Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Almost 20 years ago now, a West Midlands household hit the National press with tales of 'ghostly goings on' in their, otherwise typical, Council home.  It seems that the 'activity' concerned had initially started up some 5 or 6 months before media sources caught on to the story;  that, in itself, something of a mistake, following the head of the household contacting a member of the local press - asking if they might suggest someone to help - and the reporter concerned allegedly 'ran an article' on the matter without permission!?  (*The W.M.G.C. have also had this happen on a couple of occasions at least in the past, it has to be mentioned).  In this instance, the 'interest' generated numerous press-related responses, TV requests and 'glossy' magazine appeals, etc.

Initial activity at the house - beginning in the July of the year in question, without any obvious stimuli(?) - seemed typically 'poltergeist' in fashion, consisting mainly of the, sometimes 'threatening', movement of objects, inexplicable messages being left and so on.  In this particular case, events only really seemed to happen at night - seldom during the day - and ONLY occurred when the family head was around.  Phenomena apparently travelled to the homes of other family members if he visited and mainly seems to have been restricted to the downstairs portion of their house....

Coincidentally - some 5 months after the activity began - an Aunt of the family involved saw one of our appeals in the local press for 'ghostly experiences' and the like and passed our contact details on.  We received a phone call from the family, who filled us in on some of their experiences....

With regards to the movement of objects, it seems that - as in a lot of such cases - certain items seemed infinitely more 'popular' than others.  In this case, one particular knife seemed a VERY active item indeed and was said to have always 'found its way out of places' where it had been purposefully hidden!  Somewhat worryingly, this knife was sometimes discovered sticking out of a wall, or kitchen cupboard door on occasion!  Other objects had regularly been found moved, smashed and stacked up in piles around the home.  Paintings fell off walls, scissors, remote controls and other utensils thrown around..... and a spoon hit a family member hard in the shoulder!!

Quite typically, for some cases, 'strange messages' are said to have been left around the house at times, being discovered on mirrors and walls.  The name of the family head had been discovered, written in washing up liquid in the bath!  A visitor to the house has apparently left a piece of paper lying around and 'something' had 'written on it', while they weren't looking....!!

We were told that NUMEROUS sources had been approached for help with the matter.... everything from the local Council, to the clergy.  The former had been asked for somewhere else to stay, until the problem could be sorted out..... so the family sought alternative intervention.  A variety of local churches were called upon; self-styled 'exorcists' spoken to... and even the Mormons were asked for help!  (The latter are said to have 'chanted' and just made the matter even worse!!)  One local clergyman, who visited the property, advised the family to leave their home and no go back....      

Intervention from psychic / mediumistic types suggested that the culprit for these goings-on was a relative of the head of the family, called 'Thomas', who had only recently died....  Typically - and perhaps quite conveniently - it was suggested by the same sources that 'Thomas' was, unfortunately, a completely 'unknown' relative to the household head....!!  ('Thomas' was apparently identified as the 'haunting element' by two, separate, psychic sources..... though, of course, the 2nd may well have been aware of what the previous one had suggested!?  It was stated that the 2nd had basically 'confirmed' that the entity was 'Thomas'!?)  The second psychic, using a pendulum, is said to have openly asked 'Thomas' if he would be willing to 'go away' and leave the family in peace..... but the response was a resounding 'NO!'  The pendulum used apparently 'went absolutely wild' in the process!

This latter, seemingly determined, standpoint was revised immediately afterwards, however, when - in the same conversation - the 'spirit' then decided that he would probably 'go away' if the family might learn a particular 'secret' about him and discuss the matter....!?  Needless to say, this kind of, wholly unreasonable, reasoning is quite typical of alleged 'conversations with spirit' at times!!  Thomas was seemingly unprepared to budge if this matter couldn't be settled as he'd asked.  (*It's often suggested by various sources that we should never really 'trust what a spirit might say', as they are frequently found to be 'liars'....  However, if they're not, it could be accurately said that they ARE often found to be a momentous 'pain in the backside' at the very least!?) 

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