Thursday, 22 December 2016

Thursday 22nd December 2016

Here's wishing a 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' and a very 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to all of our visitors, new and old...!!  However you intend to celebrate over the festive season, please do take care, stay safe, and we'll see you all in 2017.....!!!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday 19th December 2016

The W.M.G.C. were recently sent news of an absolutely fascinating account by someone who expressed an interest in possibly finding a 'plausible explanation' for something that they had experienced the previous day?  While the situation concerned couldn't really be construed as 'ghostly' in nature, it still presents us with an utterly bizarre - impossible? - scenario that, at face value, must surely fall into the 'paranormal' bracket....!?

And so, without further ado.....

On a visit to town, our correspondent had parked their car.... finding a small gap between a lorry and a blue Clio.  Their car was facing the front of the lorry, with around 6 inches between them.  The lorry itself was the last in the line of parked vehicles, situated 'on' the corner... so the only thing behind it was space, the end of the kerb, and a turn into another road.  When they first parked, they had gone round to the front of the car to make sure that there would be enough space for them to 'get out' afterwards.  In the process of checking, they looked up at the lorry cabin, noticing that there was a black curtain and blue pendant hanging in the window. 

Approximately halfway through their shopping trip, they came back to the car to put bags, just amassed during their visit, in the boot ...  They report that there was nothing 'untoward' about the general scene at this point in time.  They simply put the bags in the boot and went back into town.

After spending about an hour with further shopping, they returned to the car once more and discovered..... a silver, Mini Cooper in the spot where their car had been!?  It was facing the lorry - as their car had been - situated six inches from the lorry.... as their car had been!!  Their car was now parked BEHIND the Mini Cooper... with the Clio still situated directly behind it, as it had been when they'd parked up.  The lorry was still in the exact, same position it had been all morning......

Our confidant admitted that they had been pondering the matter all day long, afterwards.... finding nothing that logically explains the situation?  They tell us that they had recently heard about a phenomenon called the 'Mandela Effect' and wondered if 'time' had possibly been altered somehow, somewhere.....!?  In driving home after the event - with this' effect' in mind - they had pondered over:  'What if I get home and the lounge has completely different furniture?  My family members have changed.... and we have a pet dog instead of a rabbit??!!  Now I am the most rational and logical person you could ever meet; intuitive and analytical... but this experience will never be explained!?  Funny thing is, I'm not scared by it... just bemused and, in a funny way, think it's kind-of cool!!  The truth is definitely out there, but I don't think I'll reach it on this one.....!!"

Needless to say - we're utterly befuddled by the experience above and wonder whether any of our visitors might be able to shed some light on such a scenario at all? 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday 4th December 2016

Following a recent appeal for 'local' ghost stories, we were kindly sent an account concerning a 'poltergeist-like-effect' in the Black Country region.  Our correspondent has  kindly given us permission to repeat the details here, on the blog....

The matter concerned happened over the space of a number of years in a house that the family concerned moved into in 1949.  At the time, our confidant was 7 years old and moved into the property with their mother and father, 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. 

As far as 'activity' is concerned, it appeared to start with the sound of banging coming from the attic area that used to wake the two brothers up during the night.  They were apparently told to go into the attic and find out what the cause could be.... perhaps something as innocent as a bird, a stray cat, or maybe a rat?  They were - of course - scared by the prospects of such an investigation, but, together, they went into the space concerned.  It was pitch black - no light whatsoever in there - but  they both came tumbling back out, reporting that they could find nothing at all to account for the sounds!? 

Only a few weeks after this, the bedroom doors in the property were seemingly being 'banged on'.... so the family members, logically, all began blaming one another... thinking it must surely be some form of joke being played? 

However, this particular 'effect' eventually went on for some years.......  

Family members would sometimes see black shadows running along the hall of the house - though this seems to have been the only 'visual' activity reported in the entire case.  The two brothers went into the army and the activity seemed to get worse.  The bedroom doors were now being opened;  it was a cold house, so they were always kept shut at night!  The mother of the family was so scared, she would put a brick behind her door at night... but, the next day, the brick had been moved... along with the door! 

Our correspondent tells us that she would hear heavy feet at night, walking into her bedroom and stopping by her pillow.  She asked her father if he had perhaps been in the bedroom, but he had said 'no'.  The brothers eventually came out of the army, but then left home to get married.  With the father having recently passed away, this now left the mother, and three sisters in the property.  

At this point things are said to have started 'going crazy' in the house.  Someone was heard walking upstairs - heavy foot steps - and our confidant would get so mad at the sounds, because her mother was so afraid to stay in the house on her own!  She would run up the stairs shouting, always looking to find someone to blame for the happenings, but there never was anyone there!!  At night, the mother started to put her dressing table behind the door to her bedroom and had one of the younger sister staying in there with her.  A mass of different activity occurred over the space of some weeks:  banging on doors, doors opening, etc:  it was a most scary time for all of the remaining witnesses!  Eventually, the mother became too afraid to go to sleep upstairs and actually began sleeping in a chair for years!

Towards the end of the occupancy of the house, there was only our correspondent and her mother still living at the property.  This carried on until the former eventually got married and moved out.  The mother said that she could not possibly stay there any more, so, in 1963, she also moved out and went to live as a house keeper for a friend. 

Apparently, the house in question is still there.... not at all far from where the W.M.G.C. is currently based.  Our confidant tells us that she has not been back to the site since, as she can't bring herself to return and have a look at the house.... She is too scared!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Almost 20 years ago now, a West Midlands household hit the National press with tales of 'ghostly goings on' in their, otherwise typical, Council home.  It seems that the 'activity' concerned had initially started up some 5 or 6 months before media sources caught on to the story;  that, in itself, something of a mistake, following the head of the household contacting a member of the local press - asking if they might suggest someone to help - and the reporter concerned allegedly 'ran an article' on the matter without permission!?  (*The W.M.G.C. have also had this happen on a couple of occasions at least in the past, it has to be mentioned).  In this instance, the 'interest' generated numerous press-related responses, TV requests and 'glossy' magazine appeals, etc.

Initial activity at the house - beginning in the July of the year in question, without any obvious stimuli(?) - seemed typically 'poltergeist' in fashion, consisting mainly of the, sometimes 'threatening', movement of objects, inexplicable messages being left and so on.  In this particular case, events only really seemed to happen at night - seldom during the day - and ONLY occurred when the family head was around.  Phenomena apparently travelled to the homes of other family members if he visited and mainly seems to have been restricted to the downstairs portion of their house....

Coincidentally - some 5 months after the activity began - an Aunt of the family involved saw one of our appeals in the local press for 'ghostly experiences' and the like and passed our contact details on.  We received a phone call from the family, who filled us in on some of their experiences....

