Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday 13th November 2016

An intriguing story reached the ears of the W.M.G.C. recently, when a good friend of the group told us that she had 'had a strange experience' while shopping in her home town (West Midlands region) with her mother....

She informs us that - feeling a little tired by their outing - they visited a local 'food court' and, after finding seats, our friend went to visit the nearby toilets.... finding the block to be completely empty as she entered.

After entering one of the cubicles, she says that she heard someone come into the toilets.... seemingly 'banging' all the doors and generally 'shuffling around'; a somewhat annoying 'display', given the simple act of 'going to the toilet' peaceably, involved... something everyone does on a daily basis!!

Exiting her cubicle again, and going to the sinks to wash her hands, our friend says she realised that the place had - seemingly - been empty all along.....!?  She then felt the hairs on the back of her neck 'prickle' and, in her peripheral vision - in the cubicle next to where she'd just been - she saw the figure of a woman wearing an old fashioned, 70's style, parka jacket...!!  Somewhat bizarrely, she couldn't see any legs to the figure.... she was just 'half' there!?!

She fully describes the woman she saw as having a lined, weathered face; a dark complexion... and seemed to have a lacy shawl or scarf placed over her head.  She appeared to be in the process of 'looking around' - very much as if she didn't know where she was....!?

This entire incident occurred in a matter of a few seconds, because, when she looked again, the figure was now completely gone!?  It was then that she suddenly felt a heavy, not-very-nice atmosphere - brooding, almost - and, in her own words, she 'got the hell out of there!'

Seating herself immediately afterwards and telling her mother what had just occurred, it was suggested to her that, maybe, recent / ongoing building work around the complex concerned may have somehow 'caused' the experience, perhaps?  Whatever this incident was, our friend tells us that - despite having had other paranormal experiences over the years - this was the first time she'd actually 'felt scared' or 'threatened' by (what she terms) a spirit.....

Only a matter of a couple of days after her encounter, she spoke to a close relative about the incident and was told that he recalled a terrible accident in the 70's, where an 'old lady' had possibly fainted and fallen into the path of an oncoming, speeding bus...  He believed that the vehicle may well have been said to have 'cut' the unfortunate woman 'in half'.....

Needless to say, this detail resonated with our friend, given that she had seen only 'half' of the figure in the toilets....!

In attempting to learn more of this matter - if at all possible - it was suggested that we advertise for information on the locality concerned.... and it wasn't long before a gentleman kindly came forward with some very interesting information.

Not only did the man concerned recall an accident with a bus at the spot in question..... but he actually 'witnessed' the incident at first-hand, as a school boy!!  He had been standing waiting for his mother at the time of the occurrence and places it at (around) the mid-1970's.

He had been standing around 15 yards in front of a small, elderly woman, when she was hit, full-on, by a bus and killed....  However, contrary to the reminiscence of our friends relative, the woman concerned wasn't 'cut in half' by the vehicle, but was knocked backwards, striking her head on the floor and seemingly dying almost instantly.  Another discrepancy to the main story related here is a description of the lady concerned, as the victim had been wearing a light, brown coat and had grey hair, clearly visible....  

Our confidant - understandably - says the tragedy was 'as plain as day' in his mind, even now.....

As mentioned numerous times in the past, the W.M.G.C. aren't known as particular advocates of the 'historic event / tragedy = ghostly remnant' equation, but it is interesting to note the general tone of the initial encounter, coupled with such a tragic happening on the same, general site!?  The more 'psychically-motivated' among us might, no doubt, suggest some form of 'confused' type of 'spiritual existence' being generated, in place - a direct result of the accident / instantaneous death - which would adequately negate any trifling details as discrepancies in clothing / appearance and so on....!?

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