Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday 19th December 2016

The W.M.G.C. were recently sent news of an absolutely fascinating account by someone who expressed an interest in possibly finding a 'plausible explanation' for something that they had experienced the previous day?  While the situation concerned couldn't really be construed as 'ghostly' in nature, it still presents us with an utterly bizarre - impossible? - scenario that, at face value, must surely fall into the 'paranormal' bracket....!?

And so, without further ado.....

On a visit to town, our correspondent had parked their car.... finding a small gap between a lorry and a blue Clio.  Their car was facing the front of the lorry, with around 6 inches between them.  The lorry itself was the last in the line of parked vehicles, situated 'on' the corner... so the only thing behind it was space, the end of the kerb, and a turn into another road.  When they first parked, they had gone round to the front of the car to make sure that there would be enough space for them to 'get out' afterwards.  In the process of checking, they looked up at the lorry cabin, noticing that there was a black curtain and blue pendant hanging in the window. 

Approximately halfway through their shopping trip, they came back to the car to put bags, just amassed during their visit, in the boot ...  They report that there was nothing 'untoward' about the general scene at this point in time.  They simply put the bags in the boot and went back into town.

After spending about an hour with further shopping, they returned to the car once more and discovered..... a silver, Mini Cooper in the spot where their car had been!?  It was facing the lorry - as their car had been - situated six inches from the lorry.... as their car had been!!  Their car was now parked BEHIND the Mini Cooper... with the Clio still situated directly behind it, as it had been when they'd parked up.  The lorry was still in the exact, same position it had been all morning......

Our confidant admitted that they had been pondering the matter all day long, afterwards.... finding nothing that logically explains the situation?  They tell us that they had recently heard about a phenomenon called the 'Mandela Effect' and wondered if 'time' had possibly been altered somehow, somewhere.....!?  In driving home after the event - with this' effect' in mind - they had pondered over:  'What if I get home and the lounge has completely different furniture?  My family members have changed.... and we have a pet dog instead of a rabbit??!!  Now I am the most rational and logical person you could ever meet; intuitive and analytical... but this experience will never be explained!?  Funny thing is, I'm not scared by it... just bemused and, in a funny way, think it's kind-of cool!!  The truth is definitely out there, but I don't think I'll reach it on this one.....!!"

Needless to say - we're utterly befuddled by the experience above and wonder whether any of our visitors might be able to shed some light on such a scenario at all? 

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