Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday April 15th 2016

Yet another local-based story that has happened to 'come back to us' after a period of some time is a matter that doesn't strike the listener as potentially 'ghostly' in nature...... but certainly most 'peculiar' and 'unnatural', all the same?  Needless to say, if any incidents simply fall somewhere into the 'bizarre' category of experience, then we're more than happy to look into them.....!?

In brief:  the matter concerned initially came to our attention back in 2013, it seems, when a group member happened to be speaking to someone on a social media site about a totally unrelated matter.  In passing, the person concerned happened to as the member whether they might know something about an old factory site situated in a specific region.  As it turns out, the member did indeed know the site concerned and - when they'd asked why, particularly - they were told of a rather strange incident that had taken place there during the 1990's......

The person involved - our 'witness' in this situation - had specifically been referring to a particular spot at the rear of the factories concerned; a smallish pool of water, man-made, and once utilised in the running of the Victorian factory that was located on the periphery of the lands occupied by the former company.  As our confidant had grown up, this general patch of land had served as their 'stomping ground', as they were raised almost directly opposite the site....

An accurate description of the 'pool' itself is unnecessary to this account, save to say it appeared to be of 'concrete' construction - possibly shaped like a square based pyramid, going 'into the ground'  - each side possibly being approx. 12 meters in length.  The water was always 'sitting low enough' in the pool to reveal a few feet of each, sloping side and there was a purpose-built 'tunnel' leading 'into' one of these sides.....

Going back to the witness' story:  they tell us that their group of friends had become somewhat obsessed with the 'Goonies' movie as children and, probably because of this, they'd made up their minds one day to go and 'explore' the aforementioned tunnel.....  Skimming for the sake of brevity, a number of them had then entered the tile-lined, tunnel - with a couple of barely adequate torches between then - and succeeded in travelling a reasonable distance therein....  Coming to a junction in the passageway, they were horrified to spot - albeit only illuminated by poor light - a 'thing' that appeared to be seemingly in the process of 'scratching at the floor' of the passageway, some meters distant.....!?!  At this point, one of the mortified group had released some expletive or other and the 'whatever-it-was' had apparently 'turned to look at them'!!!   

Again, having to take very poor lighting and a state of extreme trepidation into consideration, our witness 'suggests' that the 'creature' they saw resembled some bizarre mixture twixt a 'pig'... and some sort of 'dog' in form and size.......!?  Needless to suggest, perhaps, the end result of this 'adventure' and subsequent sighting involved a group of teenagers attempting to quickly exit the very cramped tunnel in a state of extreme terror.......!!  

Of course, even in a realm as weird and wonderful as the paranormal, such a report does generally strike the onlooker as highly incredible...... but W.M.G.C. members couldn't help but be struck by the amount of background research that the witness had subsequently conducted on the site, which - we wouldn't imagine - was something that someone would basically 'do for nothing'!?  While the former factory itself is 'long gone', the pool concerned does actually still exist, having been utilised - by the company that now occupies the site - as an ornamental habitat for local wildlife.....!?!  

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