Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thursday 20th October 2016

'HANDS TO THE HOMELESS' is a West Midlands based, charity concern run by local 'ghost researcher' Tracie McMeekin - and friends - which is primarily aimed at helping the homeless, people on benefits and low-income families. 

Tracie explains:  "I was just fed up with seeing people 'throwing things away'.... when they could just as easily be used to help others!  We had covered the subject of 'women on the streets' and the simple fact that they were not allowed any extra money, once a month, for such basic staples as female, personal items.....  The venture just 'took off from there'!  I hate seeing anyone suffer when some have so much waste......"  

H.T.T.H. is a completely non-profit-making concern, with all proceeds going to the relevant causes via the Glebe Centre in Walsall, who work hard to look after people in need in the surrounding areas.

The official Facebook page for the charity can be accessed via this LINK

PLEASE take a few moments to visit the page mentioned above, where you can learn more about the stirling work that Tracie and Co. does, take part in raffles.... and generally purchase items from a truly VAST array of different gifts on offer!!  If you still have to buy for Christmas - or any other presents, for that matter - please - pleasantly surprise yourself - and make the page your first port of call!!  All items on offer are at ridiculously low prices, to boot!!   

If anyone has any items to donate to this most worthy cause, then Tracie is looking for such items as:  hats, gloves, scarves, coats, sleeping bags, boots, trainers - men's and ladies - small size undies, deodorants, ladies personal items and so on. 

Alternatively, if you have any items that you do not need - unwanted gift sets / presents, quality items of clothing, handbags, books, bric-a-brac, etc - anything that can be raffled or sold on, basically..... then PLEASE contact Tracie directly at:  

Needless to say, other donations such as food item - tins, packets and so forth, for the creation of much needed 'food parcels' - are also desperately needed! 

H.T.T.H. volunteers can collect donations, within a reasonable distance.  Please contact Tracie directly for advice on donations and so forth.

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