Monday, 15 February 2016

February 15th 2016

Our 2nd, book-related mention of 2016, is a reminder that copies of Fran Nortons excellent book 'The Mystery Of Madam Pigott' are still available to buy and can be purchased directly from the author via email at:

As regular visitors to this blog will already know, the W.M.G.C. have - over the last decade or so - taken considerable interest in this particular, Shropshire 'apparition'.....  However - despite numerous, first-hand sightings over the space of many, many decades - the tales concerned have always been an item of controversy and conjecture, given that the actual identity of this quite 'infamous' spectre is not actually known!?!  

Thoroughly intrigued by the ghostly legends involved, local author, Fran, made it her mission to track down the history of the Pigott family, who had - for some five centuries or so - made the area concerned their home......  She notes that, despite their presence and standing in the region for such a period of time, the family seems to have left very little impression on the locality..... with - unusually - no pubs, landmarks or other topography reflecting their local occupation!?  If anything, one of the few lasting influences the line had on the region manifests in the form of the 'ghost' herself....... something than Fran endeavours to address in her superb booklet on that enigmatic family and legend........!!       

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