With regards to the movement of objects, it seems that - as in a lot of such cases - certain items seemed infinitely more 'popular' than others.  In this case, one particular knife seemed a VERY active item indeed and was said to have always 'found its way out of places' where it had been purposefully hidden!  Somewhat worryingly, this knife was sometimes discovered sticking out of a wall, or kitchen cupboard door on occasion!  Other objects had regularly been found moved, smashed and stacked up in piles around the home.  Paintings fell off walls, scissors, remote controls and other utensils thrown around..... and a spoon hit a family member hard in the shoulder!!

Quite typically, for some cases, 'strange messages' are said to have been left around the house at times, being discovered on mirrors and walls.  The name of the family head had been discovered, written in washing up liquid in the bath!  A visitor to the house has apparently left a piece of paper lying around and 'something' had 'written on it', while they weren't looking....!!

We were told that NUMEROUS sources had been approached for help with the matter.... everything from the local Council, to the clergy.  The former had been asked for somewhere else to stay, until the problem could be sorted out..... so the family sought alternative intervention.  A variety of local churches were called upon; self-styled 'exorcists' spoken to... and even the Mormons were asked for help!  (The latter are said to have 'chanted' and just made the matter even worse!!)  One local clergyman, who visited the property, advised the family to leave their home and no go back....      

Intervention from psychic / mediumistic types suggested that the culprit for these goings-on was a relative of the head of the family, called 'Thomas', who had only recently died....  Typically - and perhaps quite conveniently - it was suggested by the same sources that 'Thomas' was, unfortunately, a completely 'unknown' relative to the household head....!!  ('Thomas' was apparently identified as the 'haunting element' by two, separate, psychic sources..... though, of course, the 2nd may well have been aware of what the previous one had suggested!?  It was stated that the 2nd had basically 'confirmed' that the entity was 'Thomas'!?)  The second psychic, using a pendulum, is said to have openly asked 'Thomas' if he would be willing to 'go away' and leave the family in peace..... but the response was a resounding 'NO!'  The pendulum used apparently 'went absolutely wild' in the process!

This latter, seemingly determined, standpoint was revised immediately afterwards, however, when - in the same conversation - the 'spirit' then decided that he would probably 'go away' if the family might learn a particular 'secret' about him and discuss the matter....!?  Needless to say, this kind of, wholly unreasonable, reasoning is quite typical of alleged 'conversations with spirit' at times!!  Thomas was seemingly unprepared to budge if this matter couldn't be settled as he'd asked.  (*It's often suggested by various sources that we should never really 'trust what a spirit might say', as they are frequently found to be 'liars'....  However, if they're not, it could be accurately said that they ARE often found to be a momentous 'pain in the backside' at the very least!?) 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Monday 14th November 2016

Around 2 years ago, an old school friend of mine happened to mention to me that he possibly had some 'strange goings-on' in a shop that he was running......  The property itself - which shall remain nameless - is situated in a bustling, 'Black Country' town; a reasonably old and historic building in a fairly old and historic section of the area concerned.....  The site has been quite dramatically altered (structurally), within the last decade or so, parts being rebuilt, replaced and so on..... though with original, wooden beams retained as a charming feature!! 

At the time that the matter was first mentioned, the friend had said that he and his partner were working late one evening, so the shop, window shutters were down and the light was off in the front of the premises.  They were working in the back of the shop and he was busy printing some documents related to an order that had to be filled out.  Several sheets had already been printed, when another came through... but stopped half way out.  The sheet was 'half blank', so he tried again and the printer just sent through a blank sheet in response...  He then turned everything off at the socket ('as you do', he says!!) and tried again with the same results!!  A 3rd attempt revealed exactly the same results!! 

It was at this precise point that his partner happened to look up and said: "Ive just seen a little boy in the shop.....!!" 

She described the figure as around 8 or 9 years old, with brown hair and wearing what she took to be 'Dickensian-style' dress!  At this point, the shop went icy cold and still!!

After composing themselves, his partner suggested 'trying the printer again'...... and it worked without problem!?  (My friend openly admits that he is 'pretty sceptical', when it comes to ghosts, but couldn't help 'feeling something' might have now been afoot....!?) 

At this point - understandably - curiosity 'took over' and he instantly 'put the laptop on' and tried to find out something on the general history of the place....!?  Ironically, he found himself thwarted in this task, as a site which apparently contained data on the region returned only 'smiley-face' emoticons when he clicked on images supposedly corresponding to the area of the shop!?! 

Finally - because they'd worked so late - they decided to visit a local 'chippy' for their tea, and, while there, they became engaged in conversation with the woman behind the counter.  The woman said that she'd 'seen them working late' and my friends partner admitted that they just happened to have had something of a  'strange occurrence' while doing so!!  Before any more could be said, however, the woman interrupted with the query:  "Oh - so you've seen the little boy then!?'

It transpires that the woman used to work in another shop on the site and said there was -  regularly, it seems - the ghost of a boy in there... 'causing mischief'!! 

My friend had contacted me on the matter the following day.....

It seems that, two years further on  - coming back to the present - 'strange things' are STILL occurring at the shop....  It is reported that sensations of clothing being 'tugged', shoulders being 'tapped' and objects generally 'going missing' - then reappearing again, in plain site - are relatively common happenings!  Normally, most reliable, equipment is said to sporadically 'malfunction'... mostly, for whatever reason, on Thursdays, it has been noticed!?  

The business concerned has been run from the property for some 3 or so years now and the wife and daughter of the family had always suspected that 'something' was 'in the premises' -  tugging at or touching them - prior to the aforementioned events of 2 years ago.   More recently, my friend mentioned that he was in the back of the shop working one day, while his partner was in the front, talking to a customer.  While going about his business, he had glanced towards the front.... and believes he, fleetingly, saw a young boy moving around on the shop floor.....   His partner then called through regarding a job inquiry and - now seeing NO small boy running about - he asked where the lad had gone!?  Apparently, there was no boy there!! 

Only a week or so ago, both were in the back of the premises and heard a 'clatter'....  When they went to investigate, it was found that a 'hook' had somehow fallen off some racking.... though this was deemed 'impossible', as they are firmly 'hooked in' and wont fall out, even if you physically 'bang' the display stand involved?  Even more recently, after the shop had closed, my friend was sitting in the premises, talking to a couple of friends....  He went to put the kettle on for some tea, and - when he returned - his acquaintances were both found to be in the process of 'looking around some boxes' on the shop floor.... When asked what was going on, they said they thought they had just heard something 'fall'...!?  He investigated and discovered yet another hook had fallen off the racking.  At the same time, one of his friends said they got the impression that 'someone had just run past him'!?!  

When I asked about the hooks and racking concerned, I was informed that the 'offending ones' had been in place for about a month - before starting to fall - but others had been hanging in place for as long as the shop had been open.......!?

Having had our interest in this matter re-kindled of late, a local historian (for the town) was approached on the subject and - when the address was mentioned - the authority concerned had blatantly said 'Haunted!!' before anything else could be described.....!?  In response to our puzzled looks, he explained that friends of his had once run a property in the row concerned and, in his words, they'd reported 'all sorts of strange happenings there!!'  The historian went on to say that they had related something about the 'murder of a woman' to him at the time..... a topic they claimed to have read about in an 'old' diary, some while earlier!?

