Friday, 20 January 2017

Friday 20th January 2017

In 2003, we were contacted by a woman - Jane - who had been given our address by a national agency when she wrote to them about some strange happenings in her new, Black Country, home.

She had told us that - from what she understood from neighbours - an elderly lady had lived in the property concerned until the July of that year, when she had entered a retirement home.  Apparently, she had lived there for about 50 years, the house then remaining empty until our correspondent had taken it over, some two months earlier.  The old lady had been married, it appeared, but her husband had died many years earlier, being found dead in the bathroom of the property.

When they moved in, the house needed a major revamp.  One evening, Jane, her husband, Tom, his sister and her boyfriend, were all sitting in the living room, when there was an almighty 'crash' from upstairs.  Upon investigation, however, nothing was found to account for the noise!?

After their visitors had left, Tom was at the top of the stairs, doing a little D.I.Y., when - out of the corner of his eye - he saw a elderly gentleman standing in their bedroom!  He described the form as foggy and transparent.... appearing in varying shades of black and white, like an old movie.  As he looked at the figure, the man raised his arm and said: "Bugger off!!" to him!  Tom was utterly transfixed for 5 or 6 seconds, but, upon blinking, the figure was gone!!

There were no further sightings of the man following this initial experience, but, in speaking with me on the matter, Jane wondered if this could have been the previous resident who had been discovered dead in the bathroom, perhaps?

In a letter - from the son of the former residents - it was mentioned that his father had died suddenly, around 2 am, dying of a heart attack.  He had said there was such a loud crash as the unfortunate man had fallen.... the next door neighbours had heard it and called round.  Again, Jane couldn't help but wonder whether this could have been the 'almighty crash' that they had all recently been privy to!?

Inexplicable 'footsteps' were often heard going up the stairs during the night.  (This seems to have clearly become one of the 'key' features in reported activity over the relatively brief period of time concerned).  One particular evening, a lot of noise was heard coming from the stairs.... and Tom decided to investigate, just in case someone was in the house.  He duly went downstairs to check the front and back doors, but, when he entered the kitchen, he found it was freezing cold.... so cold, in fact, you could actually see your breath when you exhaled!

It was suggested by Jane that Tom was possibly the focus of a lot of the activity reported(?)  One evening, he was sitting upstairs, on his PC - no one in the room with him - when, all of a sudden, an empty yogurt pot hit him squarely on the back of the head!  Around the same time, he said that he was in the shower, when he happened to turn round... and there seemed to be a small, 'ball of light' behind him.  As he turned, it seemed to disappear through the wall, into what was their airing cupboard!?  We were told that 'shadows' had also been seen in the bathroom previously, seemingly moving across the walls...  One evening, the family were downstairs watching a movie, when their daughter appeared and asked who had been 'tapping on the bathroom door' while she was in the shower!?  She had called out and asked who it was, but had received no response.

On other occasions, their bedroom door handle had been moved quite a few times; the kitchen taps turned themselves on, on numerous occasions; kettles boiled themselves;  the volume on the C.D. player increased, with only Jane in the house at the time;  what sounded like a plug being switched on and off was heard in a bedroom... and cups had been witnessed moving - seemingly by themselves - in front off onlookers eyes!  Cutlery was heard falling to the kitchen floor; bathroom taps found running; objects moved from one place and found in another; feelings of being watched and smells like an 'old drain' detected...  like something rotting!  A rhythmic tapping noise had been heard in their bedroom and in the hallway downstairs - the latter like someone 'tapping on glass'......           

One day, both parents were out of the house, leaving their eldest son in charge of their other two children.   During the course of their trip, however, he had phoned his mother, in something of a panic.  Apparently, the 3 children had been arguing - the daughter had her PC on in her bedroom - when, all of a sudden, they'd heard the words "Shut up!!!" come over the computer speakers!?  This had, understandably, scared the living daylights out the children and they had phoned Jane to beg her to 'hurry home'!!

Their daughter had also spoken of seeing 'a man' in their garden and had apparently heard someone knocking at their kitchen window.  When they had investigated, however, there was nothing discovered to account for such a noise.

During the course of our involvement with the family, they had a 'medium' visit the house.  Jane assures me that she said nothing at all about the ghost, but says that their visitor spoke of 'the spirit of a elderly man' as soon as she had walked in!?  The psychic said that this man walked / shuffled up and down the stairs.  Unfortunately, as frequently occurs at such junctures, matters became a little 'complicated' with this type of intervention, as the medium said that the man seen in the garden - by her daughter - was actually not the former resident of the house, but Jane's father.... who was also, apparently, present at the house too!?  The gentleman who walked the stairs was seemingly described as 'grumpy and miserable', it seems!?

In another incident - speaking to someone at a New Age Shop, over the telephone - they were told that the line would 'go dead' for a few minutes while 'the ghost was being talked to'.....  After this had happened, they were told that the ghost had indeed been spoken with and had said he was sorry that he had scared the family, as he was only looking for his wife.... but had somehow got lost in the process!?  They were assured by the shop that the spirit had now departed..... a prediction that Tom openly regarded as 'a pile of boll*cks!!', it seemed!?

Two further mediums quoted a fee of £100 for their services..... but assured them that the ghost would definitely go, if they intervened!!  Presumably as a means of subtly convincing the family that their help was indeed needed, they also suggested that the ghosts could possibly 'harm them' in minor ways, such as tipping hot water on them, or tripping them on the stairs, etc!! 

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