old man walking across the living room (thought to be a previous resident of the place, who was believed to have been reclusive) and 'something white' which fled past someone, standing on the rear step of the property, and vanishing through a nearby fence.....

It should go without saying that I am desperately trying my best to get as much data as I can on the subject and conversation on the general topic is still ongoing, with further comment from other family members now being offered.  While a rather convoluted and 'grey' subject - time itself is seldom an ally in this type of scenario - I sincerely hope that some potential conclusions may soon be drawn from this most peculiar subject......?

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