In our own research into this latter-mentioned subject, it does indeed seem that there was a woman killed in the immediate area in the early-Victorian period; a fairly sordid killing, where she was discovered beaten - and her throat 'slit' - by an opportunist thief!!  (Who was soon caught and hanged for the crime!!) 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday 13th November 2016

An intriguing story reached the ears of the W.M.G.C. recently, when a good friend of the group told us that she had 'had a strange experience' while shopping in her home town (West Midlands region) with her mother....

She informs us that - feeling a little tired by their outing - they visited a local 'food court' and, after finding seats, our friend went to visit the nearby toilets.... finding the block to be completely empty as she entered.

After entering one of the cubicles, she says that she heard someone come into the toilets.... seemingly 'banging' all the doors and generally 'shuffling around'; a somewhat annoying 'display', given the simple act of 'going to the toilet' peaceably, involved... something everyone does on a daily basis!!

Exiting her cubicle again, and going to the sinks to wash her hands, our friend says she realised that the place had - seemingly - been empty all along.....!?  She then felt the hairs on the back of her neck 'prickle' and, in her peripheral vision - in the cubicle next to where she'd just been - she saw the figure of a woman wearing an old fashioned, 70's style, parka jacket...!!  Somewhat bizarrely, she couldn't see any legs to the figure.... she was just 'half' there!?!

She fully describes the woman she saw as having a lined, weathered face; a dark complexion... and seemed to have a lacy shawl or scarf placed over her head.  She appeared to be in the process of 'looking around' - very much as if she didn't know where she was....!?

This entire incident occurred in a matter of a few seconds, because, when she looked again, the figure was now completely gone!?  It was then that she suddenly felt a heavy, not-very-nice atmosphere - brooding, almost - and, in her own words, she 'got the hell out of there!'

Seating herself immediately afterwards and telling her mother what had just occurred, it was suggested to her that, maybe, recent / ongoing building work around the complex concerned may have somehow 'caused' the experience, perhaps?  Whatever this incident was, our friend tells us that - despite having had other paranormal experiences over the years - this was the first time she'd actually 'felt scared' or 'threatened' by (what she terms) a spirit.....

Only a matter of a couple of days after her encounter, she spoke to a close relative about the incident and was told that he recalled a terrible accident in the 70's, where an 'old lady' had possibly fainted and fallen into the path of an oncoming, speeding bus...  He believed that the vehicle may well have been said to have 'cut' the unfortunate woman 'in half'.....

Needless to say, this detail resonated with our friend, given that she had seen only 'half' of the figure in the toilets....!

In attempting to learn more of this matter - if at all possible - it was suggested that we advertise for information on the locality concerned.... and it wasn't long before a gentleman kindly came forward with some very interesting information.

Not only did the man concerned recall an accident with a bus at the spot in question..... but he actually 'witnessed' the incident at first-hand, as a school boy!!  He had been standing waiting for his mother at the time of the occurrence and places it at (around) the mid-1970's.

He had been standing around 15 yards in front of a small, elderly woman, when she was hit, full-on, by a bus and killed....  However, contrary to the reminiscence of our friends relative, the woman concerned wasn't 'cut in half' by the vehicle, but was knocked backwards, striking her head on the floor and seemingly dying almost instantly.  Another discrepancy to the main story related here is a description of the lady concerned, as the victim had been wearing a light, brown coat and had grey hair, clearly visible....  

Our confidant - understandably - says the tragedy was 'as plain as day' in his mind, even now.....

As mentioned numerous times in the past, the W.M.G.C. aren't known as particular advocates of the 'historic event / tragedy = ghostly remnant' equation, but it is interesting to note the general tone of the initial encounter, coupled with such a tragic happening on the same, general site!?  The more 'psychically-motivated' among us might, no doubt, suggest some form of 'confused' type of 'spiritual existence' being generated, in place - a direct result of the accident / instantaneous death - which would adequately negate any trifling details as discrepancies in clothing / appearance and so on....!?

Friday, 11 November 2016

Friday November 11th 2016

It's always brilliant to receive feedback on a subject that we've covered in the past - or, perhaps, further stories on a given topic, etc - and 'doubly so' when the information received happens to tie-in with a case that we're particularly passionate about......

With this in mind....  we have recently heard from a lady who tells us that, on reading certain information on our blog, thought that she might phone us to relate her own, personal experience on the matter in question.  As our more regular visitors will know, we have frequently posted details about the infamous 'ghost of Madam Pigott' - at Chetwynd, Shropshire - with this specific topic ranking as one of our most compelling inquiries to date....

The information so kindly related to us tonight reveals that the lady in question was driving to work some 10 years ago, along a route well-known in Madam Pigott lore.  It was a road that she had taken on a daily basis for some years, at this point in time, and she had never encountered anything of a 'strange' nature before, on this route.  However, on the day in question, she was driving along the completely open road - not a pedestrian or other vehicle in sight - when (in her words) it was as if a 'white night gown' were suddenly 'hovering' or 'floating' against the windscreen of the car!  Visibility was completely obscured by the 'item' (?) concerned and, in her estimate, this obstruction remained for some long seconds.....  At the point that the 'object' vanished, the woman had the distinct impression that a female figure was now situated next to her, in the passenger seat of the vehicle!  She describes the other woman as probably 30-something, with fairish skin and hair - and she appeared to be 'looking into' some form of receptacle.... akin to a basket, of some kind!?

This image only stayed briefly before vanishing and, thankfully, our confidant was able to carry on to work completely unharmed by her encounter.....

At this point in time, she tells us that she had not heard of the ghost of Madam Pigott, but - upon relating her experience to her family, later on - her daughter suggested that this may have been what she had encountered that morning!?    

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thursday November 3rd 2016

Yesterday, a 'talk' on the ghostlore of the Black Country was held at Willenhall Library (West Midlands), hosted by our old friend, Ian Bott.....  Ian is a well-known historian and author and is a regular on the regions 'talk circuit', having a considerable repertoire of historical lectures to draw upon.  Some of the talks he has given in more recent times also include 'Graveyards Of The Black Country', 'Black Country Murders', 'Our Lost Halls' and - since the release of his book on the subject - 'The Great Black Country Zeppelin Outrage' of 1916..... 

As always with Ians talks, the afternoon was a resounding success....  However, it was noted - by the W.M.G.C. member who attended the event - that Ian openly complained about a photograph of him that had been used on the advertising literature for the meeting.  This had to be deemed a little ironic, under the circumstances, as the image used was the intellectual property of the West Midlands Ghost Club and had first been used on this very blog some while ago.....!?!  It seems that the image must be the 'go to... and steal' photograph for anyone wishing to obtain a reasonable, ONLINE mug-shot of Ian for publicity purposes!!  Laugh!!      

