Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tuesday September 1st 2015

This afternoon, a member of the West Midlands Ghost Club briefly appeared on the Mollie Green Show, on BBC Radio WM, to comment on two 'local' matters that have - within the past few days - now apparently become topics of National, media interest.....  

Sadly, as with most of these stories, this type of coverage / emphasis does nothing at all to represent the general subject is a positive or serious light...... but, unfortunately, this IS just the type of subject matter that the media currently seems to thrive on and loves to cover.... 

The first matter concerns the alleged 'moving puppet' footage that has apparently become something of a 'phenomenon' in the last week or so online.  As mentioned in the recent Radio WM broadcast, the type of 'phenomenon' being portrayed in this piece is absolute, pure bull****; the type of alleged 'activity' that has become fairly popular with the drama / hysteria seekers in the field and a clear aspect of Hollywood horror movies, rather than anything based in the realm of genuine paranormal activity and ghostlore.......  In short - we've already given this topic more coverage and thought than it - or its dodgy, attention-seeking protagonists - deserve!!!  For anyone who would like to see more on the topic, however, this is how the Express and Star recently reported on the subject HERE

The second, more recent item, concerns the premises of a 'scrap metal' firm - based in Aston Birmingham - which apparently has it's 'burly staff members' working on tenterhooks because of reported, ghostly activity there!?!  As with the bulk of these cases, there are frequently two or more sides to the subject...... primarily the 'case' itself and details surrounding the professed haunting... and then - as this case so adequately shows - the (frequently) 'rubbish evidence' being proffered, which serves to bring the matter to the attention of the public and / or researchers alike....  In this particular instance the 'rubbish' concerned is a photograph of an alleged 'ghost face' which was recently snapped by someone working on publicity for the site.......  (*See photographs at head of this post).  The initial Birmingham Mail post concerning the matter can be viewed HERE     

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