Monday, 31 October 2016

Monday October 31st 2016

Whatever antics our visitors and friends might be 'getting up to' tonight..... here's hoping you all have a VERY happy and safe Halloween 2016....!!  Best wishes to everyone from the 'West Midlands Ghost Club'....!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Earlier this month, the little-known 'Back-To-Back Museum' in Birmingham hit local headlines when a photograph was taken inside the property, which - it is suggested - potentially contained a somewhat 'strange' detail......!?

Speaking directly with the visitor who took the photograph concerned - Ella Reeves, from Wolverhampton - we were told that she decided to visit the museum in early October.  The purpose for her visit was the simple fact that her grandfather - who passed away in his 90's, a couple of years ago - was raised in similar properties as a boy.... and she had basically wanted to see how he may have lived. 

Visitors to the National Trust site are conducted around the properties in guided tours and, on the day in question, Ella tells us that she was a member of a party of 8.  The bulk of the tour itself went without issue, eventually visiting the bedroom where the photograph in question was taken.  After hearing a description of the area concerned, the part began to move on, but Ella says that she had suddenly felt 'weird'.... tingly and cold!?

She admits she was only alone for a very brief time, but had her phone out and so snapped a photograph.  She hadn't seen anything with the naked eye at the time, but, later that day, on looking through the shots taken, she spied a strange 'shadow' on the wall in front of her!?  (*Image shown above is a completely unedited version of the photograph, as it appears on Ellas phone.  Needless to say, the image concerned appears here courtesy of Ella Reeve and remains her intellectual property).

As far as Ella is concerned, there was no one else in the room to be casting such a shadow in that particular position, as all other members of her party had vacated the area concerned by that time.  It is also very unlikely - if not impossible - for the shadow to be hers.... as it is clearly cast from a different direction entirely to where she was standing and Ella has long, straight hair, which was falling down over her shoulders that day.  (While the shadow clearly shows the shape of a head / neck / shoulders, etc).

When the photograph concerned shortly came to the attention of media / social networking sources, something of a 'meal' was made of the situation in different quarters.....!  The 'better' offering from the newspaper reports (the 'Express And Star') can be read via this LINK, and local radio also picked up on the story in the days that followed...... 

Sadly - and inevitably - some of the media sources concerned have seemingly misrepresented / misreported data mentioned by Miss Reeve.... the main point in question being the emphasis 'put on' her deceased grandfather, when it came to the image in question.  We are assured that at no point did Ella suggest / hope that the 'shadow' was the 'ghost of her grandfather', such notions being a result of 'spin' by the media sources concerned.....     

In studying the image concerned, also in conjunction with observations made by other parties, Ella admits that she is puzzled by the potential mechanics of the situation.  As a result, she plans to return to the site within the coming weeks and endeavour to 'put her mind to rest' on the situation, one way or another....?

Needless to say, we very much look forward to hearing from Ella again and shall - hopefully - be able to report on the matter here.  Our thanks go out to Miss Reeve for taking the time to speak with us so fully on the matter and sharing her images with us!   

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thursday 20th October 2016

'HANDS TO THE HOMELESS' is a West Midlands based, charity concern run by local 'ghost researcher' Tracie McMeekin - and friends - which is primarily aimed at helping the homeless, people on benefits and low-income families. 

Tracie explains:  "I was just fed up with seeing people 'throwing things away'.... when they could just as easily be used to help others!  We had covered the subject of 'women on the streets' and the simple fact that they were not allowed any extra money, once a month, for such basic staples as female, personal items.....  The venture just 'took off from there'!  I hate seeing anyone suffer when some have so much waste......"  

H.T.T.H. is a completely non-profit-making concern, with all proceeds going to the relevant causes via the Glebe Centre in Walsall, who work hard to look after people in need in the surrounding areas.

The official Facebook page for the charity can be accessed via this LINK

PLEASE take a few moments to visit the page mentioned above, where you can learn more about the stirling work that Tracie and Co. does, take part in raffles.... and generally purchase items from a truly VAST array of different gifts on offer!!  If you still have to buy for Christmas - or any other presents, for that matter - please - pleasantly surprise yourself - and make the page your first port of call!!  All items on offer are at ridiculously low prices, to boot!!   

If anyone has any items to donate to this most worthy cause, then Tracie is looking for such items as:  hats, gloves, scarves, coats, sleeping bags, boots, trainers - men's and ladies - small size undies, deodorants, ladies personal items and so on. 

Alternatively, if you have any items that you do not need - unwanted gift sets / presents, quality items of clothing, handbags, books, bric-a-brac, etc - anything that can be raffled or sold on, basically..... then PLEASE contact Tracie directly at:  

Needless to say, other donations such as food item - tins, packets and so forth, for the creation of much needed 'food parcels' - are also desperately needed! 

H.T.T.H. volunteers can collect donations, within a reasonable distance.  Please contact Tracie directly for advice on donations and so forth.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday October 14th 2016

Just a general re-cap of some of the projects that the W.M.G.C. have been donating a little time to recently and, as always, some of the more 'historic' cases from the region feature quite heavily in our research.....

*In one of our more recent dealings, a group member met with a (lovely) gentleman to speak to him concerning a 'strange experience' he'd had some 50 years ago, in an area local to the investigator concerned....

As a 17 yr old, the man had found himself missing the last bus back to his home to (reasonably distant) Birmingham and had - in desperation - chosen to 'doss down' in a derelict building that he'd spotted while walking back from his girlfriends house.  Selecting a moderately clean, upstairs room in the property to 'use' for the night, he'd pushed the door closed behind him and had situated himself in a corner of the room, hoping to get a 'decent nights kip'......

However, not long after seating himself, he'd heard what he describes as the noise of 'old hob-nailed boots' coming through the property and mounting the stairs! He said that the disturbing noise had paused briefly at the top of the staircase.... before starting again in the direction of the room he was sitting in!!  He admit that he was in a state of terror by this point in time, not at all helped by the fact that the door of the room was now slowly opening....

Thankfully, the door only moved some 8 inches or so, before there was a pause, followed by the clear sound of the foot-falls going back the way they had come.... down the stairs and back through the house!  He said that he had looked out of the window into the street below, but there was no sign of anyone, anywhere!? Within the space of 20 seconds, he had decided that enough was enough and he made his way downstairs and out of the property.....  We were told that he'd looked keenly around throughout this exit - as you would, needless to say - but there was no sign of anyone in the property at all.  Similarly, there was no one in the rear yard of the site (the way in and out of the house) and no sign of life anywhere surrounding the place as he went back onto the street...?

The man tell us - quite interestingly - that he simply has 'no idea whatsoever' as to what he actually did for the remainder of the night!?  He has no recollection of his actions or whereabouts after leaving the property involved!?  He personally puts this fugue-like state down to a matter of shock, brought on by his experience, but - of course - more pro-paranormal thinkers may suggest that something 'preternatural' could have adversely affected him immediately afterwards!?  Whatever the cause, the overall encounter has to be regarded as highly interesting to the W.M.G.C. as the area involved has a considerable number of entries in our local files, dating back over the space of some decades.......

*We've often said that there's nothing more rewarding than turning up something of potential, 'historical relevance', associated with an allegedly 'ghostly matter' and such research features quite heavily in another case that we'd been looking into of late. 

A few years ago, the name of a particular house was forwarded to the group, with the suggestion that the site concerned was haunted.... because of a murder that had taken place there some years ago!?  We had not previously heard of the place, but it was said that a man had murdered his wife there and passers-by had, apparently, seen 'ghostly activity' in the room concerned 'through' one of its windows...  While no actual description was given, it was suggested that what was being seen was some form of re-enactment of this crime, perhaps?  As a result, the particular window had been 'bricked up'.

Being only a rather brief reference, the details involved were added to our files and pretty much forgotten about.  However, in recently chasing up some information on a completely unrelated site, a W.M.G.C. researcher happened across a mention of the site again recently - purely by accident - and, with some time to spare, they thought they should just take a look into the 'murder' claim involved?

As it turns out - exactly the same with a lot of these cases - there was no historical reference found to a blatant 'murder'..... but there was an (albeit VERY suspicious sounding) 'accidental death' recorded at the site!?

It seems a young girl - visiting a friend, who was the daughter of the family living in the house - was 'accidentally' shot and killed by a son of the family!  Upon being questioned about the shooting - which he claimed was a matter of pure accident - the youth had been very sketchy indeed about what had occurred: initially saying he didn't fire a gun and actually lying about hearing 'another' shot in the area concerned; later claiming that the discharge of the weapon was purely accidental, but lying about the position he was standing in when the gun went off and so on.  Amazingly - given the lies and conflicting claims - the youth was eventually 'let off' with a 'ticking off'...... the inquest incredibly accepting that he had not acted in malice, but simply 'discharged the weapon' in error!?!

Of course, we hazard a guess that this ruling probably didn't go down well with a lot of people in the locality - not least members of the victims family and friends - and, most probably, this is where suggestions of 'murder' developed from and, eventually, came to enter local lore?  While the information above doesn't really prove anything concerning the alleged claims of paranormal activity at the site, it should be noted that we had subsequently been in touch with someone associated with the property and they helpfully tell us that no one associated with the site have ever noticed anything of significance to suggest a haunting there(?) 

*In a further, 'murder' related issue, we have recently been looking into a (fairly sordid), little killing that might well 'relate' to another, allegedly haunted, site in the West Mids. region?

The site in question has generated numerous reports of a 'female apparition' associated with it, over the years, though - strangely - nothing had ever been really suggested to account for such a haunting?  While numerous other tragedies - real AND imagined, it has to be said - have been put forward regarding the history of the place, no one ever seems to have come up with a story concerning this extremely well-known, female phantom!?  (*To immediately seem to contradict ourselves there... it should be mentioned that there WAS one story, suggested a few years ago, involving the alleged disappearance of a local woman and her baby.  However, exhaustive searches for information on this specific topic have invariably led to a complete blank!?  We can only assume at this juncture that there doesn't seem to be ANY documented evidence to support such a tale?)

Again, purely as a by-product of research into a completely unrelated issue, a group member happened to come across a mention of a, fairly horrific, murder in the general area involved, which was deemed perhaps worthy of noting down, considering the specific 'ghost' concerned? (*It should be highlighted here that, while the W.M.G.C. do not - not for a minute - subscribe to the ever popular 'Murder / Tragedy = Ghost' equation, we do, of course, keep all possible theories in mind, purely for the sake of simple objectivity in such cases).

The term 'sordid' was used above, in connection with the murder concerned, as the case in question was a simple / basic matter of a typical, Black Country 'drunk' violating and beating some unfortunate woman with whom he'd shared an evening of revelry, etc. As frequently happens, this ill-treatment resulted in the death of the woman concerned.... though, as with the previous case listed here, the man 'held' for the crime concerned was - finally and MOST surprisingly - cleared of all involvement in the matter!!

*A recent interview with a gentleman about an experience that they'd had in the mid 80's - as a child and in the company of a fellow witness - concerns the form of a man and dog being clearly seen passing over a railway bridge towards the observers concerned.  Despite only being a matter of a few yards distant, both figures were observed 'disappearing from sight' as the headlights of an approaching car hit them......!! 

In chasing up the location involved, we discovered that the bridge concerned was long gone..... the site being nothing but a stretch of completely flat, moderately busy, road nowadays.  While this stands as the only peculiar experience at the specific place concerned, it seems that, as with a number of cases we have covered, the general area in which this occurred has something of a 'history' for (albeit completely unrelated) 'ghostly encounters'!? 

*Another, fairly historic, local case came to our attention in recent weeks, which hails from the first quarter of the 20th Century....

This particular story was made all-the-more appealing to group members, because it contained details of one of our 'side' - or 'pet' - interests in this field: overly-tall apparitions!! (Of which there are a fair number in the West Midlands region, it seems!!) This example was seen by 7 people - over the space of a few days - and, despite being described as 'headless', it was STILL said to be around 7 feet tall!!

The first man who saw it supposedly tried to engage it in conversation..... but, in response, it apparently 'shrieked' at him and made attempts to 'keep up with him' as he desperately bicycled away!!  In a subsequent report, he said that he believed the figure to be 'female' - despite the lack of head - and describes it as being 'dressed in white'..... giving off a peculiar 'glow'!?

Only a few days later, a group of passing men saw a white clad, glowing figure at the exact, same spot..... this one seemingly 'floating' some 5 feet off the floor!!

Interestingly - coming back to 2008 - we were contacted by a taxi driver who said that he and his 'fare' had witnessed a 'cotton-wool-like form', some 3 feet high, glide across a lane, in front of his cab.....  This happened to occur very near to where this 'other', above mentioned, apparition was reported some century (give or take) earlier!?

Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday 18th July 2016
A peculiar image has recently reached the W.M.G.C., taken at a Midlands firm that has been on the site concerned for some 125 years.  There are, it seems, numerous 'strange' stories associated with the property, including 'man-like' shadows seen walking through the building.....

The photograph in question was taken from a shop floor at the firm, looking across at some disused and empty offices opposite.  Ironically, the photographer concerned tells us that he is soon to have to work in the offices involved..... an option that he is now NOT exactly thrilled by!!  Laugh!!

Monday 18th July 2016

A very interesting scenario has recently been brought to the attention of the W.M.G.C., via a post on our popular Facebook page.  The matter concerned involves a residential property in Suffolk, but the details mentioned here were deemed interesting / intriguing enough to be of general interest, despite the geographical distance (from the West Mids) concerned.

In brief:  The candle shown in the attached image was purchased at a 'Sainsburys' store and placed on the window sill of a small bathroom / toilet around 1 hour before being discovered in the condition shown.  It had not been lit and there were no other lit candles with it.  The room concerned had no heat sources in it - no radiators, etc - and was generally known to be a particularly cold area.  (One of the reasons for the candles being placed on the window ledge was that, when lit, they seemed to 'take the chill' out of the bathroom).  The only potential form of heat in the room - for the time that the candle had stood in this position - was via someone having taken a bath, followed by someone taking a shower.  It was following this that the candle was discovered in this condition.

As a result of the above, queries were recently raised with people involved in the candle manufacturing process - parties who basically 'have experience' with candles on a regular basis, etc - with a view to discovering what might have possibly caused this anomaly to occur 'naturally'...?  (We hasten to add, there is no 'blame-style-scenario' taking place here, purely a matter of being intrigued by the situation).

The response from the candle manufacturers / enthusiasts was mainly one of puzzlement and all admitted that they'd NEVER seen anything like this before, under the situations stipulated.  One said that it appeared that there 'should have been' some form of 'direct' heat-source involved to attain this effect.  Another suggested that perhaps the candle wax used had a very 'low' melting point and - maybe - the warmth generated by activities in the room had potentially caused it to react in this manner!?  However, having suggested this, they did say that they'd never personally seen this happen before.......

Quickly adding a new dimension to the overall scenario, it should be mentioned that the property concerned was believed to be the site of a degree of 'ghostly' activity by the family concerned.  It seems, from what has been mentioned, that the activity involved would clearly fall into the 'poltergeist-like' bracket.  In furtherance to the above mentioned 'candle' situation, it was reported to the group that residents in the house HAD, on occasion, entered the bathroom involved to actually find candles on the window sill 'alight'....... but not having been lit by anyone in the household....!!  This situation was deemed worrying enough to merit having all of the possible ignition sources removed from the house after a point - lighters, matches, etc - but the candles continued to be found alight, non-the-less!? 

What is of considerable interest in the latter situation is the fact that it was mentioned that none of the candles found burning 'appeared to have been alight for long'..... as indicated by the general state of the candles; the liquid wax present at the time they were found and so on.  Noting certain features in other, so-called, 'poltergeist cases', it could be theorised that there was a reason for this:  in most cases where 'fires' have featured in cases of alleged haunting, it has been frequently found that the fires concerned were 'discovered' at a point before they were of a magnitude that they could cause any REAL harm!?  Many, needless to say, would regard this as a simple matter of 'good fortune', while others have suggested that this is potentially down to the very 'nature' of this form of haunting:  an example of potential 'threat', rather than blatant 'damage' or 'evil doing', etc!?      

As always, any comments on the subject concerned would, of course, be most appreciated indeed.....

Monday, 27 June 2016

Monday 27th June 2016 

Reasonably long-standing visitors to this page may well recall our mention of the allegedly haunted, 'hair salon' - in the Northfield region of Birmingham - that we became involved with in 2013.....  Our subsequent dealings with the site resulted in a number of visits and an article on the matter, which appeared in the 'Birmingham Mail', at the time of our initial interest (HERE).

Well - after a slight lapse in communications with the shop, we have recently been contacted by the owners once more, who have informed us that activity has apparently 'begun again' after a break of some time......!?  As the W.M.G.C. have been greatly 'stepping back' from the active-investigation side of the subject for a while now, it was suggested (by us) that our old friend John Chance (of Wednesbury) and his paranormal team - 'Ghostcallers UK' - might be interested in 'taking over things', perhaps......!?

At the time that we first had dealings with the site in question, it was stressed to us that they wouldn't be interested in allowing any other groups to investigate their premises, but - under the circumstances mentioned above - 'Nokes'z Hair' jumped at the chance of fresh interest.  After passing contact details over, John reports that he has already made a preliminary visit to the site and, we believe that, at the time of writing, investigation is set to follow.....

Needless to say, we eagerly await news of the latter and will be giving further dealings a mention as and when they happen, at a future date......

Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday 24th June 2016 

A rather interesting - if brief - experience has recently come to the attention of the W.M.G.C. hailing from the St. Georges area of Telford, in Shropshire.

We were informed that three friends were in the process of walking back from a night fishing excursion - at between 3 and 4 am - when their journey took them past Timbers Island, on Gower Street.  As they reached the island, they all saw what they can only describe as an 'all white male, in a all white suit, riding a all white bicycle' travelling past them...!?!  Our correspondent says the spectacle was 'like something out of an old movie'.... constructed completely of varying shades from white to grey....

As they watched the spectacle, the man proceeded to ride straight past the group, a 'fixed' expression on his face;  looking forward, up towards the hill, directly in front of him.... seemingly oblivious to the startled onlookers!!  Having passed within a couple of feet of the bemused lads, it was clearly noticed that there was no sound at all coming from neither the man nor the bicycle.....!?

Within a second or so, the bemused friends had turned to watch the figure silently riding away from them..... but he had completely vanished from sight!?

For a number of year afterwards, one of the group tried in vain to find word of any other 'strange sightings' from the same area, or perhaps something that could possibly account for the weird encounter....!?  Unfortunately, however, this is where this particular story has to abruptly end - at least for the time being - as nothing more can be unearthed on the subject, either from a paranormal or historical angle!?  Since being informed of the matter, our researchers have taken to pouring over old O.S. maps of St. Georges, but, all that can really be gleaned from such research, is the fact that the entire region was a heavily mined area going back to Victorian times.....

Needless to say, both the W.M.G.C. and our kind correspondent would dearly love to hear of any peculiar experiences or history specifically related to the region concerned!?  If readers of this blog do know something of the area concerned, then please do get in touch with us!! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tuesday June 21st 2016

A recent conversation with Shropshire author, Fran Norton - on the subject of the infamous ghost of 'Madam Pigott' at Chetwynd, near Newport - inspired us to, once again, advertise for information on this most enigmatic and historic apparition....  Thankfully, this recent inquiry proved amazingly successful and we have literally been inundated with an array of stories, fresh, first-hand accounts of experiences and general reminiscences concerning the ghost / ghostlore in the region concerned!!

Of MAJOR importance to the group is the fact that we can now actually put a name and an associated story to the person who admits having 'faked' the 'ghost photograph' that was sent in to us in 2014.  This reasonably famous image - shown above - was emailed to the W.M.G.C., with a brief story outlining how an acquaintance of the sender had supposedly 'caught' the apparition in a photograph taken in Chetwynd Churchyard one night.  At the time that we received the image, our old friends at the 'Shropshire Star' newspaper took considerable interest in the matter and 2 articles were subsequently published on the topic....

However, at the time that we received the image, it was already being regarded as somewhat 'suspicious', as image manipulation experts that we had shared the photograph with instantly suggested one of the numerous, create-a-ghost 'phone apps' that had started to become fairly popular around that time....?  Within a very brief period, someone came forward with a specific figure - found in a 'catalogue of apparitions' from one of these aforementioned 'Apps' - that corresponded almost exactly with the 'ghost' in the photograph that we had been sent...... 

Despite the 'dubious' nature of the image, it was still - needless to mention - something of a puzzle as to 'who' had created the picture concerned and 'why' it had been sent in to the group.....!?  Thankfully, we can now draw a line under this perplexing matter, as - as mentioned - our recent appeal for information resulted in the 'creator' of the picture coming forward and explaining the origins of the shot!

It seems that the photograph had been simply created as a 'joke', being played on the sister-in-law of the person responsible.  The former believed that she had possibly seen 'something' at Chetwynd Church, a little time earlier.  As a result of this, the trickster involved had subsequently gone to the churchyard themselves and 'faked' a ghostly picture to send to their relative!!  The email sent to the W.M.G.C. containing the image seems to have come about as a well-meaning lead from a friend-of-a-friend, who had simply taken the picture from a social media page and, presumably, thought we may well be interested in the matter concerned!?  The 'photographer' involved tells us that no offence was intended and the whole matter was purely carried out in jest!!  Chuckle!!

Well - at least we NOW know, eh!?  Laugh!!

In connection with this matter, we'd also like to point out that copies of Fran Norton and Marie Williams booklet on the potential, genealogical / historical origins of the infamous ghost - 'The Mystery Of Madam Pigott' - are still available to buy directly by emailing the following address:   

As previously reported on this page, Fran tells us that they always been intrigued by the Madam Pigott ghost story and - upon carrying out some research for the 'Chetwynd Medieval Fair' one year - they had basically realised how little people actually knew about a prominent family who had lived at Chetwynd for almost 500 years.....!  As anyone who has ever undertaken any historical research can fully appreciate, it takes a lot of time to thread your way through reams of old documents and books, to discover anything of real importance or interest......  Over the decades, there have been MANY reports of Madam Pigotts ghostly appearances.... and their idea was to endeavour to extract 'fact' from 'fiction' and try to possibly discover the identity of our unearthly visitor...!?  The resulting book is a testament to their painstaking research and a fitting tribute to what must surely be Shropshires most famous phantom......!?

Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday 25th April 2016

We've recently found ourselves most disgusted to see the following article in the 'Tamworth Herald' newspaper:

Not only is this yet another example of people utilising matters - that wouldn't be in the public domain, if it weren't for the W.M.G.C. - to make money for themselves..... but this is also unscrupulously charging members of the public £12 to enter a site that is completely FREE to people under any other circumstances!?

Given the private ownership of the site concerned, we cannot help but wonder if the commercial ghost company concerned have actually gained permission from the relevant authorities prior to planning / advertising this venture!?  It does seem quite unlikely that the Ministry Of Defence would give the go-ahead for such shenanigans, possibly!?   

Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday April 15th 2016

Yet another local-based story that has happened to 'come back to us' after a period of some time is a matter that doesn't strike the listener as potentially 'ghostly' in nature...... but certainly most 'peculiar' and 'unnatural', all the same?  Needless to say, if any incidents simply fall somewhere into the 'bizarre' category of experience, then we're more than happy to look into them.....!?

In brief:  the matter concerned initially came to our attention back in 2013, it seems, when a group member happened to be speaking to someone on a social media site about a totally unrelated matter.  In passing, the person concerned happened to as the member whether they might know something about an old factory site situated in a specific region.  As it turns out, the member did indeed know the site concerned and - when they'd asked why, particularly - they were told of a rather strange incident that had taken place there during the 1990's......

The person involved - our 'witness' in this situation - had specifically been referring to a particular spot at the rear of the factories concerned; a smallish pool of water, man-made, and once utilised in the running of the Victorian factory that was located on the periphery of the lands occupied by the former company.  As our confidant had grown up, this general patch of land had served as their 'stomping ground', as they were raised almost directly opposite the site....

An accurate description of the 'pool' itself is unnecessary to this account, save to say it appeared to be of 'concrete' construction - possibly shaped like a square based pyramid, going 'into the ground'  - each side possibly being approx. 12 meters in length.  The water was always 'sitting low enough' in the pool to reveal a few feet of each, sloping side and there was a purpose-built 'tunnel' leading 'into' one of these sides.....

Going back to the witness' story:  they tell us that their group of friends had become somewhat obsessed with the 'Goonies' movie as children and, probably because of this, they'd made up their minds one day to go and 'explore' the aforementioned tunnel.....  Skimming for the sake of brevity, a number of them had then entered the tile-lined, tunnel - with a couple of barely adequate torches between then - and succeeded in travelling a reasonable distance therein....  Coming to a junction in the passageway, they were horrified to spot - albeit only illuminated by poor light - a 'thing' that appeared to be seemingly in the process of 'scratching at the floor' of the passageway, some meters distant.....!?!  At this point, one of the mortified group had released some expletive or other and the 'whatever-it-was' had apparently 'turned to look at them'!!!   

Again, having to take very poor lighting and a state of extreme trepidation into consideration, our witness 'suggests' that the 'creature' they saw resembled some bizarre mixture twixt a 'pig'... and some sort of 'dog' in form and size.......!?  Needless to suggest, perhaps, the end result of this 'adventure' and subsequent sighting involved a group of teenagers attempting to quickly exit the very cramped tunnel in a state of extreme terror.......!!  

Of course, even in a realm as weird and wonderful as the paranormal, such a report does generally strike the onlooker as highly incredible...... but W.M.G.C. members couldn't help but be struck by the amount of background research that the witness had subsequently conducted on the site, which - we wouldn't imagine - was something that someone would basically 'do for nothing'!?  While the former factory itself is 'long gone', the pool concerned does actually still exist, having been utilised - by the company that now occupies the site - as an ornamental habitat for local wildlife.....!?!  

Friday April 15th 2016

A matter that comes at a 'slight' delay from when we first heard of it - only some 12 months or so!! - is a visit to a Black Country 'nature reserve', in the presence of a gentleman who reports having had a 'strange experience' there some 20+ years ago....

At the time in question, the man had been out for a bicycle ride with a friend, something they did regularly, and were returning through the area concerned late one night.  He had been travelling at some distance in front of his friend and, on rounding a sharp corner - onto a small path that lead to a main road - he espied the figure of a woman in what looked like a white, 'period' dress and black shawl coming towards him....  Because of the lateness of the hour and remoteness of the spot involved, he says that he immediately felt worried for a woman to be walking there so late at night.  At this point, he had stopped dead in his tracks and, as the woman drew close to where he was standing, he spoke to her as she went by..... asking if 'everything was alright?'  

He reports that there was no response whatsoever from the figure and - with a decidedly 'distant' look to her - she just walked by, completely ignoring him!?  Only a matter of a few seconds after she'd passed by, he turned round to see where she could have possibly been going.... but there was now no sign of her anywhere!?

Returning along the short stretch of path to where he'd recently turned - this bend was one branch on a 'crossroads' of paths - his friend then caught up with him.  Our witness asked if a woman had passed him as he'd approached, but the friend said that he'd certainly seen no woman on the narrow path he'd been riding on?  

If the woman had continued in the direction that the witness had initially seen her walking in, then she would have certainly still been in clear view throughout.... so that clearly wasn't an option.  Under the circumstances, only one path remained: a turning that led onto an open field and a sparse patch of young saplings.  Immediately checking here, there was no sign of the woman in that direction either!?

Our witness tells us that he has visited this particular reserve all his life - literally thousands of times - and this was the only occasion that he's ever seen anything 'peculiar' over there...!?  Interestingly - and perhaps with bearing on the experience - the spot where the woman was seen was, formerly, part of a old, canal towpath.... that stretch, however, having been filled in literally decades ago...!?  In reflecting on the position that the figure had proceeded, the witness suggests that she had skirted the path in a somewhat strange position, literally 'hugging' a line of trees and shrubbery along one edge of the track, instead of utilising the man-made, designated pathway....?  If one looks at maps of the area concerned, her path does seem indicative of the old 'line' of the former, canal towpath......  Of interest too was the simple fact that to actually get into this position on the trackway, she would have physically, it appears, walked down a considerably 'steep' embankment; a little baffling, given that a ready-made 'flight of steps' were only 5 - or so yards distant!?   

Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday, March 11th 2016

Just a brief post offering a little data on some of the projects that the W.M.G.C. has been involved with in the first couple or so months of 2016...... As many of our regular visitors possibly know, 2016 will actually be our 27th year of operations as a research organisation!!  (Approx. August-time, as far as we can accurately tie the official 'start' date down, that is!?)

***One of our most recent - and more intriguing - activities has been the analysis of a snippet of video sent in to us by a Midlands resident who believed that they may have 'caught' an anomalous, male voice on their recording.  While we do not have permission to share the footage concerned on the blog, we can say that the female concerned was 'home alone' at the time that the footage was taken and was recording themselves playing a musical instrument for a friend, in an otherwise silent / isolated setting.  

At a certain point into the footage, the sound of what definitely appears to be a male / masculine voice can be heard alongside the music - at what appears the be the same sound level as the notes - being played..... just as if someone within the room had made a brief comment!?  Unfortunately, as with a great many such recordings, what is actually being 'said' remains undetermined?  At first, we believed that the voice was possibly 'reversed' - as it is very reminiscent of a backwards-recording.....  However, having simply reversed the footage, the words being spoken - if indeed they are words, of course - still remain somewhat 'garbled' and incomprehensible.........?

***In mid-January, we received a report from the head of a Midlands household who informed us that he and his family had been 'having some problems' with a presumed poltergeist-like-effect in their home.  The activity reported struck us as reasonably standard for the type of 'haunting' concerned.... involving what was reported as 'constant' banging heard on walls, door and windows of the property (also witnessed by people outside of the immediate family unit in the house); the sometimes 'violent' movement of objects around the home..... such as a mirror falling off a wall and a wooden jardiniere stand falling downstairs - seemingly of its own volition - and being smashed to pieces in the process!  On another occasion, a 'thunderous' noise of something 'invisible' crashing from top to bottom on the house staircase!?

Perhaps the most perplexing happening concerns one of the upstairs rooms in the property.  A visitor, staying overnight in the bedroom, reported hearing an unidentified 'rustling' sound 'all night long'....  Later the very next day, a member of the family went up to the room to find it seemingly 'locked from the inside', with no one in there!?  A hammer and chisel had to eventually be used to gain entry.......!!

As with many such situations, the presence of a previous - deceased - occupant of the house was suggested as being the cause of the activity concerned.....?  On this note, the occupants asked whether we might know of a medium who might be able to clear the house of the 'spirit' involved.....?

In response to this plea for help, we contacted our good friend John Chance - of Wednesbury based GhostcallersUK - as we know him of old to be a most friendly and reliable source who regularly dealt with the mediumistic / psychic angle of the field in his own work in the subject.  Very kindly, John and his team immediately responded to the matter and visited the troubled family in quick time.....  In quickly dealing with the issue concerned, John informed us that:  "It turned out the spirit causing the problem was a bit of a practical joker..... nothing nasty at all.....  The house was cleared of his playful spirit in just a few minutes!!"  

Thankfully, we can now report that - thanks to John and Co. - the house concerned is now completely peaceful and all untoward activity had ceased following the visit!!

***It is no secret that the W.M.G.C. actively takes a specific interest in certain parts of the Midlands region, when it comes to reports of 'ghostly activity'.....

In early February, we received a phone call (completely 'out of the blue', as a lot of this contact is!!) from a gentleman who asked if we would like to hear about his own, personal 'ghost sighting' from some 30 yrs ago.  The man in question, it has to be mentioned, knew little (if anything at all) of our group and luckily - having just been inspired to tell his story by a friend - happened to pick us out of the list of 'regional' associations freely available on the internet......  We do stress 'luckily' in the blurb above, as - while his account would have probably been welcomed by any group of ghost enthusiasts - his sighting just happened to fall into a geographical area that we had purposefully been 'keeping an eye on' for around 10 or more years now......!!  Despite the fact that he knew nothing at all about the ghostlore of the place concerned, his experience would very much seem to tie in with other stories that we have become aware of in that particular region, over a reasonable space of time!!

While we refrain from actually revealing the location involved, we can tell a little of the experience itself......  

As mentioned above, the matter occurred some 30 or so years ago, when our witness was 'testing out a new vehicle' that had just then been purchased by his friend.  As part of the drive, the car owner suggested that they visit a place where his mother (then) currently worked, taking them into what is best described as a 'lane' in a semi-rural setting.....

Coming to the junction of two lanes, our witness says that he saw the figure of a woman standing stock-still at the side of the road..... seemingly (he believed) 'looking at something'.....  He described the figure as around five feet tall, with long blondish hair and wearing what was taken to be some form of long, white night gown......  As peculiar as this form already appeared, he says that he was completely thrown by he fact that she had no facial features that he could see;  just a white, oval shape where her face should have been, with no sign at all of eyes, nose or mouth......!?  Furthermore, the man said that the figure appeared to have something of a 'glow' about it.... as if she were possibly holding a lamp under her night dress, giving an impression of 'light' emanating from inside the whole figure.....!?

Incredibly, the driver of the car apparently failed to see the figure... and our witness mentioned quickly that he believed he'd 'just seen a ghost'!?!  (He tells us his friend swore in response to his claim!!)  The vehicle was instantly turned round and they made the return journey to the spot in question in a matter of long-seconds..... but the peculiar woman had gone!?  He tells us that there was a high fence on the one side of the road and, in the brief time that they had taken to return to the spot, there was no way in which she could have simply walked / run and been 'out of sight' by natural means.....!?

Completely unknown to the gentleman concerned, it was interesting to group members to note that - only around half a mile distant - very much the same sort of figure was seen by a group of people some decade or so earlier!?.............